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The Pressure to dim and then turn out the light

Before I address anything else, please bear with me as I point out some examples of true hatred. I am using the definition of hatred that rose up from Liberalism like a swamp monster from a fog. That definition is; “Anything that disagrees with or in anyway disapproves of what I say or do.” It is enforced by a single rule; to punish the offender as harshly as possible, often with the help of the news media. It is now escalated to the retraction or restriction of one’s Constitutional rights of “life, liberty, the persist of happiness, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.”

Since the rule only applies to and is enforced against Christians, it is hatred by its own definition. It’s enforcers identify historic and biblical Christian values as hatred, then aggressively force Christians to submit to the false accusation or suffer the loss of their livelihoods, pay outrageousness fines and compensation. It is a massive attempt by Christophobic individuals in the secular realm to force the Remnant of God’s people into becoming “closet” Christians.

By their own definition of hatred, the lawsuits and adjudication are themselves acts of hatred against Christian bakers, flower shop owners, et cetera. They are aggressive acts of hatred because they are unconstitutional infringements on the rights of Christians citizens to live free in our Republic unencumbered by abusive of legislative or judicial power.

Furthermore, the attempts to replace the Constitution of our nation with Sharia Law is an act of hatred. First, our Constitution disallows the violence intrinsic in Islam and the two diametrically opposed Legal Systems cannot coexist. Furthermore, Islam has a worldwide history of gaining by violence what it cannot possibly gain by attraction. It is the most violent and brutal religion against Christians. We cannot retain our Constitution and Christianity cannot exist under Sharia Law.  Continue reading

We’re not going to win.

Christians that realize the evil faction attacking our nation is growing more powerful and brutal by the day. They are at their wits end about what to do. Some of them have put their hope in President Trump because the alternative is depressing and hopeless. That alternative is to hope that Christianity awakens and becomes a moral force again. Rife with heretics and other charlatans, and inundated with apostasy, it is not likely to occur.

For the ministers labeled “watchmen,” discernment ministers, truth speakers, et cetera, it even gets more stressful. When the watchmen speak, few people are willing to listen. Churches refuse to invite them because they “depress” the congregants. They are pushed so far out of mainstream Christianity that they have no pastorates. It came to mind recently that if the leaders in Christianity opposed the apostasy as they should, many pastors, TV hosts, authors, et al, would be working at menial secular jobs. The majority have never held a secular job and have no skills or qualifications.

There is a small, very loosely connected, army on the Internet who to the best of their abilities are trying to warn the sleepers. They write on Social Media, some of them have blogs or websites, and other ones have managed to get published.  It takes a lot of work and time researching and writing to expose the deep wickedness of any serious deception or developing heresy. They write posts that few people take the time to read. Additionally, the percentage is very small of the ones that read, make a comment, or click “like.” It is a fact in this text-message, Instagram, world that most people will not read anything over two paragraphs.

Adding to the burden is the number of heretic-lovers armed with keyboards, lacking knowledge and discernment, and in most cases deceived or delusional. They attack watchmen and anyone else that dares expose their beloved heretic to the light of truth. One never witnesses them defend truth, they never write anything that agrees with God’s word, or hints of opposing the encroaching darkness. One cannot have a cordial discussion with them. They have no respect for seasoned servants of God. They are convinced that light is darkness and darkness is light. One may as well try to convince a goat that is attempting to eat a piece of roofing that grass is much better.  Continue reading

Has it now come to this—Premeditated Baby Murder?

In denying born babies the right to medical care and survival, Democrats have crosses a line that we knew they had the determination and moral bankruptcy to cross for decades. No doubt they are a delusional group of demon-influenced or possessed individuals, inhuman across the spectrum of their shredded and deficient moral systems. They have strained at the thinning membrane of common decency and finally broke through to commit the greatest outrage for all time. It is classic Saul Alinsky stratagem that models the Hegelian Dialect—create outrage after outrage until society implodes from the stress-overload to their sensibilities. They are prepared to jump into the chaotic aftermath and offer diabolical solutions to the great problem they created.

This is bizarre and unacceptable in a civilized nation. One does not fall lower in character and become more despicable than one who murders a baby. These Democrats have sanctioned the premeditated murder of helpless babies struggling and crying out for the security and love of a mother’s arms. It also violates their oath of office and the Constitution that guarantees every human the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” If allowed to stand, this barbarous moral failure—no doubt inspired by Satan himself and inserted into the eager conduit of the Democrat Party—will remove the final barrier to cold-hearted, brutal persecution of Christians and political Conservatives when the Dems get back in power. If someone thinks that a bit farfetched, he or she is ignorant of history.

Although I have thought it and said it privately, I have refrained from saying what many other Believers have said because I did not wish to alienate my Democratic friends. However, now I must declare what is as a fire shut up in my bones. If anyone claims to be a Christian and supports the Democrat Party, I have no doubt that he or she will have the sin of premeditated murder of babies on his or her record when standing before God in judgment. Here is why. Continue reading

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