Cedric Fisher: "earnestly contending for the faith."

The Way It Used To Be

“When I remember these things, I pour out my soul in me: for I had gone with the multitude, I went with them to the house of God, with the voice of joy and praise, with a multitude that kept holyday.” – Psalm 42:4

We have all heard and engaged in conversations about how life used to be.  The elders can tell some fascinating tales of no running water, of walking miles on a dusty road to the store, of freezing cold winters, frost so thick that it looked like snow, and a single pot-belly wood stove for heat.  But those were still the good ole days, deemed such because life seemed simpler and better.  The elders were respected, children more obedient, people kinder, compassionate and honest.  Hedonism existed only in the largest cities and only at night.  There wasn’t as much on TV, but there was more of what mattered in people’s hearts.

Today, the world is a dangerous place, and wickedness rules the night as well as the day.  Our children and young people are under vicious attack by liberalism’s ripening and poisonous fruit.  There is virtually no sector of society that has not been invaded and infected by the toxic atmosphere being made ready for the Antichrist kingdom.

It is a perilous time, a time of great stress.  Professing Christians who are casual and passionless in their relationship with God cannot accept the reality, much less endure the weight of it.  The specter of a brutal future is too much for them to consider and prepare for.  Innumerable people, including a vast number of professing Christians, are buying into the lies of psychiatry and psychology that label every spiritual malady as a disease.  Some have become legal drug addicts.

Churches are founded, and in a few months, grow exponentially with stress-free preaching and world-centered entertainment.  Truth is being banned as the glaring factor hindering not only world peace and unity, but also the brass ring prize, a human-contrived utopia.   In a number of venues today, declaring oneself a Christian is to become a social pariah.  Jesus is the most hated name in the world.  Sin is honored, godliness cursed.  Political leaders now lie so profusely that they create a fantasy world each time they speak.  Up isn’t up any longer, and down isn’t down, unless it is convenient.  Traditional morals are being rolled in the mud of tolerance and political correctness.  And it’s not going to get better.

In the midst of this caldron of diabolical influences and sin’s consequences, there are people who refuse to relinquish what they know is true for the obviously evil new social paradigm.  Good for them.  That paradigm is composed of several tenets.  Here are a few of them:

  1. There are no absolutes, especially moral absolutes.
  2. Humanity does not need a god. We can solve our own problems.
  3. Christianity and Judaism are the remaining hindrances to world peace and unity.
  4. Global Socialism is the panacea to all of society’s ills, including poverty and war.

The world’s societies are merging because of the Internet and digital technology.  Thus, the new paradigm requires a New World Order.  To succeed in establishing a New World Order, forces in the secular and religious world are systematically breaking down the old order.  The fact is, they will accomplish what they are attempting to do, because eschatological prophecies must be fulfilled.  There will be an Antichrist heading a global government, and a False Prophet leading the one-world religion.  No one but God can stop that from happening.  It will come on the heels of a cashless economy, which in the hands of evil people will bring every individual on this earth under submission to a ruler.

If we are at that point in history, we will have to face some facts, make some adjustments to our mindsets, and cease trying to conduct “business as usual.”  Professing Christians must cease dodging the reality checks, or deception will overtake them.  The storm is coming.  It will arrive, no matter how well people manage to avoid the reality of its approach.

Now for some harsh truth that does not bring me joy to report.  America is not going to be restored to some point in history when we enjoyed the “good, ole days”.  America is under judgment, and the worst is yet to come.  Our nation has slaughtered over 50 million babies.  Aborted babies (I reject the word “fetus”) have been harvested for decades for cosmetics and scientific research, but sufficient outrage and appropriate action never materialized.  Now the merciless and calloused abortion industry is selling the body parts of aborted babies.  The outrage over the revelation of that latter atrocity did not linger openly in society longer than the outrage over the killing of Cecil, the lion.

America’s leaders have kowtowed to liberals, especially in the news media, and have permitted the incremental expulsion of God and His word from public recognition.  However, our government infested by the same liberals insists that we honor Allah, Islam, and the Koran.  Allah does not have the attributes of God, Whom the Scriptures clearly portray as love.  The first Commandment is not ambiguous as God declares, “You shall have no other gods before Me.” – Exodus 20:3

America has accepted and honored the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, homosexuality, which is the ultimate defilement by Satan in effigy of the image of God.  Professing Christians who condone this sin join the rebellious besmirching of God’s nature.  They are subject to becoming just as reprobate as homosexuals (Romans 1:28-32).  Thus, there is now a significant number of ordained ministers, and even some denominational leaders, who are reprobate or apostate.

That leads me to another point, but not by any means the final factor in America’s spiritual declension.  American Christianity is now accepting to a significant degree the worship and prayer practices of people who worship false gods and idols.  Israel was repeatedly judged for this sin. With the acceptance of Contemplative Spirituality, professing Christians have opened the religion to the entrance of many corrupt activities and heresies.

Millions of people have accepted Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life, in which he promotes Contemplative Spirituality.  Warren was appropriately named “America’s Pastor”.  It seems as if the gates were opened and the walls were breached.  A flood of New Age doctrines has poured into Christianity.  Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” has influenced millions of gullible professing Christians.  Other heretical books by influential professing Christians, such as Sue Monk Kidd, Ruth Haley Barton, Richard Foster, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, et al., have flooded the Christian literature market.  Numerous conferences convene across the nation to disseminate more of the heresies.  Entire denominations have embraced the spiritual sewage.  One of the most troubling consequences is that Protestant leaders are encouraging ecumenism with Roman Catholicism.

Christianity (the religion), now riddled with vile and extremely dangerous heresies, is too weak to mount a viable protest against the marketing of baby body parts.  It cannot mount a defense, much less an offense, as a diabolically controlled society aggressively forces its evil agenda, systematically erasing every vestige of God.  I keep waiting for a response that is significant enough to at least slow down the encroaching evil, but it never comes.  There are only smatterings of pitiful complaints that have about as much effect and power as vapors in the wind.

Finally, I want to point out the fallacy of longing for and striving for a return to the good ole days.  In every statement and every effort to return Christianity to the good ole days, there is a mistaken belief that referencing a certain period in history, promoting a religious paradigm, presenting a particular societal pattern, and so forth, can undo the apostasy that permitted this catastrophic and ubiquitous invasion of evil.  The modern world does not want the good ole days.  They have bought into the promise of a new world of peace and unity.

However, not even the dreamers of the good ole days are being honest.  Do they wish to return to the time of a Great Awakening, when people were honest with God?  Or do they desire to return to the era when they had a measure of respect in the world, when they had the means to influence society, yet frittered it away by focusing on the gifts more than the Giver.

Long before Contemplative Spirituality, before New Age gurus masquerading as Christians spoke at denominational conventions, before Sarah Young channeled a demon impersonating Jesus, and before Rick Warren’s heretical bestseller, Christianity was being inundated by the Positive Confession doctrine and the excesses of the Charismatic Movement, including its host of false prophets and money-hungry false teachers.  Nobody stopped this horde of wicked people.  Their heresies were not rejected, but adopted.  No wonder that many evangelicals today cannot recognize or resist this new wave of heresies.  A significant number did not reject the first wave.

Listening to popular preachers today, I recognize in their statements the influence of decades-old heresies.  They take up offerings as if God is desperate and the givers need to be promised a return (something that cannot be delivered).  I have watched recent conferences designed to mount a pushback against the diabolical tide.  They want to return to the days when they played loosely with the gifts of God.  It was an era when numerical growth was the standard of success.  During that period church buildings were built, not as tools for the kingdom of God, but as monuments to the pastor presiding over numerical growth.  Now that the halo of that period has past, and the gloomy cloud of apostasy looms over everything, they frantically attempt to revive religious patterns and practices.  They hack at the symptoms while leaving the roots intact.  They are more interested in their demonstrative and exciting style of preaching, and in peppering the congregation with provocative buzz words and phrases, than in dealing with the underlying problem.

The problem is not alcohol consumption, the worldliness of professing Christians and their church meetings, lack of preaching the Gospel and no altar calls, the absence of emphasis on certain fundamentals of denominational belief systems, etc.  The reason the world system has now become more powerful than Christianity in American society is simple:  Christianity has proportionately become so weak because devotion to God, His nature, His authority, and His truth has been abandoned.

“Oh, but that’s too simple,” people may declare.  There’s no denying that everything in the kingdom of darkness is designed to distract people from being devoted to God.  Adam and Eve sinned after listening to Satan.  The first and major casualty of their sin was devotion to God.  God came as usual in the cool of the evening, but they hid from Him.  The fact is that professing Christians have been prayerless, have not maintained intimacy with God, became materialistic, frolicked with the world system in numerous forms of entertainment, and allowed their spirits to be plundered by diabolical indulgences.  Church meetings are either cold, formal, and dry, or are hyper-charged with licentious reveling in spiritual wickedness.  In either case, the result is the same—departure from fellowship with God.

Thus, I do not believe professing Christians wish to return to a life of commitment, passion, devotion, and total obedience to God’s will.  They only want to return to an illegal status quo, a period when God was dealing with them but they were too busy enjoying His benefits to respond to Him.  It was a period during which He was pointing out their unfaithfulness and warning them of the consequences, if they persisted in doing things their way.  However, they were too preoccupied enjoying the fruits of Churchianity.  While they played, Satan worked.

In my opinion, we are now at the point where judgment has arrived.  Judgment is coming in greater measure.  The condition of the world is too far gone to turn around.  Diabolical forces are ravaging society.  An exceedingly dangerous response would be to lead people to believe that everything is going to be okay.  It is not going to be okay.  It does not matter how much professing Christians are electrified with emotion by demonstrative and stimulating speeches, books, or meetings.  The world system outside of the church building is in exactly the same condition as before—and worsening.  In fact, during the time of the Sunday morning church meeting, its condition may have actually worsened.

Our response to the impinging wickedness must remain to expose and oppose it.  However, our response to the reality of its unprecedented gains in modern society must be to prepare for more and increasingly harsh judgment upon this nation and the world.  We are at the point when pastors and other Christian leaders ought to be informing their listeners that we can no longer expect God to bless America.  I do not expect many of them to do so, because neither they nor their congregations can endure the negativity.  However, the only way to survive this end-times darkness and subsequent judgment is to prepare for it.  Not one person will be prepared who does not believe that he or she has to prepare.

This is not a pleasant article to read.  It is not pleasant to think about, to consider the ramifications if it is true, and to motivate oneself to respond accordingly.  The temptation is to flee to the safety of churches and preachers who are placating the stressed-out masses with prophecies of peace when there is no peace.  There will be strong impulse and subsequent temptation to reject the message by impugning the legitimacy of the messenger.  The overwhelming desire will be to deny that things are as bad as represented here.  There will be reverse optimism of pointing to the minuscule representations of godliness while ignoring the preponderance of wickedness.  Verses will be taken out of context, conjecture added, and the result confidently preached and repeated to persuade minds to accept a different narrative.  In spite of all the effort to project an alternate portrait of the period we are in, each day will bring news and information to the contrary.

We may be aboard a mighty ship navigating through icy waters.  One each side and in front there are floating masses of ice.  They increase in size and number as the captain, crew, and everyone else reassure us that we will eventually break into clear water.  But look ahead, if you can bring yourself to do so.  See that solid mass of ice?  There is no clear water in the direction we are headed.  However, no matter how much we protest or attempt to get people to see what we are seeing, the ship continues on the same course.

Do we join the deluded ones, eat, drink, and be merry?  Should our response be to remain silent, pray, and hope that we are wrong about what we have seen?  Do we continue to warn people even when they are becoming angry by our intrusion into their fantasy of a safe voyage to a secure harbor?

The case could be made, based on the weight of majority opinion, that I am wrong.  Of course, I could in fact be wrong.  History is evidence that Christianity and subsequently the world have righted themselves repeatedly.   Someone could point out that the world system has never been godly.  True, but it has been influenced by godliness to the extent that it was much less obtrusively antichristian.  But can one conclude that I am wrong by considering relevant data?

At some point, the utopia the multitudes under diabolical influence are striving and cajoling for will be reached, albeit briefly.  If people hold out from recognizing the truth until that point is reached, then they will be deceived and join the world-wide partying.

To convince the majority of Christians at this moment that we are not in the end-times, all that’s necessary is for Satan to throw them a bone—a semblance of peace, prosperity, and security.  In America, a conservative or republican president would do it.  The church bells would ring, horns would honk, and millions of professing Christians would breathe a massive sigh of relief heard and felt around the world.  They would engage in highly emotional high-fiving, flock to the pleasure pools, revel in sports, go shopping, and bury their minds in television for several hours each evening, only without the portent of government oppression.

They would also consign the “naysayers” (and I am one) to oblivion.  All the excesses, the heresies, heretics, prayerlessness, and every other aberration in Christianity, would be embraced with renewed vigor and a sense of vindication.  In fact, Christianity would enter the fast track to apostasy with no hills and roadblocks to slow down its ecumenical consummation with Roman Catholicism and other religions.  There would be no impending doom to deter the remaining holdouts.  No one would think about God’s judgment and certainly would not consider the ramifications of the merger.

Truly, they will deem the dark cloud to be lifted.  The party will begin.  Weak professing Christians will be swept up in the celebration of the apostate ones.  They will readily accept the laws and regulations that would alarm them if the same legislation were introduced today.  Individuals crying out warnings will be demoted to the status of yapping dogs.  In the inebriating ecstasy of perceived “victory” over the forces of evil, they will be susceptible to anything.  They will have narrowly “escaped” a dictatorship, the presidency of the “wicked witch of the south”, and believe that they have the upper hand.

What would be lost in such a celebration is the fact that the ship was still headed for a massive iceberg the size of a large city.  Still remaining would be the underlying factors that caused apostasy and a hedonistic antichrist spirit in a huge section of Christianity and the world system.  There would not actually be a victory in the election of a conservative or republican president.  It would merely be a deceptive façade that millions of professing Christians will mistakenly view as a spiritual turnaround in America.

While it would be less stressful, and we would enjoy a period of joy and excitement, there would be at least four more years before we would again consider our nation’s decrepit spiritual and social condition.  Although there would be a reprieve from the prophetic voice, it would be very dangerous for the spiritual condition of America, if a conservative or republican were elected president.  We would not return to the good ole days.  Instead, we would have taken a philosophical drug that, like a terminally stricken patient on morphine, would immunize us from the pain of an advanced spiritual cancer.  Our appointment with judgment would still be fulfilled at the appointed time.

Therefore, I will not join in the desperate hubbub to select a “deliverer” from the consequences of this nation’s wickedness.  I will vote for a godly person as a matter of duty.  But I have no unction to view such an individual as the answer to this nation’s affliction.  Besides, at any moment, a catastrophic terrorist or natural event could devastate our nation or world.  I will hope that with more four years we will win some people to Christ, and convince more people to prepare for the coming storm.  It may be more difficult to accomplish those goals, but I will always hope.

The fact is, we are as fragile eggs being rolled about in a room of sharp corners by forces that we cannot control.  The answer is not in or of this world.  The answer is to return to God, to devote our lives and put our hope in Him and His great salvation.  The danger is in trusting that humanity and its devices will somehow overcome the judgment and wrath stored up by a godless and rebellious society.  That won’t happen.  If professing Christians believe that it is, and that somehow emotional church meetings, elections, or anything else can bring it about, then self-deception has broken through the last barrier.

“O Israel, return unto the Lord thy God; for thou hast fallen by thine iniquity.
Take with you words, and turn to the Lord: say unto him, Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously: so will we render the calves of our lips.
Asshur shall not save us; we will not ride upon horses: neither will we say any more to the work of our hands, Ye are our gods: for in thee the fatherless findeth mercy.” – Hosea 14:1-3


  1. Sherry Meyer

    Dear C.H: Thank you for your boldness and courage to speak out the truth and nothing but the truth. We are in the last days, and things are truly going to get worse. The Bible tells us so!!!
    You’ve stated, “…while they played, Satan worked.” Christians are being duped—and from what I’ve witnessed, they don’t care. They don’t take the time to find out about the false teachers they are following nor the heresies being spewed. They have more excuses than “Carter has little liver pills.”—-wow, that just dated me.
    As a Watchman, it breaks my heart!!! Blessings to you 24/7 for all you are doing to wake people up to the absolute Truth. (Sherry Meyer)

  2. Cynthia Shone

    Thank you for a great article!

  3. Mary Rhew

    You are absolutely right. This is where America is at. God has no choice but to judge America. It is heart rending to see our Nation in the shape it is in. God will fulfill His word. May we as God’s people draw high to God.And continue to proclaim the truth and be a shinning light to this dark world. Keep telling the truth Bro. Fisher .

  4. Friend

    Very well said! Thank you!
    Jesus is guarding His trusting Flock as we huddle closer and closer to Him, as the approaching storm draws closer and more powerful. Yet, He is much more powerful than the storm. He will never forsake us.

  5. John

    What a great article, Mr Fisher, and what sane person could say it is wrong? The signs are all around us. Maybe there will be a lull, a temporary reprieve, but the End Times will happen because they are ordained by God. We can only Watch, pray and read our bibles.

  6. Jacqueline Frank

    Very true, sadly not many will read it, but leaders who have read this, need to wake up themselves, and really ought to share the information in church. As they have a responsibility to the people God as given them to shepherd.

  7. Daniel

    Thanks so much Brother Fisher, you hit the nails on the head. What strikes me in this late article is the way you express the possible and deceiving temporal relief as: “All that the majority of professing Christians need to be convinced at this moment that we are not in the end-times is for Satan to throw them a bone—a semblance of peace, prosperity, and security….. Truly, they will deem the dark cloud to be lifted. The party will begin. Weak professing Christians will be swept up in the celebration of the apostate ones…..What would be lost in such a celebration is the fact that the ship is still headed for a massive iceberg the size of a large city”. It takes your maturity to have such insight. Many Christians are like the frog in the heated pan, enjoying the swim oblivious of being cooked to death.

  8. Faith

    It is past the point of no return. Things are escalating exponentially towards evil and all the end times prophesies will be fulfilled. The only way to prepare for it is discipleship and its disciplines, if you have been following the Shepherd as His disciple, He will lead you and show you. He will give you the grace to endure, and to let go. The Holy Spirit will lead you through. You must surrender 100% to Jesus Christ, you can’t be hanging onto material comforts, securities, etc. It’s all gonna go. Just like in nazi Germany, persecution is coming, and martyrdom. If those words send a chill down your spine, then you are not ready. I warn all the time but I am always met with that gateway of a lie of the deception…”The Pre Trib Rapture” MYTH, with its blinking lights, gold frame, and bells and whistles to distract the church from the need of discipleship, carrying their cross, and not loving their lives even unto death. Rev. 12; 11.
    You can’t serve two masters. When faced with the temptation and persecution (as many believers in the world already are), those who are weak and love the things of the world will cave in. Do you realize that 99% of churches in Germany, both leaders and congregations, went along with hitler all the way to the end? Those solitary voices of dissent who opposed the evil were the remnant minority, many went gracefully to their deaths as martyrs. Where do you think the rest of those professing ‘Christians’ ended up? It wasn’t heaven.

    Also, the antichrist leads up all 3, religion, government, economy one world system, false prophet rises later and promotes him. It is symmetric with its opposite-see Rev. 13.

  9. Jerod

    55 million babies. If judgement does not fall upon the American church and it’s nation, then God would ceased to have been consistent.

  10. Connie

    What a great article! Thank you for writing the truth. I know some Christians who think things are going to get better. How wrong they are. Things in this world are not as they seem. Satan is working through every avenue he can find. People forget that we are to test the spirits. Not everything that feels good or has major growth and acceptance in the world is from God. The greatest deception is coming as a judgment for those who refuse God’s truth! God help us to remain sober and vigilant!

  11. Karin

    Time IS running out, but God desires that none should perish… JESUS is still to be found, still to be preached, God’s word to be told, God’s spirit to be poured out..but HE is returning very soon. Are we all ready with full lamps, are we ready?

  12. Chuck Furlong

    Certainly it is true; what passes for “Christianity” these days is anything but Biblical; whether it’s contemplative prayer (and various other mystical practices with a “Christian” veneer), Ecumenism, “Word-Faith” heresies, Dominionism, or any of the other abominations listed in the article above.

    I noticed however, one glaring error–so prevalent in the Protestant-Evangelical Church– that is not on the list. This error could be the most insidious of the lot, seeing that it prevails among so many Christians (though not all) who are otherwise highly discerning; called to be “watchmen” as it were.

    That error–a whole family of errors, really–is commonly known as Lordship Salvation (LS).

    LS has many high-profile proponents within the evangelical Church. It is a view that claims to believe in salvation by grace alone through faith alone in the shed blood of Christ alone, but goes on to deny that Truth by attaching caveats to that message; mis-defining repentance and confusing issues of justification with those of discipleship. The believer influenced by LS becomes preoccupied with the degree of their own supposed “devotion to God” to the point that their own “devotion” becomes the de-facto object of their faith. It’s another form of veiled legalism; the “reformed protestant” equivalent of RCC sacramentalism. It has been a source of untold discouragement, despair and misery within the Church.

    I grant you, the Church–the true Church–is in bad shape, spiritually. But the cause is not that Christians are not sufficiently devoted to God. That’s an effect, not the root cause. The root cause is that so many are not resting exclusively in the sacrifice of Christ as their only hope. Therefore they lack the true assurance of salvation that can be found no other way.

    It alarms me that you include “lack of preaching the Gospel” in your list of non-problems in the Church. In fact, “lack of preaching the Gospel” is a major problem in the “professing Church”, and it stems from so many leaders/preachers/teachers who apparently don’t believe the Gospel–who may not even know the Gospel, let alone preach it. Their “gospel” is so encrusted with man-centered “how-devoted-are-you” “how-on-fire-are-you” “what-have-you-done-for-God-lately” idolatry that it’s no wonder people are falling asleep, falling away, or chanting themselves into a demon-influenced stupor in attempts to attain the peace that can be found only by resting in the Gospel of God’s Free Grace.

    I do agree that this country’s salvation does not rest with presidential candidates. The prospects for renewed stability and national rescue are indeed weak. But God is still merciful and gracious, and that is what we must rely on. Even if we ceased immediately from murdering babies, wallowing in porn, worshiping freedom, trusting in our military and on and on, the U.S. would still be completely undeserving of God’s grace. By the same token, neither does the Church’s hope depend on her own degree of devotion, so let’s not hope in that.

    Let’s stop wondering if we’re still deserving of God’s blessing, if we’re sufficiently “devoted”. We aren’t. We never were. We never will be. That goes for the Church as well as the nation. But that should never stop us from going to the throne of Grace. Let’s get our eyes off of ourselves and fix our hope on Him. That is the repentance (change of mind) that leads to eternal life.

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  13. eeyore

    I re posted this on my blog this morning, thank you for writing it. It is well said, I hope people will take it to heart. I hope this ok, if not contact me at the email provided and I will remove it.

  14. Mike

    Pleasant words? No I think not. Needful Yes! I still believe that “Words of reproach from the Wise is much better than the praise of Fools… Thank You! Now by His Grace may I receive it, and apply these words of wisdom to my life…

  15. Lynne Parker

    America is very much under judgment and it will continue – many many will not be prepared and will be swept up and carried away lost in the ebb tide of mass deception that they flirted with for so long (I speak of the church). The sad truth is that the political figures that promise to be Americas deliverers all drink from the same well – and the church has lost its discernment having slept too long with doctrines of Devils. False teachers, having seduced the church , changed her focus from things eternal to things temporal and she has committed adultery with the world. Regretfully far to few of her shepherds sounded an alarm – only the remnant who listened to the cry of the watchman and entered the life boats will be saved all others will go down in a sea of judgment. God help us –

  16. Joyce White

    May God bless you for writing your article. I totally agree with everything written in this piece. Sadly, we, as Christians, over the last several decades, have been lulled to this ‘spiritual state’ because we chose the ways of the world rather than remaining true to our Lord Jesus Christ. We must continue to pray and trust God in these last and evil days.

  17. Geo. Brown

    I wonder the thought that only seven, now eight are all that have read this. Surely it would require a response from all who have. I’ve maintained that hard praying truly God fearing man may only convince God to hold back for a season His wrath to come. But come it will assuredly!

    Luke 23:28 – 31

    We are Aliens indeed.

  18. Terry watson

    Thank you amen! One question. Can we be decived into believing there is a godly person to vote for? Help us Lord Jesus!

  19. Angel Carranza

    Matthew’s parable of the 10 virgins in chapter 25 comes to mind. Thanks for having the courage to write such article. Jesus’ coming is so close, let’s keep looking up, for our redemption is closer than we expect!

  20. Truth Seeker

    Thank you for your devotion and dedication to Truth! Sometimes I think I’m going crazy when I see what’s happening, the only one left who sees the iceberg ahead, and then the Lord brings someone like you to remind me,
    ” Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.”

  21. Lena Wood

    Amen and Amen. The contemplative/mystical insurgence is especially dangerous. Contemplative prayer is neither contemplative (thinking) or prayer (talking to God). It is a pagan practice rooted in Hindu/Buddhist theology.

    Thanks for your witness, brother. You named the names.

  22. Frank and Lorna Dyck

    Thank you Cedric Fisher so very much for your truthful and insightful article!
    We are from Canada, and the same deception is happening here, in so many of our churches.
    We had our eyes opened to the deception that is taking place in the churches, when my husband came across Lighthouse Trails Website.
    Your right, people do not want to heed the warnings. But we will continue to warn people, pray and trust the Lord.

  23. Stephen

    These things must come to pass to validate the Word of God in the hearts & minds of men. God is working Redemtively as only God will draw all men unto himself by his Grace & Mercy by the power of his Holy Spirit through his judgement on the church & world, sifting the wheat & shaff, separating the sheep & goats, believers & unbelievers.
    Narrow is the WAY that leads unto Salvation!
    Call upon the name of the Lord that tho might be Saved!

  24. Leslie A

    Oh, you have expressed here so much of what I have been thinking about recently. If you dare speak these words to fellow Christians you are viewed as negative and not believing God to be all-powerful. But as I have told my family for many years now– America cannot be strong in the end. Sometime she is going to have to leave her capitalistic, democratic roots behind her and become a nation to join all other nations in a one-world system. It looks like that time is very, very near now. You can see Bible prophecy fall into place almost every single day right now. It’s amazing to watch. Standing firm and holding fast to the Word of God is all we can do now. Thank you so much for this article.

  25. T. I. Miller

    As to secular leaders they can be seen as stop gap measures as with Jehu, no saint, sent by God to end the reign of Ahab and Jezebel the devil worshipper.
    Paul in Romans 13 and Peter in 1 Pet. 2 wrote that the Church should defer to the State even the Roman Empire. Jesus told us to render unto Cesar what is Caesars. BUT in a Democratic Republic we the people are Cesar.
    Abetting and aiding illegal immigrants and refugees in defiance of civil laws is in no way showing love and obedience to Jesus.
    It is my personal opinion that almost all of todays ills in the church come under the heading of syncretism. This is the opposite of Gods constant command of being called out to separate from every form of idolatry or worldly affection.
    The church has foolishly sought to be in sync with secular science, psychology, Eastern dualism, Eastern meditation, socialist utopianism social salvation, worldly entertainment incorporated into the Sunday service, feminism, all by fuelled by church leaders drunk with self aggrandizing narcissism.

  26. Ronald DeMitchell

    As for me, I secretly wish with all my heart that things will get better, and that the judgment will not fall. It breaks my heart to hear that America will fall. However, since there is every indication that America is under judgment for its evil ways, how do we prepare? Somehow, I know that all the nations that ever rebel against God fall, and all nations have done that. This article is a big wakeup call.

    • Rick

      WITHOUT CEASEING! Are we all, Holy Spirit Filled people of God just throwing in the towel? NOT ME!

      Yes, this is sobering. But God! His Mercy endures forever, and we are not finished fighting.
      I am an American Christian and I am in the fight for our USA, in full spiritual warfare. I am not going to sit down and think I gotta be prepared for a doomsday catastrophe. If it comes, God’s Hand is on His people. He will deliver us. Even if it’s death because I’m willing to die for liberty, for our Constitution which I swore an oath to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. US Army vet.

      Many in the church are self absorbed. Looking for a ‘good word’ ….. But most don’t understand the seriousness of what’s been happening……and most don’t know the source of this stuff….like abortion, which isn’t even the most disgusting thing “the wicked” are doing. Child trafficking, molestation, and sacrifice are a part of a certain echelon of “elites” world wide. NOTHING is as it seems. Our God is NOT MOCKED.

      Today legislators pass “laws” that allow evil to flourish. Young people coming up hear “abortion is legal” and so their inner moral code (conscience) is seared by a false righteousness. It is always the young who are attacked.

      Can’t unwind this here. It’s complex. But much of the Church is asleep. Not all of it, and as God used Gideon’s 300, I am believing that there will be another defeat of His enemies, who are numerous, and another outpouring of His Spirit across not only America, but the entire globe. The Storm IS upon us….and as any storm those in its path need to lift our heads, hearts and spirits to He Who does all things well.

      No one can assume an understanding of where we are in the unfolding of the Living God’s plan for humanity. Jesus spoke of the “beginning of birth pains” in Mt 24.

      The Wicked (of which I was part before Jesus saved my selfish sinful soul), such as the leaders of the WEF and the wealthy bloodlines, central bankers, illuminati, actually perpetuate much of what is put in our faces day after day. And so may people are convinced what “they” are telling us has substance. But it can and I think WILL all come down, and come down in a heap.

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