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When Persecution Arrives

I want to point out the “white elephant” in the room. That is the fact that it is very obvious that persecution is coming to this nation. I am compelled to state bluntly that individuals believing in political fantasy (MAGA) or religious escapism (avoiding persecution via rapture) are in grave jeopardy. It is without a doubt denial, which indicates a serious misunderstanding of eschatology.

When those professing Christians realize that one is under a diabolical attack, many of them will distance themselves from him or her. They observe them going through one battle after another and recognize that they are targets in Satan’s crosshairs. They are afraid that association will cause them to become targets as well.

Many of these Individuals have spent their entire Christian lives avoiding conflict with the Devil. Thus, they fantasize they are special, elite children of God that will not suffer as the rest of Christianity around the world is suffering. They plead by their actions, choices, and demeanor, “Lord, let me build a house like the wicked and live in it as your child.”

That is impossible. Whatever you are inside as a genuine Christian must shine outwardly and expose the darkness. However, like an old preacher friend once said, “People are like plastic bottles—whatever is inside will come out under pressure.” For your “house” you should “put on the Lord Jesus and make no provision for the flesh to fulfill its lusts.” (Romans 13:14) It is not how well you perform in peacetime that defines you, but your performance under the pressure of demonic attacks. Whenever you are “squeezed” by affliction, you should shine brightly.

The obvious truth is that American Christians are in the early stages of harsh persecution. One catastrophic event in politics could trigger it. Democrats are publicly erupting the total repository of their wickedness. They are gambling that acceptance of wickedness in our nation is at a sufficient degree to put them back in control. If their speculations are correct, liberty for genuine Christians will vanish January 20, 2021. As of today, we’ve got less than 628 days to prepare.

In my opinion, and I will state that I honestly believe it, God is preparing His people for the persecution. Thus, we are enduring one trial after another and sometimes several trials at once. It is to make us strong witnesses for the day when the dark storm descends. We shall do great exploits! (Daniel 11:32)

Does anyone really believe that powerful people will awaken out of apathy and stand against brutally wicked people? And we should not make the mistake of thinking that brutal persecution cannot occur in America.

Let me point out the fact that such brutality now exists and the enemies of God are gleefully and manically promoting it. Some of those individuals are obviously demon-possessed.

They will use cruel instruments to coldly and brutally remove the body parts of a baby in the womb. And we think they will not brutally persecute Christians?

Then with the heart and mind of brute beasts, they kill the baby. And we think they will not brutally persecute Christians?

If a baby manages to exit the birth canal, they will coldly stand by oblivious to his or her screaming and allow the precious tortured one to die. And we think they will not brutally persecute Christians?

Alabama state representative Democrat John Rogers remarked, “Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later.”

And we think they will not brutally persecute Christians?

They will operate on children to change their gender, forever destroying their lives by consigning them to a living hell. And we think they will not brutally persecute Christians?

They attack Christians whenever and however they can. They so despise genuine Christians that they have used the Supreme Court to legislate into law what they could not get by due process—bias and oppression against true Christianity. They are pushing for the legalization of pedophilia. And we think they will not brutally persecute Christians?

That a nation will not protect infants in and out of the womb and protect children, is indicative of the dominance Satan has in society. Wickedness now pushes the envelope to revive Nimrod’s spirit of total licentiousness, antinomianism, and corporate sociopathy.

Aligning oneself with apostate Christianity as a means of sneaking by under the radar when persecution arrives is a fatal mistake. Apostate Christianity is rife with pornographers, child molesters, adulterers, fornicators, liars, flagrant heretics, homosexuals, hirelings, false prophets, and billions of apostates, that are racing toward ecumenism to become the one-world church of the False Prophet.

It is past time to identify the “spots” in our “feasts of charity.” Individuals who show no empathy in the suffering of genuine Christians have no depth of commitment to God. They are skillfully avoiding this preparatory period by focusing on self-gratification, materialism, and the entertainment offerings of the world system.

The time will come when they will look upon us with pity while the maniacal enemies of godliness expel their rage and brutality. They will fold their hands, feign pity, and remark something to the effect, “They should not be so stubborn to resist the inevitable.”

Even now they regard such writing as this to be ranting by a religious fanatic with an overactive imagination.

The Apostle Peter wrote:

“Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: but rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.” – 1 Peter 4:12-13

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.” – 1 Peter 5:8-9

Although I do not invite or wish them to come, I take comfort from the Lord God in afflictions. The reason is because of the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings. That idea is foreign to casual professing Christians. It is evident that the prosperity, perfect health and comfort heresy has wormed its way into the depth of Christianity. In my opinion, it is one of the main reasons for the apostasy. If one cannot suffer for God and Christ, he or she cannot resist end times apostasy.

It is past time to be identified as children of the Light. We must do so knowing that we will become targets if we are not already thus.

While some individuals may take issue with my next few paragraphs, I will state without wavering that I believe God still speaks to His people.

Some years ago after praying, I fell asleep. I dreamed that I was high in the night sky above the United States. I could barely see the outline as if I was looking at a map. The entire nation was completely black except for some scattered pinpoints of light. Most of the lights were in the center of the nation. The East and West coasts were near completely dark.

I wondered what it meant. Immediately the words came into my mind, “Those lights are my people.”

I was greatly discouraged that there were so few points of light. It appeared that the darkness on the East and West coasts was moving toward the middle like giant tidal waves. Some of the lights were going out. Words again came into my mind that Believers were dying faster than they could be replaced by new converts.

We must not allow our lights to dim because of affliction. We must not compromise or avoid identity by any means. To do so is to become numbered with the transgressors. Instead, we must be willing to boldly lose our lives for Christ’s sake—whatever that entails—that we may find our lives in Him.

“He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” – Matthew 10:39

“For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.” – Colossians 3:3-4


  1. Karen Kimball

    May 3, 2019 at 9:50 pm

    Wow. So much truth. Thank you.

  2. Yes!
    This is part of the problem with the false easy believism conversion. Back in the days of the early church, and in other parts of the world now, most already know that when they become Christian converts, they are laying their lives on the altar. They decided to carry their cross daily no matter what. They chose to count the cost of following Jesus. They committed their lives to Him as Lord and Savior as true disciples. They share their faith. Family members leave. Their livelihoods are put in jeopardy. They face physical persecution daily, as well as martyrdom, torture, and other troubles. Yet they are sustained through it all. They are even filled with joy. When pressured to deny Jesus under great pains of persecution, most of them don’t. But compare that to today’s Christians! No one told them about the cost of discipleship when they prayed the ‘sinner’s prayer.’ No one taught them these things prior to baptism. No one brought it up at any church meetings either. And then, when the storm arrives, they are not ready and it all hits them like a deer in the headlights. All the false teachings they have been spoon fed for years comes to them, assuaging them that they need not worry about suffering because they have been exempted from that. Somehow, they missed all those Bible verses to the contrary. That lesson got lost somewhere between all those books about ‘bless-me Kristianity’.

    Exactly. Persecution is already here. And the devil more than anyone does not want Christians to succeed in it. In this case, success is defined as being willing to lose your life for Jesus. (Revelation 12; 11… what is an ‘overcomer’??? It is not worldly success.) That definition of success they have never been taught. The storm will take many forms. The first is to make war with the saints to weaken them, wary them, and water them down. They will grow tired. They will grow desperate to keep their livelihoods intact. The carnal ones will already have been seduced by apostasy, sin, and the circus and carnival amusements of this world. By the time the real gulag begins, most will not have graduated to that level. I have been watching this for years now and see it. One recent example is a Christian foster home agency in a state (I forgot which) that was pressured (I don’t say ‘forced,’ because no one can force you, it is always a choice) to cave to the lgbt agenda and allow placement of children in sodomite homes. Well, they caved. And it was that easy. Like a deck of cards, or dominoes in a row, most will fall. Oh sure, they will have excuses a plenty! But justified they are not. Jesus made all of that very clear. Most will choose mammon. So many Christians already are falling away, in the apostasy of heresy, false religions, and embracing sin. The lights are going out. I don’t say ‘Christians,’ but Christians, because it is true Christians who are falling away. OSAS is a lie of the devil. That’s how serious it is. The battle is real. Your very soul is in jeopardy. While the battle for souls rages on, most are asleep watching sports and entertainment. But they loved their lives on earth more than their lives in heaven and just like Esau, they sold it right out from under themselves for a few more years of comfort. So many are deceived into the sinner’s prayer conversion, and then anything goes, you are still carried around in the arms of Jesus in that baby blanket forever, no commitment, no loyalty, no self denial necessary so they think.

    Jesus is separating the wheat from the chaff, right here in the good old US of A.
    I read on one blog about another strong believer who like us, has these dreams. Her dream was that she was at home with family or friends. She walked into the living room and they were all on the couch, watching trivial TV at best, eating junk food. They were lazy. They were slothful. They were flabby. They were slouching all over. It was not a pretty sight. Then this believer heard a noise and went outside. She was suddenly in the midst of the storm. She was not afraid. In fact, she said it was exhilarating because there was all this electricity around and it was like Jesus was there (like with Daniel’s 3 friends). She was excited to be there. Yet her friends were panicking because they were not ready. They were wailing and trying to dash under the beds. Not ready. Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

    And so it begins. Not only that, but it has already begun. It will accelerate. If some are unprepared now, it’s pretty dire. Most have caved to the agendas of sin on a fair weather day. What will they do then the storm is in full swing? Bank accounts of conservatives are being frozen or closed. Social media pages are being banned in like manner. Christian businesses are being successfully sued for their Biblical stand. Christians are being fired from their jobs for not caving to sin, or simply not hired. College campuses are filled with leftist rhetoric. Rioting and looting as well. People are calling for Christians to be imprisoned. Biblical views are deemed ‘hate speech.’ This is all from various news sources that monitor these things, I shared the list earlier in a comment. They are removing children from homes for not complying with what is deemed politically correct thought in some parts of the West. Soon we will lose our lives as well. That to me is the easy part. I thank God that I have no minor children.

    They are all hanging their hopes on an election victory or a rapture escapism like you said. They forget that the Bible says we will all be hated for His namesake. The whole world will hate Christians. It’s almost there. We not only can suffer, but should expect to suffer, and should even rejoice in it. All of this is nothing new to the Biblically literate.

    The early church triumphantly faced persecution and martyrdom in places like the Coliseum. They faced the lions and many scary things. They died. They were the victors, the finalists in this race called life. The heat was on and the cream rose to the top. They received the victorious martyr’s crown as they were glorified in heaven. “Well done, good, faithful, and loyal servant!” and many phrases like that I am sure they were met with by Jesus. THAT, folks, is the finish line. Don’t let the devil fool you!

    I recall about 7 years ago or so running into an article by some ‘professor’ at some fancy university who had written a book trying to dismiss the fact that there were Christian martyrs. Her false premise was that they were not ‘true’ martyrs because they could have gotten out of it by denying their faith for five minutes. A lie straight out of hell! There is no such thing. If you deny Jesus, you are no longer a Christian. The persecution will stop, because so does the Christianity. The point is that they were persecuted for being Christians!!! You cannot deny your faith to ‘get out of it.’ Jesus said so in Matthew 10; 32-33. That goes for bad days too, not only good days! And He’s the boss. If you are a Christian, you are His witness!!! So YES, they were true Christian martyrs! The word martyr actually means ‘witness.’ (If you make this error of denying your faith, you must repent and commit to never deny Jesus again, no matter what.) Are you one of His disciples too? The answer does not depend on who is asking. Anyway, I share that because that is just how badly the devil wants to trick Christians into denying their faith to take the easy way out. But there is no escape. You either belong to Jesus and are willing to lay down your life as a martyr for Him and stand up for His righteous ways and live by them, or you don’t. It’s a package deal.

    When the heat gets turned up, make the right choice. Don’t get cheated out. Take a stand for Jesus no matter the cost. Be one of the lights shining in the darkness. You will never regret it, but you’ll be sorry if you don’t. There are blessings hidden in it as well and you have nothing to fear.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but the Bible says to run the race to win. And not only that, but I’m going for the gold. And the finish line is in sight!

    To end on a jest I once heard, I may have shared this already so forgive me….

    There was an underground meeting of Christians in communist Russia. Suddenly, a KGB officer broke in the door. He asked if there were any Christians present at the meeting. Many Christians went scrambling out any way they could to get away. After most of them had escaped, there were only about ten left. So, he sat down, took out his Bible, and said; “Well? Let’s get started! I just wanted to know who the real Christians were!”

    We must be ready every day in any possible way the question is posed to say; “YES! I am HIS disciple!” It’s either that, or the flesh wins as you warm yourself by the enemy’s fire and swear that you never knew Him.

    (P.S. Peter had to be reinstated as a disciple. That is an interesting study. Three denials and three affirmations.)
    (P.P.S. I did see that reply, thank you!)
    ; )

  3. I had received this message after seeing this message from some brothers and sisters in Christ from west Africa and your words tied into it seamlessly! May we have this kind of Faith!!

    After worship on Sunday, April 28, 2019, 12 armed men who are affiliated to al-Qaeda on motorcycles came to the courtyard of the church and surrounded them. They regrouped them, took their bibles and wanted to convert them to Islam.
    In their refusal, the old pastor Pierre Ouedraogo, who has been an Assemblies of God minister for nearly 40 years, his son Ouedraogo Wend-Kuni, a deacon Zoeyande Sawadogo, brothers Sayouba Sawadogo, Arouna Sawadogo and Ele Boena, were killed in the name of their faith in Christ. The 7th victim, Adam Sawadogo was seriously injured and is admitted at Kongoussi Hospital. The Church was burned.

    The longtime pastor had sensed danger, but told family members “he prefers to die for his faith rather than leave the village where he has served for nearly 40 years” said his son-in-law according to the General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Burkina Faso Rev Michel Ouedraogo.

    This happened in the small town of Silgadji near Djibo, the capital of Soum province around 12:00 local time (12:00 GMT).

    Pray for the bereaved families, the church and pray for the injured for speedy recovery.


  4. James Brumbaugh

    May 4, 2019 at 5:25 pm

    Wow, Cedric well said. As Christians we are not a protected class in society. We see the persecution in China and other countries and think how awful, truly American Christians have been sheltered but our time is upon us, study God’s Word and pray always, are we filled with compassion and love for the lost? Are we praying for the true bride of Christ? More then ever those in the true body of Christ must be on our knees in prayer because that persecution which is to come is going to be emmence.

    • Bro. Nick Nicholas

      June 22, 2019 at 3:44 pm

      James – Thank you for your comment.
      – I heard a Pastor who ‘Went Home to Glory’ more than 30 years ago describe the detrimental effects of ‘The Curse of Prosperity’ already had then upon the vast majority of the ‘Christian ‘Amerikan’ People’.
      The following Biblically sound statement was made by Bakht Singh, a highly respected Indian church leader who ‘Went Home to Glory’ in 2000 –
      – “You feel sorry for us in India because of our great poverty in material things.
      We who know the Lord in India feel sorry for you in America because of your spiritual poverty.
      We are praying that you also might come to church with a hunger for God and not merely a hunger to see some form of amusement.”
      — Excerpt from “The Two Sides of God”

  5. I just wanted to say that I do agree with that view. The true Christian church is ‘God’s people.’ There is nothing ‘anti-semitic’ about believing that. Yes, God will deal with Israel again and yes, that is why they are back in the land. But like Jesus said, unless we believe that He is who He says He is, we will die in our sins. And that goes to the Jew as well as the Gentile. The Bible says over and over that the Gospel is ‘to the Jew first and also to the Greek’, etc. All must come to Jesus to be saved, Jew and Gentile alike. There is no special or separate covenant for Israel regarding salvation. There is the New Covenant, and that is it.

    I do look at Lighthouse Trails for various news items. But it has come to the point that now, if I refer anyone there, I must give the disclaimer that they can also be deceived at that site. The reason? One of the main ones has been the mounting idolatry of Israel. It seems now that if one does not place Israel on a pedestal and bow down to all things ‘Jewish,’ one is not a ‘true spiritual Christian’ and even ‘anti-semitic.’ The latest article up there about all those who ‘hate the Jews’ is the tip of the iceberg. I made a comment there and it got blocked, and my access to commenting banned. I made another comment on their facebook page, which is probably gone by now and is probably the last one posted there by me. It is just as well. I have said my peace.
    There is rising anti-semitism all over the world and of course that is bad. Just like the persecution of Christians that is rising, it is all part of the end times events. I keep an eye on that as well. But what they have is a false dichotomy of idolatry or anti-semitism. I don’t need a big lecture about how the Jews are entitled to the land of Israel. I already know that. But that doesn’t mean that we need to bow down to them in order to be blessed spiritually in our Christian growth. The article makes it look like the Jewish people are the source of our growth and the fruits of the Holy Spirit, rather than the Lord. We bear fruit by abiding in Him, not by being in homage to Israel and the Jews as a people. Sure, we can still ‘love’ them. But what they are endorsing goes way beyond that, and the comments they allow and don’t allow reflect that as well. It’s really getting bad out there when it comes to deception! One must be on guard even where one least expects. If you read it all carefully you will see what I mean.
    P.S. You don’t have to reply, and you can feel free to edit that PS in the last comment if you don’t want that to show about the answered question but would like to post the comment. I understand that you may want to keep things discreet on this issue. You did post the question and I do appreciate that. I do use various names to keep things discreet for the same reasons. It’s not the name that matters but the message and the truth.

    • Linda, “the mounting idolatry of Israel” and I might add the pretrib rapture fable also. Yes, Dispensationalism and the pretrib rapture unfortunately have done severe damage to American Christians. These 2 heretical teachings have brainwashed 90% of American Christians. It will be a great contributor to the falling away in these last days.

      • Yes, I agree. Whenever I run into professing Christians, and some I sincerely think may very well be such, it never fails, one of the following items becomes a bone of contention: 1. Cessationism, 2. Calvinism, 3. OSAS/eternal security, 4. pre trib rapture, and 5. idolatry of Israel variations. I’m a Continuationist, a non Calvinist, non-OSAS, non pre trib rapture (but yes, of course there is a rapture, but that does not imply it is pre trib), and I don’t worship Israel. So as you can see, it’s been scarce to find true fellowship. Now I don’t even divide on this stuff (except idolatry in the camp is a sin), but they DO.

        Then the mounting heresy escalating in the church via songs and such is the concept that God will always love you ‘no matter what’ and it gives this impression that you can’t fall away no matter what you do and it gives a false sense of security. When you read the Bible (KJV in particular) and early accounts of Christian persecution and martyrdom, you don’t get that impression at all! It’s another huge deception in the church right now.

        Thanks for the reply.
        : )

      • Respectfully sir, where do you stand on how to interpret the Bible. You said dipensationalism is heresy. Please expound on why you believe that to be true. Are you a covenant theology advocate, preterist, replacement theology, What is your stance ?

        I have made my reply and stated that I interpret through a ageist/ dispenstional Bible outline.

        • I am a Classical Premillennial, non-dispensationalist.
          There are 2 forms of replacement theology; I hold to neither. One form held by those of preterist/reformed theology holds that “the Church” (a universal church) has replaced national Israel as God’s elect chosen people. I believe that God still has a plan for Israel as Paul makes clear in Romans 10-11.
          The other form held to by Scofieldite pretrib dispensationalists says that “the Church” (a universal church) will be removed from the earth during the tribulation so it can be replaced by national Israel as God’s instrument of witness on the earth as 144,000 “Jewish evangelists” (a phrase not found in the Bible) preach a new gospel of salvation by grace plus works (a damnable heresy in light of Gal. 1:8-9).

  6. I’ve wondered lately – if one gives testimony to a king… ruler (vs9) … has the Gospel then been spread to that nation or organization (vs 10)? Is not the leader responsible for their nation or group? Is this one way the Gospel will be spread among all nations? If so, attempting to “bow out” would be attempting to “bow out” of giving testimony… spreading the Gospel.

    8 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows. 9 But take heed to yourselves: for they shall deliver you up to councils; and in the synagogues ye shall be beaten: and ye shall be brought before rulers and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them. 10 And the gospel must first be published among all nations. 11 But when they shall lead you, and deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak, neither do ye premeditate: but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye: for it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost. 12 Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death. Mark 13

    • Hi GJ,

      “I’ve wondered lately – if one gives testimony to a king… ruler (vs9) … has the Gospel then been spread to that nation or organization (vs 10)? Is not the leader responsible for their nation or group? Is this one way the Gospel will be spread among all nations? If so, attempting to “bow out” would be attempting to “bow out” of giving testimony… spreading the Gospel.”

      No. What that is saying is a lot of things simultaneously. The gospel will first spread all over the world before the end can come. That part is done. We are now at the end times. Throughout the church age Christians have been persecuted. At times we have been delivered up before judges or similar officials for being Christians. (This is due to the devil not liking us, etc. 1 John 5; 19, etc.). We see this much with Peter and Paul and even Stephen. What this says is that no matter what, we are His witnesses. We give our testimony. The gospel gets shared again. The book of Acts has this going on all the time. Jesus is saying not to plan out ahead of time what to say. See example at the bottom of the comment. The rest is about how all will rise up against us to ‘turn us in’ and even betray us. Jesus was arrested yet as innocent as can be. He died as a lamb for our sins. We will die for our faith in Him. Yes, faith in Christ has a way of turning the whole world upside down or right side up, it sorta gets everyone in an upheaval… for some reason. It’s just the spiritual dynamics behind the curtains or something…

      In some Western nation in the not too distant future, there is a man named Joe who is out evangelizing with a team on the streets. After doing this for over an hour suddenly a crew of police show up and round up the team for arrest with some excuse about ‘hate speech’ and ‘disturbing the peace.’ (This recently happened in London, so don’t think this is all impossible. It was a Christian from Africa. Christian News Network covered this.) While in custody, the police question all four men. Al claims that ‘he only went out with them and didn’t know what they were going to do’ and that ‘he’s not really a Christian anyway.’ (Classic denial to escape suffering in Jesus’ name.) The cops let him go. Bob admits he is a Christian, but when they tell him never to do it again, he agrees and so they let him go too. But they take Charles and Joe down to the station. They spend the night in prison. The next day they let Charles go but keep Joe in custody. (Reasons for this may vary.) So they put Joe on trial, as we see below.

      Judge: “Joseph White, is it true that you are a Christian?”
      Joe: “Yes judge, that is true. I am a Christian.”
      Judge: “What were you and the group of men doing out on Maple St. at 1:00 pm on Saturday?”
      Joe: “We were out sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with passersby.”
      Judge: “Were you aware that we have just passed a law against openly practicing the Christian faith?”
      Joe: “Yes, I was aware of that new law judge.”
      Judge: “Then why were you disobeying the new law?”
      Joe: “Well you see judge, it’s like this. As a Christian we obey Jesus who said to go out and preach the gospel to every creature under heaven. As a Christian, I must live my faith publicly. There is no such thing as ‘closet Christianity.'”
      Judge: “Even though you are defying the nation’s law by doing so?”
      Joe: “Yes judge. We answer to the Most High God who is above all in heaven. After we die, all men must answer to Him about their deeds on earth. The Bible says we must obey God above all else.”
      Judge: “The Bible! We banned that book a year ago!”
      Joe: “Yes, but it is still true. As you know, some things are eternally true and absolute truth like God’s Word does not change. Another example is math or science.”
      Judge: “Oh, a wise guy, eh? How do you know there is a God?”
      Joe: “Because He saved me. I was lost in my sins and struggling. Someone came along and shared the gospel with me… how Jesus is the Son of God, came to earth, lived a perfect life and died for our sins and rose again the third day to save us… and I turned my life over to Jesus and He saved me and gave me a new life and now I serve Him. Now I am forgiven, I have power over sin and am free to live for Him. I am filled with the Holy Spirit and with joy. I no longer turn to wrong things to satisfy me. They never really did anyway. Only God could do that for me.”
      Judge: “Hmmm. So do you think you are special and above the law now?”
      Joe: “It’s like this. When we follow Jesus, we fulfill all good laws such as do not kill, do not steal, love your neighbor as yourself, etc. So thus we fulfill all natural good laws anyway. God even set up governments to keep law and order, as the Bible says in Romans. And God calls on all people to repent and turn to Jesus for salvation from their sins and hell. That is exactly why we were out there sharing the gospel, out of concern for others.”
      Judge: “Well, well, well. I will have to research this further before coming to a decision. The court will reconvene tomorrow at this time!”

      Possible outcomes:
      1. The judge does the research, is convicted of his sin, turns to Jesus and gets saved as a result of Joe’s faithful testimony. Others in the court do so as well.
      2. The judge does the research, comes to the conclusion that Joe is operating out of a clean conscience and good will and is not hurting anyone, even though he does not agree with his views. He decides that he means well and lets him go.
      3. The judge does the research and his heart is hardened against God and he keeps Joe in prison for an indefinite period of time.
      4. The judge hates Christians and since the new laws are against Christianity, he uses them to keep Joe in prison and later has him executed for ‘defying the government.’

      This is the reality of what Christians face all over the world on a daily basis. Folks just need to come to terms with it here and be ready, as it is coming here too. If you remain a steadfast witness for the Lord, you can’t go wrong. If you don’t, you will. Matthew 10; 32-33, Acts 5; 29

  7. Hi Everyone….I am just wondering about some of the comments here. I am wondering about dispensationalism and who adheres to some forms of that form of Bible exegsis. I identify as one who believes in most of the tenets of classic dispensational theology. I believe that there is going to be a literal millennium (1000 year reign of Jesus Christ on a renewed planet Earth). I believe that the Church and Israel (the Jewish people, not the land) are 2 separate entities and will be dealt with by God in much different ways.

    I really am curious because I hear commenting about our predicament here in the USA and the persecution that is bound to come and already is upon us. As we stand as righteous Christians with a fundamental Biblical worldview, we are bound to be marginalized and disregarded by the apostate religious leaders of today. And, of course, we will experience spiritual warfare by going against the grain of political correctness of this wicked society we currently must deal with, at least on some levels. We put ourselves ” in the crosshairs” of the demonic realm when we witness on social media, and probably even by our replies on this website (big brother is listening). It comes with the job description of ‘witness’ or ‘watchman’ or ‘evangelist’. Do not even mention that you are a New Testament prophet, you will probably get hit hard by the religious ‘cessationists’. Or even worse, get identified with the NAR (lol).

    I am not trying to open the proverbial ‘can of worms’ or to start ‘splitting hairs’ with this comment. I take my worldview from the literal Word of God. Even that last sentence can be divisive because some people will argue with me about which Bible I use. Just for the record here, I believe that Bibles translated from the Textus Receptus are God’s Word. It is okay to use other Bibles for comparative analysis but not for doctrinal purposes. That is just the way I am, folks.

    ps… Lighthouse Trails has lost me as a patron. I do not go there anymore or take their newsletter. I was offended by some of the material they published regarding reformed theology, namely a book titled ” Calvinism. None Dare Call It Heresy”. I consider that small book to be a snake in the dark for OSAS.

    • Hi Ken,

      : )
      It gets confusing when it comes to what is meant by this term or not. As for … dispensationalism…. From what I know the term comes from the concept of God dealing with people in different dispensations. To some extent, this is true. We have the age before the revelation to Moses and Israel existing, we have the age after with the church, the 70th week of Daniel for Israel, the end times (the very end) and yes the Millenium. Well enough. But what happened is the Scoffield Bible came along and Darby with the pre trib rapture and a certain amount of Israel idolatry, which is false. So it all depends on what is meant by the term.

      Then there is this ditty included in all of that about there being ‘animal sacrifices’ during the millenium, which is false. The whole thing comes from chapters 40-48 of Ezekiel where there is an outline of a ‘future’ temple. But there are a few disclaimers about the whole model that they overlook.

      1. The vision of the temple was shown to Ezekiel and to be given to the nation of Israel at THAT TIME.
      2. The plan for the temple was CONDITIONAL. It was based upon if Israel repented or not. If they repented, then they got the green light. If they did not repent, the plan was scrapped. Since we know they did not repent because Babylon was brought against them (and Assyria), we know the plan became null and void, animal sacrifices and all.
      3. Some sections appear futuristic such as the ‘healing waters’ and we know that in Revelation it describes the New Jerusalem with rivers of healing waters. But to get a picture of what form of temple will be there, just read the book of Revelation.

      This is the conditional statement I am referring to, buried in the middle of the chapters:

      “Son of man, describe the temple to the house of Israel, that they may be ashamed of their iniquities; and let them measure the pattern. And if they are ashamed of all that they have done, make known to them the design of the temple and its arrangement….” Ezekiel 43; 10-11

      This is a big heresy in the church right now and there is much heresy surrounding Israel, temple issues, etc. by many false teachers (Hagee, and many more).

      Replacement Theology. Again, what is meant by ‘replacement’? Has the church ‘replaced’ Israel? In one way yes and in another way no. It just depends on what way. There is ONE plan of salvation for everyone (to the Jew first and also the Greek) when it comes to the gospel. There are no ‘dual covenants’ for salvation. The one plan is through Jesus Christ, you enter it by becoming a Christian and becoming part of the church (Jew or Gentile). When the nation of Israel rejected their Messiah, God’s judgment fell upon them in 70 A.D. We see many comments by Jesus prophesying about this. We also have parables like that of the vinedressers and the vineyard ‘given to others.’ That is replacement of Israel by the church, love it or hate it. In Romans 9-11 a good perspective on Israel is given also. Gentile branches are grafted in, but branches from Israel are also grafted out. Those who receive Christ are grafted in, those who reject Him are grafted out. The tree represents the ‘Israel of God’ as the Bible says. OT Judaism is the root, Jesus is the Branch, and the church and Christianity are the leaves, flower, and fruit of the tree. If you don’t abide in HIM, you can do nothing. (Not ‘Israel’, but HIM). In Galatians Paul explains how the church is the freeborn child of the woman NOT under the law (comparable to Isaac, to whom all the blessings flow), and Israel is the child born in bondage to the law (comparable to Ishmael, ironically). The SEED by which all the nations of the earth will be blessed is JESUS, via the gospel of salvation. (There may be other applications of things but this is not to be overlooked.) But has God discarded Israel for good? No! God has brought them back into the land, and He will work with them again during the 70th week of Daniel (69 weeks of years fulfilled until Jesus arrival, the 70th week before His return) in a special way, and many will be saved (the 144,000) and many good things will happen as they look upon the One who was pierced. There is also genetic Israel (again, terms… terms… terms!). It was genetic Israel that satan wanted to exterminate during the Holocaust to thwart God’s plan for them in the end, which was right around the corner.

      So this is the Biblical view, it is not ‘anti-semitic’ or hateful of Israel, or not supportive of them in the land. But when it comes to ‘zionism’ in the sense of giving Israel your money over missionary work, that is a no. Folks refer to Israel as the ‘Holy Land’ and flock there in droves as if to get some special anointing or holy water blessing. Yet in Revelation when the two prophets/witnesses are calling them to repent, what do we see? And Jerusalem is referred to as ‘Sodom and Egypt,’ which were not exactly known for holiness. So just keep a Biblical perspective on these matters and don’t get swept away in all the Israel idolatry in the camp.

      Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of good info. on LT. I’m glad they exposed Calvinism. But OSAS is a no. The Berean Call is also in that camp. Nothing is perfect I know. And Israel idolatry is also a no. And I’ve seen much of it there over the years. In fact, they claim that instead of the church being the ‘apple of God’s eye,’ they claim it is unsaved Israel. It’s like… huh? Not the bride, but unsaved Israel? (again, the bride includes both Jews and Gentiles and being an unsaved Jew gives you no advantage over an unsaved Gentile)

      As for what we will be called by cessationists, the media, etc…. frankly I don’t care. I just fulfill the ministry God has given me, I serve Him and seek to please God and not man. I know what is Biblical and I act accordingly, big brother or not, if they falsely categorize me too then oh well!

      : D
      God bless you Ken!
      Love the conversation!

  8. I encourage others to read 2 books in order to be mentally prepared for what is soon to come, especially here in the USA. The KJV and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.

    The first seal is already opened. It’s DJT.

    • Yes, I have been recommending that too for preparation. It’s a real eye opener to know how far along we actually are, and most coast along oblivious.

  9. Lets face it, today’s American churches are more social club than any thing else. I live in Texas and Baptists here are taking baptist off their church sign, they said it offends people. I belong to a small Baptist church who I consider a faithful remnant. But we are a very small church and our pastor teaches right out of the Bible. A lot of people don’t want truth any longer.

    • I totally agree. I’ve been to many as I’ve tried, but that’s all I find too, the ladies’ tea parties, etc. And I mean, that’s all they have unless they also have some apostate book club involving Beth Moore or something.

      How can a Baptist sign offend people? The Baptists had a really good beginning as a denomination. (Anabaptists, etc. no infant baptism, were persecuted during and before the Reformation).

      My answer to that issue of offense? Too bad! If it offends them, then let them leave! The church’s job is to preach the truth of the cross. The cross is an ‘offense’ to those who are perishing, but the power of God to those being saved! It’s supposed to cause that kind of division, that means it’s doing its job! Some will get saved, and many as usual will get ‘offended’ and scurry away. Nothing new there since the beginning of the church age. But now the churches are all bowing to the one world church and one world religion agenda of the harlot.

  10. Lastly, out of Christian LOVE, we ask all those to repent who are involved in any sort of idolatry. In Israel, when there was idolatry in the camp it was no light matter and it is the same for the church today. Idolatry can take many forms. One way to check for this is to do a little test.

    The church is the bride and is to worship God and adore its bridegroom; Jesus.
    Has that first love been eclipsed by anything else? And I mean anything? What is your first love? Has Jesus been replaced on the throne of your heart? Has the passion of your interests changed focus? Does the compass of your heart still point to Him?
    If not, this is just a gentle nudge to dispose of the idols quickly and get back to that right place with the Lord. These are not the days to be in a precarious situation in matters like this. That one idol will block out God so get rid of it.


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