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The False Soteriology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Notice: On my FB thread concerning modern heretics, someone mentioned Charles Spurgeon. There was not enough space to reply on that thread. The following is a lengthy statement about Spurgeon’s Calvinism. It could have been twice as long because there is so much error in the heretical soteriology of the Calvinist/Reformed doctrinal system. Sorry, but I haven’t the time to debate this. Further, I will not spend time repeating myself to individuals who scan my responses, pick out a snippet, and ignore logic, the facts of history,  and God’s word.

That said, I have never changed anyone’s mind who was determined to believe something and I likely never will. I only write for the Remnant, to encourage them and provide my opinions, such as they are, concerning God’s word. It is much better to study for oneself and be taught by the Holy Spirit.

The False Soteriology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Charles Spurgeon, called the “prince of preachers,” believed in Total Depravity, i.e., that no one could come to God for salvation by his or her own volition. Thus, with no redeeming qualities in humanity, on what basis can God choose one over the other? If Total Depravity is correct, there is no basis that a just and merciful God can base His choice on. Spurgeon would say the basis is that God foreknows who will remain saved and who will not. That defeats Total Depravity. If one will be faithful and another will not, then former cannot be as depraved as the latter. It’s not about magical and fantastical suppositions, but about God’s desire to be loved by choice—not force.

Spurgeon believed in Unconditional Election, that our will is utterly dead (will-less, see Irresistible Grace). Thus, God who is infinite in wisdom designed a flawed plan that would compel Him against His infinite love nature to consign horrific injustice to innumerable individuals. Nothing in the biblical depiction of God indicates that he could compel some of us whose wills are nonexistent to desire him and cast the rest of us into hell. Furthermore, with Total Depravity, there is no way to know who is truly chosen and who is Totally, Unconditionally, Lost, Irreversibly dead in sin, and Predestined for hell. Turn to you spouse, children, or grandchildren, smile and say, “I hope you make it to heaven, but you might go to hell and there is nothing you can do about it. By the way, do you feel compelled to serve God?”

He believed in Limited Atonement, that Christ died exclusively for those chosen by the father. All else was born to be sent to hell with any chance of redemption. Visit a maturity ward and realize that Spurgeon accuses God of being capable of consigning most of those babies to hell before they were born. Worse, He created humanity knowing that most would enter hell. Ever wonder how many aborted babies went from mutilation and torturous death to eternal hell? How does one pray with hope, which is necessary for faith, for a critically ill baby not knowing if God consigned that precious infant to hell. Washing all that away by saying, “For He says to Moses, “I will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whomever I will have compassion.” (Romans 9:15)

Individuals take Romans 9 concerning Israel out of context, dismiss all of the previous chapters that defy their conclusion, and misunderstand completely what Paul is positing. They also crush many other verses, such as John 3:16 and Romans 10:9-10. I will deal with this more fully in a dissertation I am currently writing.

Spurgeon believed in Irresistible Grace, i.e., that we can not resist God’s Sovereign Call. He claimed that we are not saved against our will, but are made willing by the Holy Spirit—which is in essence, forced by the Holy Spirit to be saved against our will. How does a Totally Depraved individual even have a will? A will is based on having a choice. Without the ability to make decisions, which involves involves choice, there is no will. A will-less person is simply an animal without a conscience and living by desires of the flesh. Further, one cannot be given a will without force because one has no will to decide to accept it. What a convoluted, discombobulated, mess such doctrine creates!

Spurgeon believed in Persevering Grace, that one could not possible lose his or her salvation. The logical conclusion of that doctrine is antinomianism. I believe it to be a major reason for the great apostasy. Detractors would say, “No, they don’t have to live wickedly.” However, if there are no eternal consequences, the responsibility to live right rest solely on willpower. That is the only weapon legalists have against sin. It no longer is God’s saving and keeping power—because since that doesn’t matter to one that believes he or she is eternal saved. Instead, one either obeys in fear, because the assuring of his or her salvation depends on performance, or one succumbs to apathy, because assurance of his or her salvation is dependent on the doctrine of a man who murdered those who disagreed with him, John Calvin.

There is not enough space to present how Calvinists/Lutherans force their assumptions and presumptions on God’s word. I will only state (albeit simplistically) that it is not even slightly a biblical doctrine, but is sourced from paganism.

It is a fact that (amazingly) people concede to that they do not get Calvinism/Reformed heresy from the Bible, but from men who perverted God’s word. Calvin and Luther got their doctrine from Augustine, who injected it into Roman Catholicism. As someone wrote, “Augustine set out to Christianize paganism, and ended up paganizing Christianity.”

Augustine was a Gnostic Manichaean before he converted to Christianity in 386 A.D.. He did not enter Christianity as a pupil or a novice, but as a vaunted sage. He was completely unqualified to become a leader in Christianity. However, while functioning as a teacher of rhetoric he was appointed as the Bishop of Hippo. His expertise was in metaphysics (metaphysical analysis of time), ethics (lethal analysis of evil), and politics, which involved his examination of the conditions for justified war.

The Manichaeans taught both determinism and total depravity based on a different premise than Augustine. Augustine’s refined doctrine of Predestination developed from his debating with the Manichaeans. He determined that God created evil in order to manifest His glory. (Consider that heaven is/will be full of His glory with no presence or remembrance of evil. Yet, we will worship Him for eternity.) Thus, He predestined part of mankind to be evil and the rest to be good. The entire scheme is an extrabiblical philosophy that developed from a clash of intellectual titans arguing doctrine founded on a diabolical premise. But does God use that type of individual to flesh out His word? Did he chose Augustine to supplant Paul? (1 Corinthians 1:26-31).

Consequently, Augustine’s interpretation of Christianity came from his debate conclusions combined with the philosophy of Plato and Neoplatonism. The synopsis of the conglomeration was interspersed into Christianity. Thus, his idea of a transcendent God was that He is an independent and immaterial reality.

“Augustine’s appropriation of Plato’s two-level view of reality produced the mysterious non-material God who exists outside of all space and time.” (Great Philosophers and other sources – Internet)

We should greatly consider the words of Paul and consider that the intense deception that people are struggling with, and many are succumbing to, did not begin with the election of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. It did not begin in the 60s with the Counter Culture. It began long ago and has been growing with intensity for centuries. It is evolved into a deception so clever that it could deceive the very elect, if that were possible (Matthew 24:24). Paul wrote these words that have even greater impact considering how many people that have swallowed the intellectual and very compelling lies of Augustine.

“Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.” – Colossians 2:8

“I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert[a] the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be [b]accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.” – Galatians 1-6-9

If Calvinism/Reformed doctrine was of God, and was truly scriptural, one should not ever have to mention the name of Calvin, Luther, or Augustine—nor should anyone identify as a Calvinist, Lutheran, or any other title. One who believes God’s word as it is written in context and without any unauthorized additions, is a follower of Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior.

So, yes, C. H. Spurgeon was a silver-tongued heretic. How can anyone love the millions of souls, from newborns to old grey-haired gentle ones, that his doctrine consigned to hell?

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.” – 1 Corinthians 13:1-2


  1. Excellent! You’ve taken a big stand as no one wants to believe Spugeon could possibly be wrong! His quotes are so inspiring how could he possibly be wrong in his beliefs?
    Oh…beware the Deception of words!
    To believe that God would be so cruel as to pick and choose those for no particular reason the Elect is to believe that God is not love, but evil. A heretical doctrine to say the least.

    • I do not know how God will deal with Spurgeon and others who appear to be sound in every way except their soteriology. He is just and merciful. It comes down to whether everything else in one’s believe system is more important than soteriology. Christ came to seek and saved the lost, not to make them theological geniuses empty of true salvation. Can one have all knowledge, speak with tongues of men and angels, and still not reach the mark? We may err in many areas, but Soteriology had better not be one of them.

  2. Thank you for taking that bull by the horns!

    I can hear the firestorm already. I know over at LT they took the lid off of Calvinism some time back and it opened up a hornet’s nest of attacking comments and such, as it has done anywhere else. Calvinism is nothing more than a devilish wolf in a granny mask. When you look at it at face value you see it. As you said, all you need is the Bible and the teaching of the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth! That was how I saw it too, I didn’t know much about it but felt lead to investigate, and had no idea what the result would be. Well I did reject it after researching it. I had some professing Christian ‘friends’ who were Calvinists so the arguments came up, friendly at first. I was able to refute them but you know how they never see it, like you said. But I wanted to dig deeper so I got the book “What Love Is This?” by Dave Hunt of Berean Call, and boy, that nailed down all the issues! I highly recommend reading that for anyone, no matter where they fall on this issue. Anyway, I heard that Spurgeon was a Calvinist and was disappointed. That’s what you hear all the time… “Spurgeon, Spurgeon, Spurgeon!!!” I found out that most of these famous names to grace the lips of the church end up being wolves. You just wouldn’t believe it. But one day the truth will be revealed. I follow Jesus, and am lead by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. And that is necessary and sufficient! But they start idolizing them and then they are lead astray.

    And oh, I know what you mean about people not getting it. It’s like they have all become brick walls and are totally unteachable and resistant to the Holy Spirit and stubborn and rebellious against the truth of God. You used to sometimes, but you can’t get anywhere anymore trying to lead folks to the truth. Like with evangelism. Most are already in the one world religion, if not that then a cult, or atheists, etc. and they won’t budge an inch no matter what hits them. I don’t waste my time after a few words. Most are not open now anyway, like that window has closed or something. On the same note, I see more and more comments here from folks who hold certain views like that and are stubborn about it. Trying to convince them gets nowhere. It’s just getting so tired… those of us in the remnant who get it are in a small lifeboat indeed!

    God bless you Cedric for all you try to do for the remnant sheep!

    • It is not my intention to attract conflict, but the Holy Spirit is compelling to warn people. It is becoming spiritually much darker in Christendom. It is not the time to be deceived or playing loose with the truth. However, it is time for people to speak boldly and clearly against heresy, such as Calvinism. Long before the New Age crept in, and the pulpits were filled with hirelings and overflowing with heresy, belief systems such as Calvinism was raking the truth out of Christianity and weaving into a snare. People had better get back to accepting God’s word as it is written, and not some vain interpretation.

    • Thank you for praying for us.

  3. Best place to be is “between the ditches” as both Calvinism and Arminianism are constructs of man. I’ve only found two “isms” that are positive: baptism and evangelism.

  4. Another thing about Spurgeon… I was over at the website ‘Discerning the World,’ and I don’t agree with several things that are over there of course, but some of it is good. It is based in South Africa so a lot of it deals with their local heretics but some of it is global and very on the ball, such as concerning dominionism and infiltration of the church, etc. Well anyway, I look there every once in a while and there is an article about Spurgeon if you scroll down a little ways. It is very revealing, I can’t vouch for every ‘phrase’ they mention as some of it can just so happen, but those hand poses say it all. Go over and take a look.

    There is another highly newsworthy item also over at PJ Media under 8/17 about a Google executive who is a whistleblower about the censorship and bias over at Google and now he fears for his life. There is a 20 minute video well worth watching along with it as well.

    Yes, these are dark times in the church. I live in a large metropolitan area with many interconnected cities on the Southwest coast and there are many churches here, and I’ve been all over and can’t find one Biblical Spirit filled church. It’s truly depressing. And I’ve seen the apostasy creeping into those that were in the middle. I’d revisit and it was like going back down to the lower floors of the Titanic… and the water had come up that much higher and it knocks the breath out of you (if you saw that movie you’d know the gasping feeling I’m talking about). The other day I was down at the pier and once in a blue moon there will actually be someone handing out tracts (besides myself alone!). Well there were a group of open air preachers (a miracle!) and I sat and listened to them first to see if it was on the mark. It seemed okay although I would have changed a few things somewhat but figured maybe he was new and nervous. Most passerby ignored it, had a scowl, a few stopped and listened a minute or so before moving on, and there was the token heckler for a few minutes too. It was the average response. So when they were done I came up and thanked them for being there. (He told me that the response that day had been unusually positive compared to neighboring places!) They looked really happily surprised that I thanked them and we talked and the topic of church came up and I said I can’t find a good church. They told me where they went and I thought (well, if it can produce preachers then it might be worth checking into even though the name sounded like one of those modern church names…). So I looked up the website and did the usual digging and saw that they were linked with all these Calvinist churches, and they were Calvinist as well. Welp, I thought, so much for that one! It’s funny, they won’t advertise it. Just like emergent churches, they don’t announce it. I noticed that with the apostasy. They hide it and if you know how to do the research and what to dig for, you find it pretty quick. Under the links for resources, book lists, quotes in the bulletin, etc. you find all the Calvinist or Emergent heretics and there it is. But they are all sneaky like that.

    I find that these days the churches are falling into two camps. It also seems that there are layers to the apostasy. One side is on the one with all the emergent, dominionist, NAR, ecumenical, revival on the way, circus act ‘spiritual’ gifts, prosperity gospel, and all those eggs in one basket. The other side, albeit smaller, does warn about the emergent church apostasy, all the ecumenism, etc., but they are usually Calvinist and have their own bag of apostasy. Also, they don’t believe in the gifts, they hold to eternal security, pre trib, and they are very ‘stuffy.’ Even though they do harp on the Word of God, it’s not with the right interpretation. It’s like another branch of the Catholic church in structure and formality just like the dead Protestant denominations. That’s all you find now, one or the other. And the mysticism has been in both varieties too.

    When you are a Biblical remnant Christian these days, you’re pretty much alone. Of course there are others out there, but we are all so few and far between typically. Anyway, post this or not, if you think it helps.


  5. Thank you sir for the great article. It is incredible how many people, especially young ones, are getting sucked into the reformed heresy movement. Especially through J. Piper.

    Please keep speaking! Your articles are potent ammo in the fight against the poisonous teachings!

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