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Do Warnings Make You Cringe and Turn on Your Mental Auto-block?

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(Warning: If you’d rather wake up with your bed on fire than change the battery in the smoke alarm, this article is not for you.)

Why are most professing Christians ignoring warnings? Why do they consider truth speakers too harsh, fanatical, out of touch with mainstream Christianity, et cetera? Why, when it is obvious that the “end of days” is rapidly approaching, and God’s word has many warnings against being unprepared, do they so completely resist and reject warnings that can motivate them to prepare? Maybe we should ask why people drive into swollen rivers and drown? Or why they drive and text? Or why they eat, smoke, and drink themselves to disease and an early death?

People are willfully and comfortably blind to the signs and deaf to the warnings. It is the result of the human nature’s proclivity to be stress-free, and the compromise of Christianity by heresy. I witnessed the “Word of Faith” doctrine (prosperity, comfort, convenience, health, God-is-my-servant) seep into and blend with the Evangelical belief system. Now professing Christians are too focused on being “blessed” and comfortable to be bothered by warnings. Many of them say they do not believe in the WOF heresy, but they live as if they do. They have allowed their hearts of sacrifice to be slowly converted to self-centered hearts calloused by repeated, unresponsiveness to conviction (Romans 12:1-2). It’s all about sports, shopping, food, fun, ranting about politics, occasionally roasting a heretic, about Churchianity, and happy, happy, happy! They would rather believe that an inarticulate and bearded duck hunter speaking “pabulum” is a eminent sage than to acknowledge a God-sent warning.

They are comfortable and that’s what matters. Only what promotes comfort is permitted to pass the eye and ear gates. The fact is it doesn’t matter if one rides a Mercedes or a dirt bike into a firestorm he or she is still going to roast. The “Ostrich Complex” is merely a means to insure unpreparedness for a devastating and unprecedented satanic firestorm.

The first 3 chapters of Revelation make it clear that the responsibility to endure is ours. It is irresponsible to ignore the signs and warnings until catastrophe forces us to wake up to the reality that we have been deceived.

Here’s another warning:

“Wake up, o sleeper! While you slumber deception is working. It is eating into the minds of people you love. Do you care enough to warn them? You won’t even heed the warnings for yourself! You should know that Satan will give you all of the religious candy on the shelf if you will just eat it, become spiritually obese, continue to sleep and stay out of his way.

“It is more comfortable to sleep than to stand, more comforting to be wilfully ignorant than to love truth, more pleasurable to enjoy the world system than to fight the good fight of faith, and easier to walk the broad path than the narrow one. Wake up now and get “oil” or be awakened to discover the door has been shut! As the ones who pounded on the door of Noah’s ark, you will never see it open.”

Many of them will refuse to wake up because they went to sleep clutching their fluffy, stuffed, doctrine. People love doctrine more than truth. Warn them and they block the warning with a doctrine. People believe they can sail the stormy sea in a boat made of doctrines instead of a relationship with God.

There are “Baptist boats”, Episcopalian boats”, “Roman Catholic boats”, “Pentecostal and Charismatic boats”, “Seeker-sensitive & Emergent boats”, “New Apostolic Reformation boats”, “Hillsong boats”, “Stay-at-home-watch-religious TV boats”, “Internet religion boats”, an armada of floating paper craft filled with people condescending to each other as if they each have the superior vessel. Right doctrine promotes intimacy with and fidelity to God. If those two qualities are missing, their boats will sink!

I do not care what their doctrine is; individuals that try to coast uncommitted and unproductive to the finish line will never cross it. There are many scriptures that clearly verify that fact.


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  1. Ronald DeMitchell

    November 6, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    Wow do we need these types of warnings. So many don’t even care about sound doctrine. I believe that we may add another boat that will for sure sink, the kingdom now boat. All of these boats, it seems, have become a part of one big ship called end times apostasy. The only boats that will stay afloat are those built upon the foundation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Ronald DeMitchell

    November 8, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    In that light, there’s a two-part message called The Holy War by David Nathan of Moriel Ministries. You can find it by a search on YouTube. Just type in David Nathan Holy War, and you should find it. I found it challenging and convicting.

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