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Musing from Under the Broom Tree

I sometimes feel like Elijah under the broom tree.  One of my greatest battles is to resist the sense of hopelessness when I make the mistake of thinking that nothing I do matters.  The state of Christianity the religion in the past several months has rapidly deteriorated.   The apostasy is increasing so rapidly that I cannot remain current with the regression unless I spent all my spare time in that endeavor. That would not be spiritually healthy.

I find it extremely frustrating when I attempt to write about it. I know before I begin that most professing Christians will not read what I write. They are too engaged in the world system and too satisfied with religious nominalism to be interested. It is very rare when someone sends me an email or message declaring that my article(s) alerted him or her to the scope and danger of the apostasy. The great majority of the time I’m merely “preaching to the choir.”

I feel like a man pointing to a nuclear waste dump at the edge of town and warning that it needed to be cleaned up. However, the entire populace ignores the warnings and replies that it has not affected them adversely. It will be too late to do anything when they contract cancer or give birth to deformed babies. Likewise, ignoring the consequences of unchecked apostasy to continue on with life as usual is a great and eventually costly mistake.

In fact, we are witnessing the carcinogenesis effects of apostasy in the latest generations. They follow blatant heretics and hirelings such as Rob Bell, Joel Osteen, and Steven Furtuck, and gobble every heresy as if it were essential to their spiritual health. Consequently, those generations are malformed by the laziness, defocus, world-centered, entertainment-minded, religiose, rote and ritualistic, apathy of the older generations. In fact, the older generations opted to accentuate the positive while the negative was destroying them spiritually.   That is somewhat like remarking about the wonderful serene and lovely weather while ignoring an approaching F5 tornado. Their legacy is biological Christians attempting to be God’s grandchildren.

Consequently, attempting to convince professing Christians today of the extreme danger of this present time is as fruitless as talking to a drunkard or someone high on crack. They would rather “text” or watch TV shows such as the “Walking Dead.”

The pressing conundrum is what to do or say when the results are practically fruitless. Why did the prophets in the Scriptures continue to write and cry out when it was apparent that no one was attentive? Why did they continue even when it was liable to cost them their lives? Their examples of patience and continuance must be understood and emulated.

They continued because it was all about their calling, not the response to their calling. They remained faithful because faithful is He who called them (1 Thessalonians 5:24; Hebrews 10:23). Our duty is to be faithful in whatever calling God has ordained us with. That is the fruit of our gratefulness for His faithfulness.

An example is of a dear friend, Robert, that I knew before I was saved. He was living in a cave in California with some other Counterculture hippies. The entire group stayed high on whatever drug was available. Compassionate people came by every day and threw semi-rotten cabbages and other vegetables and fruits into the cave. Robert eventually came to his senses and decided to go home, which was nearly 1500 miles away.

He set out walking until he reached Interstate 40 and then began hitchhiking. His clothes were so filthy that few people stopped. In fact, he had wrapped duct tape around the legs of his jeans because the seams had rotted out. Somehow he managed to get to Oklahoma and about 30 miles from home.

It was on Sunday morning and he had been walking for hours through the night when a black man in an old Chevy Corvair gave him a ride to within 13 miles from his Mom’s house. During that short ride the man witnessed to him about Christ. Robert was ripe for salvation. He surrendered his life to God in that old car on Sunday morning and praised God as he walked the rest of the way home. When he walked in the door, he was filthy and a terrible sight to behold in his ragged t-shirt and duct-taped jeans, but he was clean inside and brimming with the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Robert was passionate about serving God. The pastor of his Mom’s church did not know exactly how to deal with such a zealous young man. He told Robert that he would have to grow as a Christian before he could do any ministry. However, Robert heard that the church was looking for a janitor. He applied for the job and was immediately hired.

One evening the pastor entered the church building and heard a strange noise. He immediately froze in fear as he strained to identify the noise. It appeared to be a sharp clink followed by whimpering. He tiptoed down the aisle, all of his senses on high alert and the hair standing on his neck. The sound seemed to be coming from the front of the church. When he reached the pew where it was coming from, he eased forward and saw Robert laying on the floor with a spatula and a coffee can. As he scraped the hardened gum from the bottom of the pew, it fell into the can with a “clink”. Robert was weeping.

If we do not care more about the millions of people headed for hell and the millions who are being deceived by the apostasy, than Robert cared about gum on the bottom of church pews, I seriously doubt that we have enough passion for God to resist the suffocating apathy of this present age.

Wake up, beloved! This is not a game! We are in very dangerous times! It is too critical for us to be distracted by entertainment and other froth and bother from the world system! I plead with you to turn to God with all your hearts, souls, minds and strength! When He returns, please don’t let Him find you sleeping without oil!






  1. I hear you, loud and clear. I have been following the apostacy for many years now. As you said, it is increasing so rapidly it is difficult to keep up with it. My wife and I have watched people that we thought were solid Christians slip into following one or more of the heretics. When we point out that this and that is not scriptural, we get the “deer in the headlights” look. They will not listen. Many of them I think cannot hear anymore, or at least that is the way it seems. I don’t know. The deafness and blindness is, however, overwhelming. I get physically sick to my stomach because of it. I could write page after page here, but I will spare you. I just wanted to say that yes, your words are heard, and understood.

  2. This is just so, so good CH! I believe you said so very well what we all are feeling. I think one of the hardest battles we will have to deal with as Apostasy grows stronger is the discouragement we will face as we see many falling away and accepting compromise. It’s already so very difficult to watch and even more difficult when no one seems to be interested enough to warn others and obviously sees no need to. The narrow path is losing members by the day. We must be determined to NEVER veer off that path even if we are the only ones walking on it regardless of the cost.

  3. Tnx for another ‘on time’ (for me) article Cedric. I absolutely share the despondent feeling that one’s sowing pearls to swine to the degree that I started thinking ‘If you WANT to go to hell just do.’ Even with my closest family. I battle to feel empathy with most people who willfully persist on the wide road any more, the tears and heartache is being replaced by a cold rage. First against these ‘leaders’ leading unsuspecting so-called Christians down the glittering road of destruction and secondly against those who willingly are being lead in spite of the fact that you, I and others try and warn them. ‘The Bible tells us not to judge’ is the reproof hurled back at me most of the time. I often start questioning myself, praying ad scouring the pages of my Bible to make sure that I’m not busy trampling the price Jesus paid for us and Gods grace. And I KNOW the rage and lack of empathy is wrong – it has me pleading with God more than once a day.

    Please keep writing, there are those of us who really need to know we are not alone in this evil time albeit may be that we are few and spread thin over different continents.

    God bless!!!

  4. I am in total agreement with you on this. It is so sad to see people who are literally on a collision course as they continue to embrace their own man-made ideas concerning scripture. The train is racing toward them and about to run them over and they just can’t seem to see the light nor hear the warning of the train’s horn. They have decided to continue to be on this track that will bring spiritual apathy along with spiritual destruction. When they are warned by those of us who actually do love them, they cling to their favorite Christian celebrity who claims to love them and they look to them for instruction and solace instead of to the God of their salvation. They have no idea what this all means for them and the spiritual price they will pay now and in the future. We must keep warning others of how these false teachings are not from the Lord. We must all be apologists so we can make a defense for our faith and for the doctrines that compose this faith in God. There are leaders and people who will shun and try to shut down the words and warnings being made, but those of us who are more in love with Jesus Christ than we are our egos, will follow the explicitly stated word of God when it comes to warning about false teaching.

  5. I find it extremely frustrating when I attempt to write about it. I know before I begin that most professing Christians will not read what I write. They are too engaged in the world system and too satisfied with religious nominalism to be interested. It is very rare when someone sends me an email or message declaring that my article(s) alerted him or her to the scope and danger of the apostasy. The great majority of the time I’m merely “preaching to the choir.” C.H. Fisher

    That paragraph echoes my feelings and experience. You have great discernment and a heart of compassion for the church people who are falling away to perdition as we write these warnings. Lord Jesus, please help the watchmen and discernment ministries like and Lighthouse Trails to stay the course and keep sounding the alarm until you return for those who are watching and waiting expectantly.

    I have an article on my blog that I think dovetails nicely with this one by C.H., if anyone is interested. It is titled “The Disgraceful, Unhealthy State of the Church- circa 2017. It was written about 2 months ago.
    The blog site is:

  6. Stay with it. Preaching to the choir encourages the choir… the reason we’re commanded to not forsake assembling.

    It helps me to remember… Abraham and the others (the heroes of faith) walked towards something… which by nature, helped them avoid what they didn’t want. (See the Essay… “Finding Faith”…

    I may not be seeing this right… but, why are we asked to reach out to the lost… hungry… poor? With the perfume on His feet, Christ said we would always have to poor with us (Matthew 26:8-12)… so, it’s not to eliminate the ills of the world like the “social gospel” advocates… but, to enrich our souls and for God to act on our behalf… (Isaiah 58). We’re just getting to know who God is.

    Just like… it’s God’s heart that none would perish… but, most will choose to (Deuteronomy 30:18-20; 2 Peter 3:9; 1 Timothy 2:3-4; Ezekiel 33:11; Matthew 7:13-15; Zechariah 13:7-9; Zephaniah 3:13-17). So… we proclaim the Gospel… we warn.

  7. I so look forward to your articles. Every time I get on the computer I go to your site and look for a new article. I have been trying to warn my Christian brothers and sisters and they don’t want to hear anything that they see as “judgemental”. Every moment of every day I have to be judging of what “I will” think on, of who I spend time with, of where I go. I thank my Lord that he has given us the ability to judge and use discernment so that I will honor him . Your words give me courage to keep telling others even when they don’t want to hear it. Thank you

  8. I chime in with the same sounds as all others have expressed here already.
    This is exactly how it is for us. The apostasy has grown exponentially, and it was bad enough already. But when you say anything, the reply is: “Apostasy? What apostasy?” Just like the fog you don’t see when you are in it.

    I see it all the time, I have been warning for years too and get the same programmed reactions, the same parrot’s retorts of twisted Scripture. I feel like a headquarters myself, like those with security cameras pointed all over, different screens showing all kinds of battle fronts, news updates pouring in, decisions to be made as to who to warn first and so on. But it’s like a lighthouse in the storm, you warn and they just don’t hear you, ignore the calls, wave off the alerts. It is so discouraging and I feel that too. It feels like you are talking to the brick wall. I have tried to do so many things. I have warned so many people in so many ways, even very innovative ways. I have tried to start a home church. To be the preserving salt in others. But no matter what, all I see is people gliding downstream, content with all the apostasy, falling deeper into it and more and more into sin.

    But, even if I am the only one I know of swimming upstream, I must go on.
    It’s almost like if we stop warning, if we stop trying to do all the things we can do and should do on behalf of the church, we slip into the fog, we become part of the casualty.

    Those who are so complacent and are consumed with merely the cares of their own lives, their own kingdoms, their own families, seem to fall into this category. Those who are lulled to sleep with the entertainment of the world, loving the things of the world, falling into the hammock of sloth and self satisfaction, are fair game. Those who are eager for excuses as to why they are excused from sharing in the sufferings of Christ, are excused from evangelism, who are only absorbed with seeking pleasure and the pursuit of self, are already past lukewarm and are in danger of being vomited out.

    Like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, we warn and then no one can say God didn’t send a messenger to warn them, even if no one listened… it was our job to warn.

    The days are not going to get brighter. All of this is not going to go away like a bad dream. In fact, the days will get darker. Darker than most Christians are even aware. And when I share the news that the storm of persecution is headed our way, in fact it is already here but will continue to get worse, all I see is a lot of ‘maranatha’s’. Yes, Jesus will return. But, it may not be in time to rescue us from suffering. And why should it be before that? Why are we so privileged? Christians have been martyred throughout all of church history, are dying by the dozens by groups like Isis right now, which is spreading, the lgbt agenda is advancing by the minute, but *we’re* too special to suffer? I barely whisper one word of what is to come and the doors shut fast and tight, not wanting to hear, only repeating that word as if it will save them from what lies ahead. I know what lies ahead, and I have embraced the calling.

    I will carry my cross daily, no matter what the cost. I will sound the alarm, no matter the backlash. I will shout the gospel message of salvation, no matter how many voices try to drown it out. I will acknowledge God, no matter how many voices in modern society try to silence me. I will carry the banner of the Lord publicly, all the way to the bittersweet end. I will resist sin and evil and refuse to go along with the ‘normalizing’ of sin, even if it means I am unemployable. I will follow Jesus all the way, even if it means I walk alone. I will cry from the rooftops, even like Jeremiah who was alone. I will continue to speak, even when the freedom is no longer acknowledged. I will continue to honor the Lord publicly, even if I know it may mean my death that day for being associated with Jesus. I never know when some islamist will decide to strike at a church I am near, or see my cross and stab me right there, or some activist mob will assail me for my stand with the Lord and His ways. Any day can be the last one. So I do all I can on each and every one of them.

    I must march on. I am marching towards that throneroom. One day I imagine a scroll with all these things listed unrolled. Including all the tears, heartache, and the loneliness. All the abandonment by those who chose to follow the apostasy instead. All the efforts I made in many ways for the Lord, with a sincere motive of love and concern. And you know what I will be thinking? All the pain and trouble, it was so worth it! It was the least I can do. All I might regret… is that I did not make that list just a little bit longer.

    So, my dear brethren, march on!
    I will see you there, at the finish line.

    “I do all this for the sake of the gospel, so that I may share in its blessings. Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way as to take the prize. Everyone who competes in the games trains with strict discipline. They do it for a crown that is perishable, but we do it for a crown that is imperishable.” 1 Corinthians 9; 23-25

    “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master!’…” Matthew 25; 23

    As that line from the old hymn goes:
    The world behind me, the cross before me, no turning back… no turning back.
    Though none go with me, still I will follow… no turning back… no turning back!

  9. Hi Cedric,

    I signed up to get email notifications when you have a new post, but I’m not getting the notifications. I signed up under a different email for that which I typed in correctly. I also left a comment about this in your contact section above and tried to resubscribe, but it said I was already subscribed. Could you look into this and if necessary, email me at that email address if there are any issues? Or respond on here? Thanks so much, it really is so much more convenient that way.

    God bless!

  10. Hi Cedric, I for one appreciate the work that you are doing. I share your concern with regard to apostasy within the church and have also published numerous posts documenting the “other” gospels that are rampant such as NAR etc but I do have a question. Why is it that under Apologetics and Resources on your blog only your books are displayed ? To be candid with you, I find that disturbing. I’ve always found that balance is a key component of the Christian faith. It is undoubtedly a responsibility of all Christians to defend and warn against God’s truth being perverted but ….. that can’t be the only aspect of “truth” that is to be primarily focused upon. Frustrating… no doubt, but I have been told that Christ has overcome the world and not to fear. I see the same things that you see, I understand the sorry state that the Christian church is in with regard to knowing why we believe what we believe and how we are losing our youth, Christians are not knowledgeable with regard to God’s Word etc, but ….. that is not the whole story. There are many Christians who are fighting against these deficiencies. Yours is not the only voice. Remember the 7000 in Israel whose knees had not bowed to Baal. The Church is the body of Christians, that’s all of us. Our responsibility as Christians is not only to be a watchman but also to build the church and building involves all of the critical issues that the church is facing, not just apostasy. A steady diet of negativity is not lifting, hence the requirement for balance. If I have offended you please accept my apology, sincerely, that is not my intent. Please feel free to correct me. Blessings.

    • “Why is it that under Apologetics and Resources on your blog only your books are displayed?” No one has asked me that question before now. Not to be supercilious, but I suppose that only my books are offered because it is my site and blog. I certainly agree that there are other individuals writing and speaking against the elements of the apostasy. It was/is not my intent to portray myself as the only one.

      That said, we have another site that has been in the process for several months, but we are having difficulty completing it. The site was intended to be a hub for various authors of blogs and websites to present their articles. It did not matter if they were known or unknown as long as they had something helpful to offer. I thought I could get at least 22 truth speakers, but I was wrong. Some of the ones I asked to provide an article agreed, but did not follow through. Other ones have not responded. Additionally, many of the individuals providing information against heresies are themselves heretical. The bottom line is that we could not find 22 authors to flesh out the site so that we could publish it.

      The harsh reality is that before the deluge of heretics, the advent of Contemplative spirituality, New Apostolic Reformation, Word of Faith, Seeker-sensitive, Emergent, Christlam, et cetera, Christianity had long been divided along doctrinal lines. The apologists and theologians of each faction spent their time attacking the other faction’s doctrines. The advent of the apostasy created new targets for them to focus on. However, just because they are focused on the same targets does not mean that they are in unity. Their fight against the apostasy is a very loose (begrudgingly so) unity. If even the hint of a doctrine that divided/divides them is revealed in an expose’, the article or book is quietly ignored and the distance widens between the factions.

      An example is that as an experiment I recently conducted. I contacted a leader in a popular organization whose efforts against heretics and heresy were nearly identical to mine. I asked for a cordial discussion about the doctrine that divides us. Immediately, he responded with rancor and insults. I withdrew from the exchange, but it did not end there. He made it his mission to impugn my character with other organizations that I was associated with. The resulting “coolness” left me virtually alone in the battle.

      Therefore, when I recommend other authors, I have to be certain that we, they, and everyone who supports our ministry, will tolerate the doctrinal differences. Otherwise, a ruckus ensues and the distraction renders my efforts practically null. If you read some of the replies to my articles you will discover that some individuals assume I stand against their cardinal doctrine. They attempt to engage in debates by repeatedly making accusative posts completely off topic. Some of them threatened to contact my publisher and expose me. I delete the ones that accuse me of being demon possessed, a heretic, hateful, arrogant, vile, a sinner bound for hell, et cetera.

      Notice that there is no central organization where all of the ones who are standing against the apostasy have come together and pledged to put aside their doctrinal differences to fight a common foe. There is not going to be one. It appears that each group is striving to be the top Internet venue for information about the apostasy. None of the groups or individuals can do it alone, but they steadfastly refuse to do it together.

      So, yes, there are many other individuals standing against the encroaching apostasy. However, they are also standing against each other. If they defeated the heretics, they would stand on the battlefield among the strewn bodies and fight each other to the death. While I do not support ecumenism, I do not understand how thus divided we can stand. The question is appropriate, “If not ecumenism then what?” Not a combination of different soteriology, ecclesiology, eschatology, and Christology, but throw aside our ancient doctrines of men, our “isms”, “ists”, “ites”, et cetera, and begin again with Christ as the center and the Scriptures as our guide. I may be wrong, but I do not believe that is going to occur.

      • That was a very good, well-reasoned reply to Bruce. You contend for the faith in a mighty way that that has almost vanished from the public eye. Keep up the “good work and fight” (and I truly believe it is a fight with the forces of darkness). Unity at any cost is compromise, at best, and denying Jesus and His Word, more likely. We SHOULD take any individual person who God places in our path on their individual merits, and have Christ’s love showing forth through His Spirit which is in us, but to compromise what God has shown us doctrinally from the Bible is “shipwreck” to ministries and to our peace with ourselves, I believe.

        To be called and equipped to be a modern-day prophet (watchman) is a great responsibility, and is to be guided by the Word of God, not our human “feelings”. It is a clarion call to personal righteousness and accountability before God; to use and multiply what He supplied for us individually, while the Church is being built.” Kumbaya” is noble sounding, in theory, but in practice compromise is usually a human construct, In most cases, not standing firm, on what “God has taught us and shown us in His Word”, takes us to medium (or less, lukewarm?) on the cooking stove of ministry. If we want to keep our fire at a simmer that will only warm up somebody,s leftover soup (Bruce’s way), just rely on a consensus of opinion from preachers these days. I say that scenario is personal apostasy, in the making.

        Probably enough said. Oops! I love to be hated by liberal “theologians”. I am an “ist”,of the fundamental variety and want to stay that way, and not fall away to unbelief and compromise! Let every one be fully convinced in their own mind. The grass (us) withers and the flower(us) fades, but the Word of the Lord endures for ever. God said it, that settles it! Whether we believe it or not!

        There is a word that has been popular in theological circles for a goodly time now; ANTINOMY. Antinomy is a philosophical term that conveys the meaning that opposing views can each be right and true at the same time; in other words, what is true for me does not have to be true for you. Relativism, plain and simple. I have a real good and Biblical word for antinomy. It is “hogwash”, 2 Peter 2:22!

        Christian love,
        Ken Hall

        • Amen Ken!

          The priorities must be in place and all will fall in line.
          God is first, we must love Him above all else, then our neighbor, etc.
          That is why it is never okay to deny our faith in Jesus no matter what. That is also why it is never okay to cave on doctrine. The Lord has put His Word even above His own name, and there are ample Bible verses emphasizing the importance of Biblical truth. Truth must come above unity, because our unity is around God’s Truth. Compromise only leads astray and is man centered. We can still be nice and ‘tolerant’ to anyone, so long as we don’t deny our Christian convictions (condone heresy, sin, etc.). Extending the right hand of fellowship is another matter of course. So long as folks are in the ‘fundamentals’ of the gospel, have turned to Jesus for salvation, etc., we should fellowship with them. No one knows it all on day one anyway and together we can disciple the newbies. There are issues to divide over and others that are too trivial for division and I think the bible makes this all clear. It is also clear that if we are in the Spirit and not the flesh, we will be loving and exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit through Christ. That goes along with standing on true doctrine and not giving in. If we don’t speak the truth, we won’t be loving them either. It is good to have all of this ironed out so that folks are not cattle-prodded by terms like ‘antimony’ and silenced into submission to heresy and the like.

          God bless!
          I always am edified by your responses brother!
          Love in Christ,

          • Thanks Lydia for the amen and encouraging words. I read and agree with your replies to Keep firmly and faithfully “contending for the faith that was ONCE delivered unto the saints” ( the CHURCH).

            Regards and love in Jesus Christ to you,

    • Bruce, I deleted your second post, that deviated quite a bit from the tenor first one. Frankly, I have no time to play tit-for-tat with folks who get their feathers ruffled at the slightest breeze. This is not a game. There must be some one else on the vast scope of the Internet for you to pick a fight with. Good day.

      • Hi Cedric,

        I agree with you in what you said about all of that. We should not be in false unity, but it would be nice to find some of the true unity. I have also come across discernment ministries and even discerning people in person who have turned out to be hostile and antagonistic in some way and agree to disagree about way too many things.

        I have made some efforts in trying to unite the remnant that is battling the apostasy myself, and have come up empty handed. This is unfortunate, because the enemy will have a good excuse to say ‘see, they are just mean and disagreeable,’ etc. Many can’t discern the difference between attacking false doctrine and being attacking in general, towards any target at random. It has left me wounded and hurt as well.

        Some examples I see a lot of are divisions over doctrines that are not earth shattering and the consensus has been not to divide over them, it’s not a hill to die on. Things like Calvinism (of which I am not), the miracles, gifts and baptism of the Holy Spirit for today (of which I am), eternal security, the timing of the rapture, details about Israel, and those sorts of things. I have had many dividing with me over these things, when I was not dividing with them.

        I have met people where everything else matched up, but for one minor detail, and just because of that they either think you are not saved, they don’t want to be your friend, they don’t want to date you, work with you in ministry, etc. Neither person’s stand was anything major about salvation or anything like that. Just details. On top of that, there is no fruit of the Spirit from them.

        Another thing is for instance, just because you move from one church to another, over something that may have nothing to do with doctrine, and you invite someone from the old church out for coffee, and they ignore you, or think you will disassociate with them now, etc.

        Yes, we certainly could use some more of the right brand of Christian unity and brotherly love in Christ.

        Don’t be discouraged Cedric.
        We are out there! You are not alone!
        We love you for all you are doing and trying to do!
        Keep it up brother!
        Love and hugs in Jesus,
        Lydia ( :

  11. And what you do IS making a difference for the good of the church.

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