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Deception’s Great and Final Harvest

I write and speak a lot about deception. The reason is that deception is Satan’s primary method of defeating and trapping professing Christians. Further, God’s word makes it clear that deception will be exceptionally powerful and alluring in these last days (Matthew 24:24).

It is obvious that most professing Christians have not realized or accepted how very difficult it will be to survive end times deception. How difficult? It will be the greatest difficulty most people have ever encountered. It is like an astounding magic show and demonic multilevel marketing scheme combined. It is becoming the fad of fads, the trick of tricks, the con of cons, sin of sins, and the deception of deceptions by the god of this world in his final attempt to usurp the throne of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Are you ready? Continue reading

It’s a War, Not a Skirmish

Christians need to realize one fact and prepare their minds accordingly:  we are in a full-scale war.  The minions of Satan are coming at us under all sorts of flags and labels with the same objective.  It appears that the frontline troops in the encroaching army are the LGBT.  No other single factor has weakened, altered, changed, and destroyed Judeo/Christian values as much as the LGBT.  They have been assisted in our nation by a near completely liberal news media, ACLU, Hollywood, the music industry, Disney, sports enterprises, politicians, and pseudo-Christians, to name a few.  Together, they have pulled the festering moral cancer from its natural position at the bottom of society and placed it on a throne.

However, they are not satisfied with that accomplishment. Their goal is not simply to force Christians to tolerate wickedness and other (false) religions.  They wish to destroy Christianity.  The first phase of the plan was to infiltrate and pervert Denominations, Christian colleges, universities, and other organizations, mega churches, and make allies of leading Christians.  The second phase is to subjugate Christians by forcing the LGBT narrative on them via legislation and litigation.  The third phase is to persecute by any means possible the remainder of the ones who refuse to concede.  The hold-outs will be demoted to the bottom of the “New World” caste system. It is time that true Christians realize that we are a rapidly shrinking minority. Continue reading

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