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Those Amazing Waiters

What is amazing is that 120 individuals waited in the Upper Room for the “promise of the Father.” They did not read a series of books, attend several conferences and seminaries, and did not have to pay for the privilege of being there. They did not lie on some graves and suck out the anointing, run through a “fire tunnel,” roll on the floor and bark like a dog, or have some sweaty-palm snake-oil salesman push them stretched out on the floor.

They did not need to chant lectio divinia, walk the labyrinth, or engage in contemplative prayer. They didn’t have televangelists to tell them how a gift of 100 shekels would guarantee them the anointing and 200 shekels would solicit a double portion of God’s divine favor.

There was no gold dust falling from the ceiling, no glory cloud coming from the vents (holes in the walls), and not one grimy ex-biker or street magician to kick them into a healing or stretch their legs.

No, there was none of the froth and bother of modern heretics at that waiting ceremony, no monotonous worship band, no glitzy spinning ball or flashing lights.

They waited and prayed. When the promise of the Father came, cloven tongues of fire appeared and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. Afterward, they did not receive a 54 million-dollar jet and 35,000 square foot home.

They walked everywhere they went, went hungry, were rejected, stoned, imprisoned, beaten, and even beheaded. But they saw miracles. In two years they had evangelized nearly all of Asia Minor. They had more power in their little finger that Satan’s entire cast of heretics that perform every week on religious television.

So tell me again why you are watching them and why you send them money. More of God and His power than those charlatans will ever have is available to anyone who desires it. It is accessible when you make a full surrender to God and pray, and wait to know His perfect will in your life. Or you can continue watching those super-Duds.


  1. Rhonda Williams

    June 11, 2018 at 10:07 pm

    Thank you so much for this post. It should be shared by all and to all. Perfect post!

  2. Precisely!
    That’s the whole thing.
    You surrender to God.
    You carry your cross daily.
    And yes, it is necessary.

    All God asks is for a life of submission, obedience, holiness, and surrender to Him and His will. Then, things like this will happen.
    There is no magic formula like all the dead end trails you mentioned above.
    That is the difference between the true church and the merchandisers.
    Or the five foolish virgins who went back to ‘buy more oil.’ I can’t help it, but I always think of modern Christians running back to that apostate book store for yet another book on how to be filled with the Spirit and live a victorious Christian life. That is like pouring your money down a bottomless jar, it never works. Had they listened to what does work; the Bible, they would be satisfied and have no need for more ‘wisdom.’

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