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Is Our Nation at a Crossroad?

As we look over the span of history, it is evident that Satan has ruled a number of nations through narcissists and other despotic dictators. His method is clever and usually succeeds. Satan thrives from the faults of humanity. He points them out to people open to his influence and shouts in their minds, “I have the answer—I can fix this.”

But his “solutions,” e.g., Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, sexual perversion, the New Age Movement, Atheism, godlessness, Apostasy and unrighteousness ecumenism, et cetera, all lead back to worshipping him. He ensures that conclusion by adding the most despicable wickedness to his “solutions.” In fact, that wickedness, such as sexual perversion and abortion, becomes the rallying points for the ones who come under the sway of the satanic argument. They are not solutions but deception that lures souls into the kingdom of darkness.

Therefore, when corporations such as Nike believe that they must destroy American heritage to be relevant, I say that they have submitted to a treacherous Master. Certainly, we are all flawed and our nation does not have a perfect history of being right. But that fact does not give any individual, group, or organization, a valid basis for tearing it all down.

God has the true answer for flawed humanity. His plan is that we eschew wickedness and surrender to His Divine will. We learn how to love, forgive, and respect our fellow humans as we grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. His word declares, “Happy are the people whose God is the Lord!” (Psalm 144:15)

That is not the end result of Satan’s ways. Millions are tortured and murdered and nations are made desolate. In the ground where righteousness dies, he will plant the weeds of every vile sin

So on the day that we celebrate our nation’s independence, we should know what that means. It means that we are free. But freedom has risks and responsibilities. There was always a risk that a significant percentage of our citizens could become too wicked to use freedom properly. Furthermore, there was always the potential that a majority would fail to accept the responsibilities of maintaining the foundations of freedom. Another risk is that they would teach and influence generations that do not understand the cost of freedom.

Thus, if America dies, her death will the result of believing the satanic lie that freedom comes by the arm of flesh, that humanity can solve its own problems, and that God and His people are in the way of progress toward a one-world utopia of peace and prosperity for all. She will not die on the battlefield, but in the schools, colleges, universities, churches, and then in Congress and the judicial system. When that occurs, liberty will be replaced to subservience to men fatally infected with evil philosophies and religious mishmash.
So while we are enjoying the holiday we should think about the price, risks, and responsibilities of freedom. It is the responsibility of the ones who know the value of freedom to make every attempt to preserve it. We cannot all go to war, become political leaders, teachers, or pastors. But we can all pray.

We must pray that people will surrender their hearts to God and turn their focus on obeying His word. No man can save this nation and there is no human solution to its moral and intellectual decay. If we do not seek His Lordship we will invite His judgment.

Only God can forgive and heal our sin-torn land. And in the process, He will not leave a path strewn with the death and dark misery of innocent people.


  1. Very, very well said, C.H..

  2. Excellent article!
    I have never seen America in the shape it is in right now. It is an every day embarrassment to wake up every morning and read Headlines that consist of arguing, fighting, hatefulness, and selfish ambition. Folks has put their hope in a President, or Senator, Congressman, etc., thinking our Nation will “be great again”, but there is not a living person whom we can put our hope in .
    America has snubbed it’s nose at God, forgotten His blessings, are killing the babies, and saying that good is evil and evil is good.
    I fear this Country is rapidly racing towards judgment and WHO WILL BE ABLE TO STAND?

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