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The “What If?”

Millions of Millennial and younger generation professing Christians, along with a gaggle of vacuous, vapid, or heretical, pastors, joined by liberal, pandering, professional theologians, Social Media stars, authors, musicians, other leaders and influencers, leaned far left as if their ship suddenly tilted dramatically. Celebrity Rapper, Kanye West, whom we are all pretty much overloaded and done with hearing about, instantly became their New Christianity shinning trophy. He is the great validation of the new experience, of their Seeker/Emergent/Launch church philosophy.

“See! God is saving the BIG ones because of our “love wins” (Rod Bell) paradigm of no-guilt, no-conviction, everyone feels happy and safe, mental assent, music-based Churchianity!”

They truly do not understand why anyone would challenge the salvation claim of a Celebrity that has been converted to Christianity via their paradigm. Evidence is in the fact that they do no engage the genuine concerns, but fabricate a position or positions that were never establish. That is call a strawman arguing, which is a popular dishonest debate tactic.

They defiantly say, “God can save anyone.”  But everyone questioning the genuineness of West’s salvation completely agrees with that statement.

They also accuse us of not wanting West to be saved. That is a completely without evidence thus false accusation. In fact, there is not one hint that we wish anyone to enter eternal hell, but rather than everyone have the opportunity to be saved.

Having exhausted themselves on those obvious vain points, they accuse us of being jealous and prideful concerning West’s claim. That is likely the lamest and least thought-out accusation.

Instead of being evasive, why don’t they just address our points? Because they must not do anything to shake their large monstrosity, New Christianity, that is tottering on the skinny pole of music-based, non-experiential, heretical, mental assent salvation.

To be perfectly honest, there is no real benefit in trying to persuade them to believe otherwise. One may as well try to convince a staunch Calvinist that 5 presumptions does not a valid doctrinal system make. Or try convincing an Imam that his religion is diabolical. How many times have we threw out the life tube to Mormon or Jehovah Witness proselyters only to draw it back empty.

Therefore, the only hope is to prevent individuals from believing the deception. What would it take to convince professing Christians that a great scam is in effect? Perhaps laying out a series of considerations will give them something to ponder.

What if Kanye West’s claim of being God, a god, Christ, Yeezus, has created in him a need for more than Rapper fans can give him? He is, after all, in his forties—how much long can he stay relevant in that industry?

What if during the time Kanye West was engaged in what he calls his “holy war” against God, Christ, the Bible, and Christianity, he planned on establishing a church?

In West’s song, “New God Flow” (2012), he refers to himself as god. But more interesting is his reference to Sunday Service and how he plans to use it to cause people to serve him.

“Welcome to Sunday service if you hope to someday serve us

We got green in our eyes, just follow my Erick Sermon

Did Moses not part the water with the cane?

Did strippers not make an arc when I made it rain?

Did Yeezy not get signed by Hov and Dame?

And ran to Jacob and made the new Jesus chains?

In Jesus’ name, let the choir say

“I’m on fire, ay, ” that’s what Richard Pryor say

And we’ll annihilate anybody that violate

Ask any dope boy you know, they admire ‘Ye”

(Erick Sermon is another blasphemous rapper that plays to the dark artistry.)

West’s wife, Kim, describes Sunday Service that he has now established.

“But beyond the music, it’s not really a church, although it has Christian undertones. It is more of just a healing experience than a religious one. There’s no praying, there’s no sermon, no word, just music, and just a feeling — and it’s Christian.”

“People of all faiths can participate in Sunday Service, although it is a very spiritual Christian experience. Everyone that comes understands it’s just a really healing experience with an amazing choir, and amazing messages about love to start off your week,”

What if it was West’s plan all along to develop a religious following that he would be the “Yeezus” of. In 2014, West declared that he was thinking of building a cathedral for his wife and family. In 2016 his close friend, Nicki Minaj, declared that West had become a Christian. However, on October 12, 2019, West calmed he had become a Christian a short time ago this year.

If that is so, then why in 2012 does West have the following lyrics in his song, “No Church in the Wild?”

“We formed a new religion

No sins as long as there’s permission’

And deception is the only felony

So never f– nobody wit’out tellin’ me”

What if West now considers himself a religious leader like Moses that “parted the river with a cane” (New God Flow, Kanye West, 2012)?

“Last week, Kanye West brought his California-based Sunday Service event series to his hometown of Chicago. In a clip that’s been making the rounds on social media, West is seen in the middle of the massive crowd, attempting to move toward the stage to watch his assembled choir perform both standard hymns and gospel interpolations of 2000s pop/R&B songs. When a security guard intervenes to lead the way, Kanye grabs him by the shoulders.

“‘Step back,’ Ye says confidently. ‘Watch this. This is my city.’ He then proceeds to walk through the crowd, parting the sea of people with minimal hand movements. As he passes through, fans call him by his alter-ego, Yeezus, while screaming in a manner reserved for the day you finally meet your hero. (“Kanye West, ‘Jesus Is King,’ And The Unspoken Bipolarism In Between” Vibe, September 16, 2019, Kiana Fitzgerald) (Video here:

What if West monetized his religion.

West tried to trademark the phrase, Sunday Service. The rapper, 42, filed a trademark application on July 19 with the US Patent and Trademark Office seeking to register the phrase “Sunday Service” for bottoms, dresses, footwear, headwear, jackets, loungewear, scarves, shirts, socks and tops. His trademark was denied. However, on his shopping website one can purchase various religious themed hoodies ranging from $165 and one for $225 with Holy Spirit written across it. A pair of socks with the tile of a vulgar and blasphemous song on his debut album,“Jesus Walks”, costs $50.00. A blue “yeezy” Sunday Service hat is $40.00. West has also taken his Sunday Service on the road and coming to a venue near you. You can purchase tickets online.

What if Kanye West blasphemed the Holy Spirit in 2012?

In 2012 Kanye West dressed in a Baphomet costume as he and Jay-z performs the song “No Church in the Wild.” The song contains blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. I will not post the lyrics here lest I commit the same sin. The blasphemy included the name “Hova” a nickname for Jay-z, short for his full nickname “J-Hova.” “J-Hova” is a play on the name of God, Jehovah.

Jesus warned the Pharisee about blaspheming the Holy Spirit because they attributed the miracles to Beelzebub.

“Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whosoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come.” (Matthew 12:31)

Blasphemy: “The act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God; the act of claiming the attributes of a deity; irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable.”

Attributing diabolical actions to the Holy Spirit, treating the Holy Spirit irreverently, showing contempt for the Holy Spirit by using His name in an evil manner or otherwise bringing reproach on Him, is blasphemy.

What if West’s psychiatric incident that landed him in the hospital in 2016, and diagnosed as bipolar disorder, was a spiritual event? West at first denied that he had bipolar disorder and said he was merely sleep deprived. Later, he admitted that he had BPD and calls it his “power.” What if it is demon possession.

In October, 2018, one year before he announced his conversion to Christianity, Kanye admitted he is no longer taking his medication in an interview with TMZ. He speaks of a third person inside of him that he calls “Ye”. That is a classic sign of demon possession.

“Those five albums that I dropped earlier were like superhero rehabilitation,” he said. “Now the alien ‘Ye’ is fully back in mode, off of medication, working out, breathing as much fresh air as possible—thinking, doing, being himself.”

“I cannot be on meds and make watch the throne level or dark fantasy level music,” he said in a tweet.

“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” (November, 2010) and “Watch the Throne,” (August, 2011), a collaboration with Jay-Z, are two of West’s most popular albums.

On West’s album “Ye” at the end of the track, “Yikes,” he says:

“That’s why I f__k with ‘Ye

That’s my third person

That’s my bipolar s—t, nigga what?

That’s my superpower, nigga ain’t no disability

I’m a superhero! I’m a superhero!”

He placed on the on the cover of “Ye” the words “I hate being Bi-Polar, its awesome”.

What if Kanye West’s claim of “salvation” is not a validation of “New Christianity” but evidence that it is nothing more than the great apostasy prophesied by the Apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:3?



  1. Thank you for this very informative article.
    I don’t follow celebrities who claim they are “Christian”, like some Christians do. They don’t impress me at all. When you look into their “Christianity” you find that it is a mish mosh of New Age, twisted self worship.
    I think some Christians make a big deal of these celebrities because they think that having them on board somehow validates Christianty. What an insult! Christianity doesn’t need anybody’s validation, least of all people like Kanye.
    Christians have become lazy and indifferent.
    That is why the Church is in the sorry state that it is in. Instead of just accepting whatever people say, the Church needs to do it’s due diligence and make sure of the facts before giving their stamp of approval.
    Thanks again for this very helpful article.

    • I usually avoid noticing them as well and all else that flows our of Hollywood and various other venues of spiritual wickedness. However, this situation is different. I believe it to be a cataclysmic event—unprecedented in the fact that a Celebrity move right to the top of the rung in Christianity with little opposition. He is going to take advantage of Christianity’s music-based, mental assent salvation, churches to draw innumerable individuals into his diabolical snare. It cannot be ignored due to the sheer number of people mesmerized and the ludicrousness of their support. Not a single one has responded favorable to my attempts to inform them. It is truly sad to witness.

  2. Just watched a video and listened to his “message” in Baton Rouge and first off…his “rapping” about Christ Jesus sounded like a demonic ritual (spells/ incantations). Didn’t hear the gospel being shared and if I missed it, then it would beg the question, which gospel? Whose gospel? Also, noticed he had on an orange sweatshirt with his hood over his head hiding his face while “preaching”…can I just say, “Freemasonry!” And it also represents “33.” Reminds me of that TV show, Orange is the New Black. With Kanye, what we are witnessing is “their truth (the lie) in plain site.” His “show” screams of deception. Further, the Kardashians (his wife, sisters and MIL) are witches!!!!!!

    Then to add insult to injury…various mainstream pastors are supporting his new found faith. They have sold out to the one world religion in order to give Kanye legitimacy. Not only are they all wolves in sheeps clothing, they ARE an enemy of the cross!!!!!!!!! Sadly, many will believe the lie and will believe that they are saved when in fact they are not. No doubt about it, the strong delusion is at the door. Blessings to you, Cedric, and your ministry.

    • I agree with your assessment. Something significantly has changed. Satan has taken advantage of the apostasy to insert his emissary that waltzes in with his own rules and completely unhindered by leadership. In fact, as you stated, they are supporting him. The blindness is shocking. Discernment has vanished and courage is rare in leadership. There is no place to go from here but downward. Thank God His Remnant has refused to compromise! I’m looking forward to a new heaven and new earth wherein dwells righteousness!

  3. Fantastic article. Satan is truly going back and forth, seeking whom he may devour.

  4. As far as I am concerned, anyone who reads and BELIEVES what the Christian Post has to say…well, you might as well be reading Scopes! This publication (part of the religious propoganda machine) has a clear agenda – let’s just say, it’s intentions are not good and adds to the legitimacy of Kanye’s new found faith. The following two links are follow up articles (and there are more) concerning this change in Kanye’s “heart” (hmmm…is he still human?) Please note: He is under MK mind control!!!!! Doubt that that is even Kanye at all! The “real” Kanye left the building a long, long, long time ago. “Yeezy” is his alter ego.
    So many individuals are in on the scam… Okay Patricia Heaton, here is your “script.” And here is another so-called pastor legitimizing Kanye’s “church.” You think he is a true follower of Christ Jesus? You decide. So now those who say they are “born-again” believers will be identified with the church of Kanye (another form of Christianity). Christianity has become just another religion that IS becoming part of the one world religionas we speak. It’s all lining up! We aint seen nothin’ yet…they are just getting started! Please don’t think this is just another celebrity story. This is much more sinister than you could imagine.

    Revelation 18:4, “…Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

    Stay in the Word! Stay focused on Christ Jesus! Stay in the Word! Deception is all around us…there is only one Truth and that Truth is Christ Jesus, the living Word!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yup, it’s like; “Oh, a celebrity got ‘saved’! Let’s all bow down and worship him!” And they get so excited about it because of the ‘publicity’ that it brings ‘the faith.’ And from that point on, the fool can do no wrong, anything goes, don’t you dare criticize him, and on it goes. They give out free passes for this, for that, etc.
    I’ve seen it with these apostate movies and stuff too. Excuses abound; “Oh, but at least the public is seeing a movie about Jesus,” and “At least Jesus is getting some more exposure,” etc. Only… which Jesus? No one bothers to ask or to care.
    And each time something like this happens, the guy gets every free pass, every ‘get out of jail for free’ card, every excuse in the book. He makes every mistake, commits every sin, falls for every false doctrine, teaching, religion, etc. “But, but, he’s just a ‘baby’ Christian! Have some grace!” (I know many people using that excuse twenty years into it, or so they think!) In the process, he ends up lowering the public’s view of Christianity to the lowest rung. If he can get away with it, why not me? Is the natural question. How low can I go too? What is the minimum limit?
    It all becomes “Don’t you criticize (blank)! You’re hurting a move of God, don’t you see?!” And then the church and the public’s view of the faith has become… anything goes, everything goes, false teaching, false religion, every sin, etc. is all ‘okay.’ And anyone who criticizes that (not just the new ‘convert’) gets beaten up in the public square as well. It all just adds to the momentum of the apostasy and in standard fashion, all the churches are following suit like falling dominoes. Which is what we see. I have witnessed this lately too. I was in a church for another reason and one lady got up to ‘sing his praises’ about his ‘conversion’ and for her introduction she said, “And I’m not up here telling you all of this to hear all of your booing, I just wanted to share how wonderful I think it is….” and on she prattled.
    I truly believe we have reached the point where no one wants to listen and they are beyond the point of no return, don’t confuse me with the facts is their mentality, leave me in my delusion, deception, and sweet lies…
    and the time is short.

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