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How a Generation of Professing Christians Lost Their Power

It is clear that the world has entered the vortex of the final and great deception and consequent delusion.  Concurrently, a great and final apostasy is occurring in Christianity.  Members of the world system cannot recognize what is occurring because the god of this world has blinded their minds.  There does not appear to be a way to reach them at this point in the closing chapters of the temporal realm.  True Christians that warn of the end times are to them as a man building a great ship far from the ocean with no means to get it in the water.  Every professing Christian ought to know what is occurring, but many of them are also deceived.  In fact, they are willfully deceived.  I’m not certain that these ones can be reached either.  However, there are a number of professing Christians that have not yet been drawn into the full vortex of apostasy.  They have some aversion to the form of it even if they do not understand completely what it is all about or where they are in proximity to its deadly grip.  It is those Christians that I will attempt to inform with this article.  Hopefully, some of them will repent and return to full submission to God.

First, let me state that everyone has been repeatedly and fully warned.  Some secular individuals laughed and still laugh at the warnings.  They deny the existence of a righteous God, the idea of eternal hell, and their need for a Savior.  However, every professing Christian ought to have heeded the warnings and prepared themselves accordingly.   Many of them did not do so.  Instead, they verbally “stoned” the watchmen who attempted to warn them and went on with their involvement in the cares of this life.  Maybe some of them will repent and return to being passionate and committed to God.  Their ears will then be opened and their eyes will then see.  The only way I know to wake them to the truth is to explain to them how they missed the opportunity to avoid this final deception.

For several decades there was in evangelical churches an incredible plague of infighting, splits, and the epidemic of excommunicating pastors.  The carnage resulted in churches that completely dissolved, and the reputations of other ones were so ruined that they never recovered.  There were many broken and defeated pastors.  Many of these pastors left the ministry and some abandoned Christianity altogether.  Other ones surrendered to become hirelings in order to make an income for their families.  Not very long ago we saw the near cessation of the ungodly activity.  Although the phenomena still occurs, it is more rare and isolated to a church here and there.  The reason it ended was not because people became better Christians, but because they finally achieved their objective.  They wanted pastors that did not challenge their sin, their complacency, and unfaithfulness to God. 

Many reasons were given for the reason why professing Christians (who ought to have been demonstrating the love of Christ) resorted to such despicable behavior.  The primary reason is simple.  Satan inspired certain individuals to join congregations.  They appeared to be of leadership quality and people automatically absorbed them into the body.  In most cases they didn’t even have to promote themselves to secure a position of power and control.  In other situations they wormed their way right to the top of the leadership chain.  Their purpose was single and consistent in each church.  They came in to the body for the purpose of circumventing God’s plan to prepare the people for the coming great deception, delusion, and apostasy.  Their method was to cause contention, confusion, and to divide and conquer.

In nearly every case the church that entered conflict had a pastor that was attempting to bring them to full surrender.  His messages were anointed and penetrated the skin of carnality that was forming over the hearts of God’s people.  They were in relative peace and enjoying the prosperity.  Thus, they were in no mood to begin a prayer life, to think about the approaching end times and its harshness, or to abandon some of their hobbies and enjoyable activities in order to become stronger spiritually.   The satanic mole among them played on these apprehensions.  He or she fanned the smoldering embers of their discontent into a fiery rebellion against the pastor.  The solution was the same in each situation; throw him out and get a kinder and gentler one.  The pastor was excommunicated and another one was brought in.  In most cases the next pastor preached exactly as the last one.  However, after a short honeymoon, he too was excommunicated and another one was brought in.  Some churches went through a dozen or more pastors before they found a hireling that had a form of godliness but no power to convict them with his sermons.  The churches that managed to acquire a hireling before losing most of their memberships then settled in to a peaceful but stagnant atmosphere.  They made peace with their blend of carnal with spiritual, the world and the church.  Their hireling blurred the lines so well that no one felt bad about it.  Most of the hireling’s messages focused on consoling weak and defeated professing Christians who drag into every Sunday service with the stench of sin clinging to their spirits.  He never told them that the truth about actually living a victorious Christian life.  To go down that road would have led him to preach the very messages for which they had excommunicated all the previous pastors. 

That is the state of a large section of the professing Christian church today.  It is all about a perpetual state of defeat.  Even the music is about their failure and subsequent depression.   But few individuals attempt to bring them up and out.  In fact, the message that would help them was long ago rejected.  Worse than rejected, the true message from God is considered heresy.  It has been replaced with psychobabble that now masquerades and is completely accepted as true Christianity.  The false gospel of psychobabble is rife with new age doctrine, doctrines from the cult, occult and pagan religions, and is completely powerless to insulate one from the wiles or fiery darts of Satan.  The most famous hirelings that attract large crowds are as secular motivational speakers rather than preachers of God’s Word.  They speak heresy through constantly shining teeth to thousands in their congregations, telling them that they are all okay, that everything is fine, that they are all blessed and in right relationship with God.  It is mass therapy (or mass hypnotism) of a throng that is completely divested of spiritual reality and subsequently the means to defend against the most powerful period of deception that has ever come on the world.

I could feel sympathy for them, but they are self-deceived.  They brought on themselves this state of weakness and deception.  In spite of all that God tried to do to help them, they rejected His ministers.  Their ears itched for fables, for smooth things, for deceit, and they reached out for ministers that offered these carnal and deadly delicacies.  In short, they rejected the very people and messages that would have made them strong, resilient, and cognitive of the great and final deception during the period of preparation.   What is even more fantastic is that even now they do not realize what they have done.  If they read what I have written, they would most likely quit reading before they grasped their error, or would discount it as complete rubbish.  They have no love for truth and no taste for anything resembling truth.  Their love for truth waned long ago when truth clashed with the causes of their weakening spiritual condition.  Instead, they wanted their toys, their hobbies, their fetishes, their entertainment, and now their video games, obsessive internet, and other activities.  In fact, they want anything that pleases the flesh and nothing that feeds the spirit.

So these professing Christians are waded far into the wasteland between two worlds, light and darkness.  The only way they can survive is to humble themselves, seek God’s face, repent and return.  There are still men of God that will preach and teach the truth.  If these wayward ones would repent, God will lead them to the place where their souls can be watered and fed.   If they do not repent, they will slide further into the deception and eventually free-fall into dark apostasy.  Many of them have already done so.  God’s Word is clear that individuals who enter apostasy during the last days will not recover in time to be considered citizens of heaven. 


  1. Amen to this! This has been happening for a long time however the deception and apostasy that you speak of is accelerating very quickly. It’s crucial that we keep proclaiming the truth in love and the warnings need to be blunt. I believe in the power and sufficiency of the Word of God. It is living, powerful and able to make plain all that we need to know unto our salvation. As you say it will fall on many deaf (itchy) ears however if one of these turns from their sin….it is well worth the sacrifice. May the One True God…bless you and the work that you do. It’s all for His glory!

  2. Cheryl Fisher

    July 24, 2013 at 1:13 am

    Great article! The church has been heading down the path to destruction inch by inch over the years. Now just look where it is!! When you reject God’s ministers, God’s Prophets, and God’s Word then there is no where to go except deception. Thank God for people who are willing to stand for Truth and speak it!!

  3. Dear Cedric: When do you think is the best time to start naming the names of these false teachers? Some of our facebook friends are posting quotes by false teachers, actually they are more postings popping up everyday. I contact them personally (not thru fb) to warn them. Problem is so many are ignorant of these people….such as Kenneth Copeland/Joel Osteen/Joseph Prince/Max Lucado and many others. What are your thoughts on now naming names? Thank you, Sherry

    • C.H. Fisher

      July 26, 2013 at 1:43 am

      I believe that it is time to name names. Some people will not read articles where the author names the particular heretic in question. But this is a very critical period and drastic measures are due. Besides, most professing Christians are completely unconcerned about the state of affairs within Christianity. Consequentially, they are completely ignoring all attempts to warn the either by print or otherwise. Possibly the only ones who would continue reading even when names of heretics are stated are ones that would read anyway.

      It appears to me that Christianity has gone too far to the dark side to turn around without a major catastrophe bringing about wholesale repentance and revival. In my opinion, that is not going to occur. We all need to prepare spiritually for very harsh times ahead.

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