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Welcome to TruthKeepers International, a Christian web site established in 1995 devoted to the promotion and defense of truth. We believe that truth has just as much right to be heard than error. Therefore, we are earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints. All the articles on this site are the options of the Editor and Author.

Some once said, “Truth has been slain to provide a feast for unity.” Never has this been more true than today. There have been some dark times of persecution and suppression of righteousness in the past and we believe history is getting ready to repeat itself. The true people of God need to prepare themselves. We are surrounded by superabundant wickedness in the secular world—specious ministries, epidemic hypocrisy, complacency, lethargy, and apathy in the religious realm. This is not the time for true Christians to ignore prophetic warnings, but a time to be alert, on guard, and ready to defend our faith, witness, testimony, and God’s Word.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. My passion is to express Him through my life every day. There is not in me the ability to ignore the steady decadence of Christianity. So I write. And I speak, do, listen and learn. I see a spiritual storm coming on the world that few professing Christians are prepared for. Hopefully, I will be a successful “watchman” and warn them before it is too late for warnings.

C. H. Fisher


  1. Mark Jefferies

    Just came across this site, as I was researching the emergent/ contemplative invasion – an invasion that I recently found out has invaded my church and some of it’s affiliates. The articles I’ve read so far right on target, and I thank you so very much for your work here.
    Coming out of the New Age into the glorious Truth of Christ, I’ve been shocked and deeply saddened by the fact that many pastors know what the truth is, and, as you point out, are remaining silent – afraid of ostracism, of ex-comm, and of losing their incomes.
    I have extensive research documentation, and wish you had contact info. We must stand for The Truth now, pray & get the word out!
    …Keep up the good work & thanks again.

    • C.H. Fisher

      Thanks, Mark. I appreciate the work that you do at Apostasia.

  2. Jack

    Is there a way to contact you? I have been searching for help for my son who has become a follower of a cult leader Michael Rood – there is so very little written about that false prophet who represents the Hebrew Roots Movement though he has flooded the Internet (youtube in particular) with his videos. I’m glad you are exposing the Hebrew Roots movement – I would also appreciate prayers and personal insight from spiritual people (pastors, church leaders etc.) who could somehow support me in trying to save my son from that heresy.

    • Mat Taos

      Sorry to hear your son has been brainwashed by the satanic HRM.
      I’ve tried to help some of these folks myself. Pastor Sam Adams@ Independence Baptist Church has some very good sermons addressing this issue.

  3. Diana

    Pastor Fisher, hurray! I already left you a howdy comment at your FB site. It’s good 2C that your website is still going strong (but wow, you’ve revamped it a good deal!). I have often thought about you and Mrs. Fisher and hoped you were OK. Your testimony and bio still stick in my memory: did you ever write the memoir that I suggested? 😉 It would be a fantastic book, Sir! (Got somebody to be your copy editor? {chortle})


  4. Therese

    Dear Sir/Pastor

    I writing from Sri Lanka during a time when Global Awakening has come over for a three day conference and many established Charismatic church leaders, believers, ‘Apostles’ have participated/attended! I did not attend although I had bought a ticket. I asked God for discernment and searched the Holy scriptures confirming the emergent invasion in our churches in Sri Lanka too.
    What I saw on videos of RHB meetings and and Heida Baker, Randy Clark etc shocked me that such blasphemy against the Holy Spirit has been blindly accepted and followed all these long years of so called “charismatic revivals” Its a dangerous thing and sad too. What do we do in the face of such untruth?

    • C.H. Fisher

      We have to stand for the truth. It is going to be increasingly difficult to stand as the darkness closes in. That is why we cannot ignore what it occurring as so many professing Christians are doing. We will be strengthened by increments as we face the storm. I believe that prayer (true prayer, not contemplative) is the most important factor. Even that is being stolen by deceit from ignorant and weak professing Christians. We should pray for each other. In fact, I will pray for you and ask that you pray for me. The blunt truth is that we are in the last days and it will never again be business as usual for the true Christian. The very good news is that God promised to never leave or forsake us. We have the true Holy Spirit inside and that should be a great comfort to everyone who loves Christ Jesus.

    • Lori

      Hi, I’m just wondering if you meant Heidi Baker from Bethel church?

  5. God's follower

    I pray with everyone of you, and for others who need our prayers to regain their families/friends,etc. who are persuaded by heresies. It’s sooo hard to be persecuted but we read in the Bible to stand firmly for God and keep believing Him….what can men do to us anyway? God help us. God bless us everyone here! With all love from Philippines~

    • Shirl Hein

      Very encouraging. Thank you!

  6. Jane James

    Can you please put me in your email list. Thank you.

    • C.H. Fisher

      Please click the Subscribe button at the top of the page. Thanks!

  7. Patt Koeneman

    Question Is the greatest gift by Ann Voskamp deceptive or pointing towards new age Please I need your input Patt

    • Leslie A

      Patt–I saw Ann Voskamp in person a few years ago. I am convinced she absolutely is New Age. She would speak truth one moment and then go on to say something completely new age in the next. The whole hour was like this. It was very disturbing to listen to her and even more disturbing to see the women of the conference hang on to her every word. Just thought I’d throw in my personal experience with her.

  8. wendy

    Would LOVE to receive this, but can’t find a way to subscribe.

    • C.H. Fisher

      Please click the subscribe button at the top of the page. Thanks!

  9. Stanley A. Byram

    The darkening sky always precedes a storm. And we can see the same happening in the Spiritual as well. The constant ” dumbing down ” of Christians by their so called leaders is horrific. When we have taken a stand against this by teaching the truth of Gods word we have been excluded from fellowship. Now, my wife and I minister to those who are in assisted living or nursing homes, who have also been rejected from church and family. We search for a church home and find none that consistently teach and preach what Paul taught.” Jesus Christ and Him crucified” to deny self and take up the cross and follow Him.
    It’s refreshing to know that beyond the main stream churches their is a remnant that still proclaims the WHOLE TRUTH.
    May the LORD continue to bless your efforts to awaken a nearly dead church to HIS Truth.

    • Wendell Sip


  10. Ed

    Hallelujah! For the cross!
    It shall never suffer loss!
    JESUS, keep me near the cross.

  11. Jeff G. Graham

    Your writings are a blessing brother, I believe God does have you as a Watchmen; we will continue to pray for you and your ministry. We also believe that most professing Christians are not prepared for the coming storm, I consider you my fellow soldier in Christ. God bless you.

    • C.H. Fisher

      Bless you also and thank you for the prayers!

      • Louise Hush

        Thank you for writing about the coming storm! Another man that calls us to be watchmen is Amir Tsarfati and his website is Behold Israel. He is a jewish christian and he explains bible prophecy as it relates to the current events of today!
        Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries is another excellent resource.

  12. Pamela Albright

    There was a time I felt I surely must be the most critical person ever. I felt like a pariah. I understood Elijah’s cry under the juniper tree. I would hear ministers preaching “wrong”, and receiving pats on the back for good sermons. What?! I googled, “what is truth?” I am so thankful I found Truthkeepers and to know there are others earnestly contending. God bless you & your family.

  13. Kimberly

    I recently stepped down from my churches women’s ministry team because of the new age teachings creeping in. Contemplative prayer and the power of thought. Heartbreaking that so many are blind. I’m thankful I have found your website.

    • C.H. Fisher

      Keep standing firm, Kimberly. Point them to the truth. I don’t think we realize how the Holy Spirit can use our words. We may feel foolish or that we haven’t made a significant impact with our statements, but the Holy Spirit can use our words to deeply affect someone. I believe that the harvest is over and we are in a day of gleaning–one seed at a time. I pray that you do not become discouraged but make it your goal to win them one soul at a time.

    • Judy Pivirotto

      Me too. Even though I prepared a paper on Beth Moore’s contemplative spirituality and it’s dangers, they wouldn’t listen. I’m wondering if this new emergent spirituality might be part of the great deception.

  14. Karen Schultz

    I was very troubled by the movie “Silence.”
    I googled it and came to your site first thing! For me, that was an answer to prayer, and confirmed my own thoughts. Thank you.

  15. Louise Hush

    Thank you for writing about the coming storm! Another man that calls us to be watchmen is Amir Tsarfati and his website is Behold Israel. He is a jewish christian and he explains bible prophecy as it relates to the current events of today!
    Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries is another excellent resource.

  16. Carol

    My husband and I wrote an impersonal only factual paper about Bethel music and why we should not allow it in our church. Have been attacked personally ever since. I can tolerate people attacking ideas or theology, but why the personal attacks? The pastor implied we have committed the unforgiveable sin of Blashphemy. a friend just told me I am being led by Satan! WOW!!!

    • Holly Garcia Held

      Carol, I just wanted to encourage you. You know that this isn’t the voice of your Shepherd. He would never say those things to you, nor in that manner. It is the voice of the accuser of the brethren.

      The best thing we can do is just answer with sound speech that cannot be condemned. I’ve been called Jezebel, told to shut up, told I was blaspheming the Holy Spirit, called an antichrist, and I even had 3 ‘ministers’ from a page called Path of Truth say that the Holy Spirit had struck my husband dead because he didn’t have the Spirit and that I didn’t have the Spirit. Why? Because I mentioned to them they might want to look into some of the problematic areas of the ‘Mess-Age’ paraphrase, and asked why they would use the term ‘god of green hope’ (Rom 15).

      I don’t ever want to offend in myself, but one thing we do want to do is mark and avoid the false (Rom 16:17), contend earnestly for the faith once delivered (Jude 3), warn others (Acts 20:25-32), and test the spirits and prove all things (1 Jn 4:1; 1 Thess 5:21). Not to be ‘nitpicky’ as many call it, but to defend the gospel, to protect the sheep, because others did it before us so that we too would have the truth.

    • Brenda

      Dear Carol,
      Ah, personal attacks ~ it’s because they know they don’t have valid Scriptural standing to debate or refute your findings, so they resort to personal attacks to deflect from the truths you and your husband are trying to share. (Kind of like putting their fingers in their ears and saying “nyah, nyah, nyah, I don’t hear you! Has the added benefit of distracting naive and Biblically illiterate Christians from the issues at hand.)

      Your Pastor and friend(s) should read many of the online critiques of Bill Johnson and Kris Valleton (leaders at Bethel Redding) to see who is really being led by satan. Stand strong, Dear Sis, in the strength of His Might! (Eph 6:10)

      Thanks, Cedric, for your unwavering stand for Truth and against the wiles of the devil. God Bless and strengthen you and your family daily for the battle. ~Brenda

  17. Dora

    Just found this website, thank you for standing for the truth! We found out the same things in Germany and are quite isolated cause we tried warning people of the deceptions…
    Here is a warning video for people in the States – even if its from an unbeliever, we feel its to take serious, please pray: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VeqRUQkB8I
    Love and blessings, Dora

  18. Lynn

    I’ve been to Bethel Redding, Calif. In 2016 a fella encouraged my daughter to go to Bethel. I saw articles online I had concerns. When she asked he told her he could not trust her that he needed to get advice from an elder in Redding Calif. She told him it was my mother not her. Yep, 29 years old not much I could do to reason with her. Still very worried my concerns, I asked the Pastor of the Missionary Alliance Church she was a member of. He replied to both of us that “He didn’t see anything wrong.” Yes, he gave her the Okay. She quit her job and she went. Four months at Redding, Calif. she returned home leaving her belongings. I went with her to collect her things. I was in Redding, Calif. for 3 days she took me to Bethel.
    I observed this:
    Bethel has no Cross inside or out. Worship is (Jesus Culture) music lights are off except on stage. No one I noticed was over 35 years old they stood singing, swaying, moving with their hands in the air for 2 hours to the loud music. Earplugs are given at the door. These young people looked like recovering addicts, High on Jesus like Woodstock.
    The music was very loud and deafening, monotone and the words were repetitive displayed on 2 huge screens either side of the auditorium. Jenn, Johnson’s daughter in-Law and Son Brian Johnson are co-founders of Bethel’s music (Jesus Culture) and worship. Jenn was on stage holding a microphone. As she sang you heard the same tone it never changed. All the songs were the same sensual breathe songs one after another. The sounds continued to resonate in your head even after the music stopped. I noticed these young people started laughing, speaking gibberish, shaking. I realized it was the music setting the mood that everyone was ready to accept anything. Bill Johnson walked to podem to a Bible he opened but, never read Scripture. He’d say John in Chapter……. then walk in front of the podem leaning on the side. He’d begin talking with a soft creepy voice about a Topic interjecting Jesus’s name to validate (his) thoughts in which he twists and double talked. “Jesus is just a man in a right relationship with God” “He laid aside his Deity” “John the Baptist, baptized Jesus he received the Holy Spirit it was then he received the power to heal & raise people from the dead, so can we.” “He was born again twice, he had to be” first from Mary then when he was raised from the dead” “Born Again” “Jesus never scolded anyone for coming to Him because they wanted a gift, instead he provided them with a miracle” Jesus heals today I won’t accept anything less” “How can God’s will to heal some when he already paid the price” While he’s talking in the audience you’d hear gibberish (Tongues) & laughter they call (Holy laughter). Each service each time the same. One day he called people up to Prophesy one randomly called out 25, 25 is there a 25. Someone stood that’s my birthday “I see a sycamore tree your standing under, good things will be coming.” I went to one meeting where Graham Cooke said “If the Prophecy does come don’t give another, make it work” Make it work?? This is heresy, blasphemy. NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) Word of Faith Movement, Prosperity Gospel is growing. So many young people looking for a non traditional worship are easily duped into believing because of the draw of the music. Like the Phantom of the Opera. I know what that is like Bethel has a hold on my daughter. My daughter is heading to Bethel, California. She married a fella recently that was raised in this culture. He quit his job yesterday as Christian Counselor. Sold off their things, has no job out there. My daughter said the Devil has possessed me so she refuses to listen or discuss what Scripture says. Bill Johnson’s goal is for a Kingdom on Earth, “as Earth as it is in Heaven” and the 7 Mountain Mandate. This Bethel Word of Faith Movement is growing Church planters are in Europe, and across the World Globe. Bill’s whole purpose is to bring about One World Religion as Kingdom on Earth back to Rome. Bethel (Bill Johnson)Beni Johnson, Eric & Candace Johnson, Kris & Kathy Vallotton Leaders are connected to the Word of Faith Movement, (NAR) Todd Bentley a sexual predator was just exposed, Todd White with long dredlocks have a shady reputation as leaders, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch and many more. All these people own their TV Broadcasting Stations that’s why they are still out there. This is a business Bill’s family is profiting. What you read is true Bethel – Bill Johnson (BSSM) – School of Supernatural is a Non-credited school for 3 years. Enrolling you are buying Johnson’s books educating in his beliefs. Young people are coming in droves and Bill’s expanding his Campus raising them up to plant more Churches. The goal is to bring about One World Religion, “On Earth as it is in Heaven”
    2 Timothy 4:3-4

    • C.H. Fisher

      It is sad to hear about your daughter attachment with Bethel. If you can email me we can talk more privately about the situation. Cheryl and I will pray for your daughter daily.

  19. Ashley Green

    I just found an article about the IF Gathering today. I voiced concerns last year but our church still had it and are having it again this year. I would love some advice!! I live in Oklahoma which should be the Bible belt but it has now crept into our churches too and I do not know what else to say or do…Thank you!!

    • C.H. Fisher

      Lighthouse Trails has a booklet about the “IF Gathering.” However, if the leadership only wants the latest fad, or are focused on the numerical value of the church meeting instead of spiritual value, there is not much you can do but pray. The scenario is occurring all over the nation. People are departing from those churches to meet in home church groups. Sadly, we are in the time of Great Apostasy and deception. We have to encourage each other and remain intimate with and faithful to God.

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