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Genuine Faith—When the Gold Shines.

(2 Timothy 1:5)

God’s word gives us examples of faith in the fire, faith in the flood, faith when outnumbered by the enemy, faith when facing an indomitable foe, faith in prison, faith during torture, faith when destitute, hungry, and thirsty, faith on stormy seas, faith to lose everything and faith to receive it all back again, faith to procreate though infertile, and faith to die. In every instance of faith it is manifested in adversity or great need. However, there are no examples in the Scriptures of faith operating in a peaceful and bountiful climate.

Someone might contend that the peaceful climate is the result of faith. That may be true, but it is not faith in operation. Good health is the result of exercise, but it is not exercise. If our comfortable status is faith, then obviously we would never have adversity. Further, there would be no biblical examples of godly men and women exercising faith to overcome adversity. Continue reading

The Tares are in the Wheat

I personally know people that outwardly appear to be Christians, but inwardly they are possessed with false spirits. I could call them a demon spirits, but they do not appear as what one would think that demon spirits manifest as. But then, how do we believe demon possession manifests? Does it manifest as lust? Hatred? Violence? Do we expect a demon possessed false Christian to behave as the man at the Gadarenes?

The Apostle Paul wrote that Satan’s demon possessed ministers appear as “ministers of righteousness”. Christ said that we would only know the false ones by their fruits. They wear “sheep’s clothing” and know how to talk like “sheep”. They can come on Facebook as a true Believers, post like true Believers, take about how persecuted they are for living righteously, and about how they can hardly wait for Christ to return.

These deceivers are all about filling in the blanks in Satan’s full-scale assault on the Remnant. In other words, what the more destructive demons leave after their major assaults, these demonic ones among us are about destroying what’s left over. They slither about sowing discord, propagating slander, dividing, and worming their way into the confidence and trust of new converts or weak Believers for the purpose of separating them from the influence of the Holy Spirit and God’s anointed shepherds. Continue reading

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise

I have a friend that each time I call and ask how he is doing facetiously replies, “Just another beautiful day in paradise.” One’s status is always relevant. We may be sick, but we could be dying. We may need money, but we could be in total poverty. We might be discouraged, but we could be depressed. It might be raining, but we could be in a violent storm. We may be in a nation that has jumped its moral rails, but we could be in Iraq. We may be in the last days with great deception, apostasy, and wickedness in the secular realm, but we could be a clueless or apathetic, nominal Christian.

Therefore, as burdensome as prophetic knowledge can be in this period, I’m grateful that I know what’s going on. I fell pity for the ones who have purposely blocked out reality of the era by focusing on frivolity. One such friend remarked, “I relieves the stress and helps me not to worry.” Certainly there is a benefit to taking a short break from the weight of constant burdens. However, most professing Christians take a short break from their frivolous activities to think about God. That’s perhaps the only time they consider the last days. Are they strong enough to endure? Continue reading

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