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The Death of the “Dream”

Today is the day that we are supposed to have a peaceful transition of power. But will it be peaceful? Evidently, there is a faction in our nation that wishes our political and social process to be marred with violence. When they are questioned, none of them can come up with any other answer than, they hate Trump. I don’t believe that is the reason for the demonstrations, and here’s why…

Numerous Congress members are boycotting the inauguration of Donald Trump. The real reason for their boycott is reality. For many years, the liberals have been warned that their delusional policies will not work. However, most of the liberal news media and popular liberals, including the Hollywood faction, believed that liberalism’s “dream” was the perfect paradigm for a perfect world. That premise drove every step of progress toward acquiring power. It was the premise of everything the liberal media said and wrote. Further, it was the underlying (and often the totally visible) theme in liberal education and all other sectors of society,

To be clear, America has been saturated with liberalism’s “dream” for decades. Eventually, the constant pounding of liberalism convinced a majority of Americans to vote for that “dream”. When Barack Obama and a majority of democrats were elected to take over the nation’s leadership in 2008, they immediately went to work on the “dream”.

Their first major action was to impose a heath care plan on the nation that they didn’t even read. They did not read it because it wasn’t necessary. They needed a national health care plan for the “dream” to become real. No matter how much evidence was stacked up against it, nothing would deter them from implementing the “dream”. To them the “dream” was true, because it had to be true.

They pursued their “dream” for nearly 8 years, making one mistake after another in their delusional quest. Ignoring all the destruction in the path behind them, they believed that they were making progress. They ignored the deluge of complaints from the American people. They believed that everyone would eventually be happy, when all the components of the “dream” were fully implemented.

The election of Donald Trump was the end of the “dream.” It is not because Trump is America’s savior (and I do not believe that he will be), but because he is a symbol of America’s rejection of liberalism and their “dream”. Not only did it kill the “dream,” but it also destroyed the hopes and aspirations of every liberal. Liberals from one end of the spectrum to the other had to accept that the “dream” was a delusion. They have nothing left. They have nothing to present to the public as a solution to the present State of the Union, because they caused that desolate and depressing condition. All they can do is posture with dour faces and dark complaints.

They take solace in the civil unrest. It is the company that their misery loves. Without the “dream” that they have chased and promoted all their political lives, they can only grouse about hacking and illegitimacy.

Their surrogates will not go away quietly. As their mentors taught them, when out of ideas and solutions, one can always commit anarchy. Their heroes of the Counter Culture did it back in the ‘60s. During the turbulence of that era they rioted, wrecked colleges and Universities, burned vehicles, broke out shop windows and looted. Some of them, such as Bill Ayers, planted bombs and killed police officers.

Now they are back at the beginning, only now they have no message. They cannot present the liberal “dream” again, because it has been a colossal nightmare. They have no legitimate complaint, unless they can state clearly and inspirationally what they are complaining about. So, prepare for years of sour posturing, surly boycotting, rioting and other anarchy. That is the true face of liberalism. That’s what people voted for in 2008. The problem for Congressman John Lewis and his accomplices is that the American people finally realized it.


  1. Steamroller

    The opium of the literati, glitterati and chatterati has been cut. 😉

  2. Jessica

    Well said.

  3. ken hall

    A good and insightful article, Cedric.

    I want to make a comment about Obama. I am not dismissing BHO yet, at all. I think it is possible that he will yet lead an alliance of Muslim nations against Israel and her inhabitants (think United Nations). When elected he said he would build a “civilian” army equal to the military. Where is that force and who has their allegiance? When Trump addressed DHS most of the employees were absent. I read.

    I have no idea where that leaves the citizens of the USA.

    “Watch ye therefore……….. ” Luke 21:36 KJV


    • C.H. Fisher

      We are certainly in a period where we cannot relax and take it easy. The focus must remain on praying, storing God’s word in our hearts, and being watchful. The world that we know today could drastically change in an instant. I take no security in the election of Donald Trump. But I have hope in the Lord and His faithfulness. Bless you, Ken!

      • Jim Black

        You have hit the nail squarely on the head. The point of the nail is precisely perpendicular to that in which it is driven.

        More than ever, rightly dividing the word of truth and forsaking all for Jesus is at critical mass.

        Good stuff, C.H.

  4. Christopher Brian Collins

    This fight between “conservatism” and “liberalism,” that professing Christians in America are so obsessed with, has NOTHING to do with the Church or with Christianity. It is a fight that God never commanded us to be involved in. As a matter of fact He has told us that His kingdom is not of this world, and therefore to stay out of the affairs of this world and its kingdoms. The future of this earthly kingdom, we call the USA, means nothing to a true Christian. American patriotism has no place in the heart of a true follower of Christ, and citizen of His kingdom. For the first 300 years of its existence, the Church had absolutely nothing to do with politics. Sadly, that’s become the primary concern of America’s “Christians…” defeating “the liberals.” It has nothing to do with the church.

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