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Power or Posturing

While many professing Christians want God’s power to work in them, they want it to work according to their wishes and without infringing on their comfort zones. They want a formula, an easy pattern that they can employ at will. There is nothing in God’s gifts to us that operate that way. If you are going to possess the power of God, you will only do so when you use it for His glory alone. You must spend time in prayer or you will come to the pulpit as a weakling that needs props to perform.

Not accepting this truth, many pastors are turning to heretical factions, such as the New Apostolic Reformation, to acquire spirituality without accountability. There are no short cuts to genuine spirituality. Genuine spirituality occurs when one surrenders fully to the indwelling Holy Spirit. Wrestling with His guidance produces an unstable, double-minded, nature.

So now we are witnessing pastors that because of being enamored with disgraceful NAR “stars” have goals of increasing membership and their own popularity. They are pitifully mimicking teleheritics and rousing people with great claims and promises, but they are as empty as a drought-stricken pond.

Dear Father God, convict and compel them to return to You, to fall in love with truth, and to abstain from even the appearance of pandering for the sake of self aggrandizement. I pray that the fire of conviction will become fire of dedicated passion to seek You with all their hearts and desire truth in the depth of their souls.


  1. They want Jesus as Savior, but not as Lord.
    They want to receive the blessings, but not to give them.
    They want salvation from their sins, but not repentance from them.
    They want power over sin in the sense that they won’t go to hell, but not as overcomers who have the victory over sin in our life…
    since they still want to live like hell while on earth.
    They don’t want to conform to God’s will, they want God to conform to their will.
    Instead of God making man in His image, they want to make God in their image.
    They accept that Jesus suffered to save them, but they refuse to suffer for Jesus to honor Him.
    They won’t bring God glory, but they want God to give them glory.
    They want to live after the flesh, but receive rewards as if they walk in the Spirit.
    They don’t follow Jesus in the path of discipleship, but they ask God to lead and guide them towards good things.
    They don’t honor and obey the Lord, but they want Him to grant their wishes and bestow protection and provision and so forth.
    They think God’s job is to dispense the heavenly pinata of prosperity and blessing upon them, and recoil at the thought of making sacrifices for God and others.
    They want the blessings, but not the responsibility of belonging to God.
    They want salvation, but they want to live like they are still sinners.
    They don’t want to suffer and make sacrifices, but they want all the glory, crowns, and rewards in heaven and on earth.
    They live in the flesh and scorn those who live in the Spirit.
    They put God last, but expect Him to love them first.

    Is this the sort of bride that the Lord is seeking???

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