Over the past few days, the “prophets” are at it again, prophesying great things for 2016.  They have completely ignored the failure of their prophecies for last year.  There was a substantial degradation of Christianity and significant advancement of evil in society in 2015.  The “blood moons” prophecies were a flop.  In the degradation department, Hillsong Church’s (London) Christmas program won top ranking for blasphemy, especially their rendition of Silent Night.

Therefore, it is essential to ignore the prophets that are prophesying peace, miracles, prosperity, and a great end-time revival for 2016.  They are lying prophets who have no connection to God.  If they were true prophets, they would be warning the people.  To counter their pompous prophecies, I am compelled by the Holy Spirit to write about what to expect in 2016. Continue reading