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You once ran well…

Paul wrote to the church at Galatia, “You ran well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth?” — Galatians 5:7

His analogy to the church at Corinth about living for God is striving for a crown. He compared it to running a race to win it (1 Corinthians 9:24-27). He uses the words, “run,” “strive,” “fight,” and the statement, “keep my body under control.” He warns that not to control your body, its fleshly desires that are an enemy to God and godliness, is to become a “castaway.” Castaway is from the Greek word, “adokimos,” which is the same word translated as reprobate in Romans 1:28.

If I could identify one thing about Christians today that prevents them from being other than name-only Christians, it is that there is very little striving to be godly, spiritually mature, and productive. Furthermore, if we are not like guppies for God’s truth, we will be gullible for everything else.

However, the Calvinist and Reformed Theology individual says, “I don’t have to strive because I was chosen for God’s kingdom before time began.” Continue reading

COVID-19 Vaccine is Deadly: Truth or Fiction?

“I’m sorry, sir, but you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. The vax contains deadly chemicals and you will die if you take it.”

Whether one has truth today comes down to which side you’re on. It is not about facts, but about whether or not you agree with people that are convinced a great conspiracy to kill millions of people is at work in the world. While it doesn’t appear to be a spiritual issue, the contention over the COVID-19 vaccine now has God’s Remnant dividing and shunning each other. The same thing occurred on a smaller scale during the Y2K fiasco and the elections of 2016. 

In this period of great apostasy in Christianity, there is a Remnant of God’s people that have not apostatized. However, some of them no longer pray as they should pray, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but have become obsessed with politics, and are now deeply emerged in the conspiracy theory info mill. The fact is, that info mill consists of conjecture, suspicion, paranoia, presumptions, and bits of truth, that produce a highly sensational and greatly addictive flow of information. It is such a maze of confusion that discovering truth among the conjecture and hyperbole is like looking for an apple in a cesspool. Even if you find it, it is not fit to consume. 

Once an individual is snared by the distracting conspiracy monstrosity, the “boring” truth is no longer palatable. No wonder that they cannot accept the fact that there is no conspiracy involving using the COVID vaccine to murder millions of people. Continue reading

What’s Best for My Health—is my decision.

It is a fact that people have been dying of influenza for a long period. An influenza vaccine was developed in 1945. As the Internet became popular, the vaccine has been constantly beleaguered with conspiracy theories. I believed the hyperbole and conspiracy theories about the vaccine until I almost died. After 9 weeks of being very sick, the doctor told me that if the last round of medicine didn’t work there was nothing else that they could do but hospitalize me.

So I began taking the flu shot before every season. I did not turn purple. I was not converted into a drone slave of the government. I did not waste away from chemical poisoning. My brain did not shrink. I did not become a leper. When I walked outside in my bare feet the grass did not die. More importantly, the Holy Spirit did not depart from me. I have not had influenza since I began taking the vaccine.

Over the past couple of year, a number of our dear friends died from COVID-19. We do not know of anyone that has died from the vaccine. We personally know health professionals that tell us that the overwhelming majority of COVID cases are unvaccinated people. They did not know of a single case of someone seriously ill from the vaccine. 

I began to rethink my opposition to the vaccine. There were a few things that didn’t add up. It compelled me to do a thorough research of the vaccines, particularly the Pfizer vaccine. Continue reading

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