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New Christianity & Customized Salvation

The New Christianity that is forming is nothing more than malignant and terminal apostasy. Consequently, aggression toward the truth speakers and watchmen that expose the wickedness is going to increase. There is already much intimidation and  coercion from compromised professing Christians because the Remnant refuses to compromise. The apostate ones cannot tolerate any truth that exposes their delusional declension. The aggression is most obvious when false salvation is confronted and exposed.

In fact, the cauldron of apostasy and heresies is boiling down to a new Christianity that allows each individual to fashion his or her own customized god and salvation process. They give God token acknowledgement from their tongues and scraps from their hearts. He is not Almighty to them, just mighty. And His might is co-opted to fit them with a blended image of old and new self. Heaven forbid that they should be required to actually humble themselves and repent of their sins. Instead, they want to wear their robes of fame into the Holiest of All and claim equality with the ones who died with Christ.

Maybe that is why so many compromised and apostate Professing Christians are gushing  over and swarming around a famous rapper based merely on a claim of salvation—but no corresponding fruit.

“Give him a break! After all he is a rapper,” they say.  Continue reading

The 9-11-01 Wake Up Call

I have read several posts and posters concerning 9-11-01 compelling us not to forget. But exactly what is it that we are not to forget? That Muslims attacked our nation? That they cowardly murdered many people? That we finally realized the United States and Israel are the two most hated nations in the world? Should we remember how all factions briefly came together in a show of patriotism?

I remember the interfaith memorial service in Yankee Stadium (“Prayer for America”) led by Roman Catholics, Hindus, Jewish, Sikh, Muslims, ultra-liberal National Council of Churches, hooded representatives of evil religion, and other apostates, and flagrant wicked individuals. Huffington Post declares it was the event where New Age proponent Oprah Winfrey became “America’s pastor.” Bette Midler and several other worldlings performed. The name of Allah was mentioned often, but I’m not certain that Jesus was mentioned once.

I remember what I felt and thought as I watched that event. I felt a deep sadness for our nation—not only because of the loss of life but because of the rejection of God’s identity and purpose for mankind. I thought, “What a tragedy that at the moment when our nation should have turned to God, they decided to honor Satan by parading his evil representatives as beacons of hope.” Continue reading

I Reject Dr. Michael Brown’s Tepid Mea Culpa. (op-ed)

So, Dr. Michael Brown writes in a source of spiritual contamination, Charisma Magazine, that its time to make some changes in how Charismania’s leadership handles sexual scandals.  In such a Movement with completely unaccountable leadership, it will be decades before they even get some rules that they all agree to. How much longer will it take before they have a committee that can deal with each issue? Would not a famed one simply says, “God’s handling it—back off”?

Additionally, I must ask the question, “Why now?” I mean, now that Christianity is in full-blown apostasy due in great part to the Charismatic Movement (and Charisma Magazine), isn’t it a bit late to begin installing safety measures? And who among Dr. Brown and his ilk are qualified to head up this “noble” project since they are all guilty of bringing it to this point?

The fact is that if it were not for the “tolerance” and “never-speak-anything-negative” and “anything is accepted” policies that continue to be enforced to this day, the Movement would have dissolved long ago and its many wolves would have faded into the darkness from whence they came.

So to come out now as an icon of integrity denouncing the lack of oversight, and chiding God’s people concerning their outrage, is supercilious and arrogant. Furthermore, Dr. Brown tries to wash himself of guilt in the matter e.g., “I have not supported him being in ministry since his divorce and remarriage in 2008, and “I am on public record to that effect, I have no connection of any kind to Todd and his ministry. I also disagreed publicly with the way other leaders handled things…” (Honestly! I mean it!)  Continue reading

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