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A Spiritual Weather Report

When I read about the Pennsylvania grand jury report of horrific molestation of children by RCC priests, I thought, “The dark storm is getting closer.” If I’m not mistaken the report only covered one state. One day the dark storm will arrive in full fury. The wicked works of darkness will then be so plentiful and ubiquitous that it will be almost unbearable.

Here’s how the damage control arm of the RCC works. It reveals diabolical scheming that is very
troubling. Weeks before the release of the grand jury report about hundreds of priests molesting and raping children, there was a spike in the push to accept pedophilia. The liberal news media provided an outlet for their demonstrations. In some instances it was one person with a placard, but they blew it up as a significant number of protesters . It was spread all over social media. Liberals in the entertainment industry quickly joined the relatively small advocacy. I wondered why the scurrilous ones were pushing that agenda when there was obviously no chance it was going to succeed during the Trump administration.

What was going on was an attempt by the Vatican cleanup crew to condition society for the release of the grand jury’s report. It reveals a strong connection to homosexual and especially the pedophile activists.I don’t think they expected to significantly abate the outrage of the public, but to tone it down enough that they could manage the negativity until the story rolled out off the News cycle. Notice that after the report was released the pedophile advocates faded away.

Here is a clearer picture of what is going on in the RCC. It is reported that as much as 50% of RCC priests in America are homosexuals (Let’s Find Out the Real Number of Gay Priests in the Church; Francis DeBernardo). Another report declared only 45% of priests are practicing celibacy (The American Conservative; Rod Dreher). Those are not the only sources that I researched. It is a stunning indictment of corruption in the RCC that, with its heresy and unbiblical religious system, makes it clear that no true Christian should ever call it a Christian organization, much less wish to engage in ecumenism with it.

So why is Rick Warren, James Robinson, and numerous other questionable Protestant leaders pushing for ecumenism with the RCC? A better question to ask is, “What’s in it for them?” The short answer is that they are deceived. The expanded answer is that they see in the Roman Catholic Church an opportunity to take a giant step up the ladder of fame and success. I do not believe that they wish to become Roman Catholics in the strictest sense of the term. I think that they believe that the great infusion of Emergent/New Age Protestantism will conform with the RCC, just as it has much of Christianity, to New Christianity, which is actually the great apostasy. They intend to create by the merger the most powerful force on earth. This is the ultimate goal of New Christianity/Spirituality and I might add the goal of the New Apostolic Reformation. Are they expecting to have leadership positions in that powerful entity? Absolutely!

The scheme is to include all religions, especially Islam, and also the LGBTQ. What it will eventually be called when it fully forms is yet to be seen. In my opinion, it is what God’s word calls it, “the great harlot,” a religious entity that rides the Beast.

The challenge of the RCC is to keep the sexual activities of the huge percentage of homosexual priests, cardinals, bishops, et cetera, contained or at least hidden, until the monstrosity can be formed. The goal of apostate leaders in Christianity is to convince all the megachurches and denominations to become gay-friendly at the least, and completely accepting at the best.

What does all this mean and how does it affect us? Concerning all that is occurring in the world system and religion, it is obvious that this is a period when every true Christian, collectively God’s Remnant, needs to be alert. As much as it grieves our spirits and causes stress, we must not succumb to the temptation of apathy. Apathy is a sweet poison. It is a trip to Delilah’s barbershop. Once an individual enters that dark pit there is no way he or she is going to escape it.

My heart is deeply burdened for professing Christians that have thrown all caution to the wind to revel with the world system. I know from talking to numerous ones and observing their lives that they have decided godliness is legalism. Their hireling/heretic pastors affirm that error. We all have friends or family members that we love that are thus deceived. What’s going to become of them?

It is easy to say about someone else’s loved one that you do not know, “They’re in danger of hell.” A most difficult thing is to even think that way about someone you love. However, the fact is that some true Christian’s mom, dad, brother, sister, children, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, husbands or wives, and dear friends, are not going to make it to heaven.

If nothing else will make us stop thinking about ourselves and compel us to pray, that sobering reality should. It’s not going to get any better spiritually. America is not going to become “great again.” Instead, billions of professing Christians will join the “great harlot.” The “harlot” will join billions in the world system to worship Antichrist. The same pragmatism and compromise that plunged them into deception, combined with the great delusion sent by God, will seal their fate.

Many if not most of these individual believe that the entire eschatological view is nothing more than hysterical overreacting by zealous fanatical Christians. In fact they will believe anything Satan and his emissaries tell them at this point.

I warn the Believers to consider that we only escape the Great Deception, that should overwhelm us, because of the Holy Spirit. Professing Christians that will not escape it have long ago stopped heeding and responding to the Holy Spirit.

Beloved, don’t fall asleep without oil. According to the Parable of the 10 Virgins, everyone will sleep or slumber. How can one pray then? Pray now! Pray as if your life depended on it every day, because it does and also the lives of others. Pray as you would in prison awaiting execution. Pray as you would if trapped by a fire storm. Pray as if you were in a tree surrounded by hungry lions. Pray for your loved ones as you would for your child lying in a hospital bed in critical condition.

The darkness is falling. Through the shadows I see a great light. It is the hope that Christ will eventually return to deliver us. No one knows how bad it will become before that occurs. People who are unconcerned and consequently apathetic because they believe we are not going to experience difficult times are demonstrably wrong. 215 million Christians in the world daily face a high level of persecution. A Christian is murdered for his or her faith every 6 minutes in the world. Are American Christians better then them?

Check the weather. See the clouds? Maranatha! Pray!


  1. Yes!
    So many were lead to believe that the harlot is just one branch of it all, like the RCC. They don’t see that they are sitting warm and cozy right in the harlots lap by being in these Emergent churches! The harlot is much more than the RCC. The harlot is pretty much everyone that embraces antichrist. It is a divided world. There is God’s true church and the lost. That is it. If you are saved and walking with the Lord, you are in the true church. You are part of the virgin bride, betrothed to Jesus Christ, loyal to Him at all cost, not adulterating yourself with false gods and sin.
    “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus,
    who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Romans 8; 1 (Note the last part, which is found only in the KJV. I’m not KJV only, but it is more accurate.)
    The rest of the world is lost. The Bible says that ALL whose names are not in the Lamb’s book of life will worship antichrist and receive his mark, of which there is no turning back, that is going beyond the point of no return, as the Bible says all these will end up in the lake of fire. (Rev. 14; 9-11) Despite what the wolves say to the contrary!
    The whole world will conglomerate into the harlot that rides the beast, whose groom is the antichrist. She is a harlot because she has betrayed the Lord and is worshipping false gods and forsaken Him and His ways. It is the RCC, but it is also the Protestant church that has gone down the same road to apostasy. It is the Evangelical church, that has gone down the same road to apostasy, the Pentecostal churches, it is all the denominations who eventually embraced the lies of the Emergent church. Those lies say that it is okay to sin and compromise with the ways of the world, it is okay to emulate the lost to get them saved (huh?) purpose driven harlotry (whatever it takes to fill the pews without the gospel and fill the money bags=harlotry), embracing apostate denominations and religions in the name of ‘unity’, tossing truth and Biblical doctrine under the bus along with those who uphold them, thinking that ‘all is god,’ and ‘all is one,’ (pantheism, etc.), pagan practices, embracing sin as ‘okay,’ (lgbt, abortion, etc.), denying the end times prophesies and Jesus’ promise to return and establish the kingdom; thinking that they can do it in the might of their own flesh (humanity brings in the kingdom, aka dominionism), and believing that all of this sin and heresy will usher in a great awakening or ‘revival,’ when all it does is lead to the antichrist and his kingdom. Babylon is the whole world system and is called the ‘Mother of harlots’ in the Bible.

    All denominations are part of the harlot, all are converging into her via the apostasy of the new age deception and delusion. Like the many tentacles of an octopus, so it is with the harlot. Since she will embrace all religions, they will also unite as the harlot which is actually the one world religion. Even atheists, satanists, witches, all will fall under the spell of antichrist. All will in unity ride the beast; the antichrist whom they worship and follow after. All those who fell away in one direction or another will do so according to the Bible. Their ‘dominionism’ and ‘revival’ will be nothing more than his one world government and the drunk with abominations spiritual counterpart. The one world economy will be the mark of the beast where wealth is redistributed (only not in an Acts 2 sort of way) as the devil counterfeits all works of God. They will persecute God’s true saints in the name of ‘tolerance’ because we won’t tolerate sin or false religion. All in the name of ‘brotherly love, world peace, inclusion, unity and tolerance,’ of course!
    Consider this: A one world government, religion, and economy where wealth is equal is in itself not a bad thing. In fact, that is what God has in mind. He said so Himself in the Bible. The catch? It is only good if God is in control of it! (‘Even the elect’ will be deceived and think antichrist’s rule is ‘God’s Dream’!) That is what heaven is; God’s Kingdom, His truth as religion, His economy of sharing among believers. Nothing wrong with that! Just like a tool is not evil, it can be used for good or evil depending on whose hand it is in which determines how it is used, for good or for evil. It is a neutral otherwise. Well all of this will be under the devil with antichrist and used for evil. But they will want it badly enough that they won’t care that they are betraying God to get utopia on earth. Only it won’t be utopia because the devil can’t really counterfeit God’s works. Just like ‘world peace’ is not possible due to the sin nature, neither will their utopia without God. That is because the cross changes everything. Only the saved can live in true peace. But this evil empire of antichrist disguised as God’s kingdom will be the epitome of evil. Saints like us will be martyred for our loyalty to Jesus. Yet they will think that by martyring us they will be doing God a service.

    All signs indicate, in every area of society, that this event is just around the corner waiting behind the curtain of the world stage to be unveiled. Like a vortex down the toilet, I see all types of people converging in its direction and caught in its pull. I know people who were once more ‘Biblical’ Christians but have fallen into this vortex and don’t even realize it. They go around quoting ‘do not judge’ on cue like the Stepford wives. They have embraced the one world religion and accepted sin without blinking an eye. But, they don’t know that anything is wrong. They don’t believe the true Gospel anymore, but think they have ‘evolved’ into something ‘more enlightened’ thanks to all the emergent apostate wolves devouring the sheep. These are the days to be watchful if there ever were any! It’s all right around the corner. The world stage is set, all the chess pieces are in place, including antichrist. It’s all in place, all the details are set up. It’s just a matter of giving the signal.

    The deceptions are deep. They have been laid decades ago and longer for this coming hour. I am sorry to inform folks that the pre trib rapture is one of them, and so is eternal security. But they scratch and bite against this thought. The only thing that one has to fear is the same thing that most Christians all over the world and throughout church history have faced; persecution and martyrdom for our faith! Jesus said we would suffer for Him! No one is exempt! NO ONE! No one is ‘too special’, if anything, they are not special enough! It is an honor to suffer for Jesus, and His Word says so! But they are so Biblically illiterate, they don’t even know this fact. Nor are they aware of the seriousness of denying their faith in Christ. In Matthew 10; 32-33 Jesus says that those who deny Him BEFORE MEN, He will deny also. The Lord is not interested in fair weather, lukewarm followers who can’t cut the ties with sin but only want all the benefits of God and salvation. Only it is not a salvation from sin! Jesus told us what discipleship was all about, and that we must keep his commands if we LOVE HIM. With so many it is mere lip service. That’s like the difference between making the cut, and almost making the cut. If you are not part of the Bride, you are part of the harlot. He’s not coming back for a harlot. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Then you have the slew of other wolves telling folks that something like this is ‘works salvation.’ Well it’s not, because if it were, then Jesus Himself would be ‘guilty’ of it! Those are the same ones who claim that living as God commands us to, in a life of holiness; is ‘legalism’! Or that you can take the mark of the beast and ‘still be saved’! Nothing could be further from the truth!
    Read it and weep:
    “Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God.” Revelation 3; 2 (Jesus)
    In verse 4 and 5, ‘eternal security’ is out the window. The Letters to the Churches make for a good wake up call!

    I am currently ministering to such a lost sheep right now, it is like a very delicate surgery the Lord has me doing. I realize the consequences if they don’t repent but they don’t of course. This person is one in a series and none have ended well despite every effort in a loving and gracious way, so I appreciate everyone’s prayers.

    And ‘Delilah’s Barber Shop’! HA! : D
    I laughed so hard, that is so true yet hilarious!

  2. I had to get my Kleenex box so I could finish your article. ..cry, wipe, blow. Yes, the Holy Spirit says “be ready” and “pray pray pray”. You wrote my heart.

  3. Thank you for the reminder that I need to pray more. Times are bad and will get worse but Christ gives me strength to endure. I pray for His quick return.

  4. I believe in daniel it says that there will be a famine of the word in the last days and with so many big christian churches and so many people in them you would think some would wonder how a famine could happen and not come to the conclusion that what is taught today is that famine after all 2 plus 2 equals 4……

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