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The Agony of Defeat

Well, the first debate is over. I watched video clips and read the reports, but confess I did not watch the full debate. I would have an easier time watching two ordained homosexual ministers debating the pros and cons of transgender restrooms.

The consensus of the pundits is that Trump won by simply walking on the stage. He is legitimized in the public view as a viable presidential candidate. He also won in the fact that although Clinton has 30 years of political experience, she did not cause any significant damage to him. Further, Trump won because he did not make any serious mistakes. Finally, he won in in personal appearance. He was—as he has been throughout his campaign—what America expected to see. However, she appeared smug, cold, and calculating—not pleasant. Her appearance adds fuel to the public perception that she is a cold-blooded, dirty politician that cannot be trusted. There was no CNN to doctor her appearance or edit her words.

So what’s the result of this exercise in “lesser” evil debating “greater”? I think it will be that “lesser” appears more “lesser” and “greater” appears more “greater”. I do not believe that Clinton will get a bump in the polls, but the opposite. There may be a slight bump for Trump, no poetry intended. Continue reading

Brother, Can You Spare the Time?

One positive thing about the ACC moving championship games out of North Carolina, the NBA moving their All-Star game our of the state, and the obscure quarterback and other NFL players refusing to stand for the National Anthem, is that many Christians are taking a hiatus from watching those games/sports. Really? Well hooray! What will they do with the spare time? I’ve a suggestion. It may raise hackles and set off the “preachy” alarm, but here goes. First, a bit of groundwork is necessary.

Many Christians agree that our nation is in critically bad condition. They agree that we appear to be on the verge of losing our democracy. I believe that we are, and will remain until the end of history, one major election cycle from serious hardships for Christians and political conservatives. Continue reading

One More Time

Well, the “Save Hillary” campaign has begun. The faction that hates our nation and would like to destroy capitalism, democracy, and outlaw Christianity, has evidently decide that they need Clinton to complete that agenda. Thus, America is like a creature consumed with hatred for its legs and has decided to gnaw them off. Repulsive? It’s not repulsive enough to describe the sheer ignorance of people who desire to kill police officers because of the debatably wrong actions of a few. None of the Dallas police officers deserved to die. To kill innocent people because one is incensed that innocent people were killed is as stupid as a creature mutilating itself.

We are a nation on the verge of losing our liberty. Two wrongs do not equal one right. The protests and rioting are not about justice. Its fruit is injustice—the murder of innocent people. The disturbances are about creating a diversion and causing as much chaos as possible to provide a paltry excuse for Martial Law. We have a president that has repeatedly shown that he will lay down a grain of sand and call it a beach. He needs but the hint of an excuse to ignore the Constitution and act in accordance with his whims. Continue reading

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