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Immaculate Barns and Rotting Harvest

I am convinced that exciting church meetings do not make better Christians. It may make church meetings less boring, more populated, and create a greater cash flow, and build immaculate buildings, but Christianity is not made more effective. Haven’t we learned by observing secular music concerts that nothing beyond fleshy satisfaction is accomplished by fleshy excitement? After the concert is finished, much trash is left behind as people head home gratified but empty.

The only time I served on a pastoral staff, the pastor assigned as one of my duties for me to clean the large church building twice each week. He was an exciting preacher and the church services were exciting. I was humbled and humiliated as I cleaned two large restrooms that were very filthy and some smaller ones that were no less filthy. I wonder how people can arrive with seemingly empty hands and pockets and yet leave behind so much debris. Everywhere I cleaned and vacuumed, people had left their trash. However, I seldom picked up Kleenex tissues in the altars.

I am convinced that what churches need they are fearful of. They need to hear preaching and teaching that informs them about genuine Christianity, their fidelity to God’s will and responsibility to reach lost people with truth. Instead, we organize church meetings that placate casual professing Christians and pander to sinners. They come and leave in the exact same condition. There are few tears in the altars and fewer fiery coals in the hearts of millions of Laodicean Christians.

They are happy, excited, warmed by fellowship, and comforted by conviction-less preaching, but the harvest that rots in the fields is also rotting in the pews.

So don’t brag about how big your barn is, and how exciting it is to visit during a church service. I am not impressed. Tell me that you spend more money on boxes of Kleenex than on pastries and coffee for tiki bars in the foyer, and I want to visit your meeting.

Has the night arrived when no one can work (John 9:4)? Has the summer ended, the harvest over, and people are not saved (Jeremiah 8:20)?

It is past time to break up our fallow ground!

“Sow for yourselves righteousness; Reap in mercy; Break up your fallow ground, For it is time to seek the Lord, Till He comes and rains righteousness on you.” (Hosea 10:12)

Fallow: “Usually cultivated land that is allowed to lie idle during the growing season.” (Merriam -Webster)

Plow your hearts and the hearts of fellow Believers with truth! Let the plow run deep! Suffer your hearts to become tender with compassion for the lost and impassioned for the reality of God’s Divine Presence! Empty yourselves of the dregs of the world system and be filled with with a Holy hunger and thirst for righteousness—the substance in godliness!

One’s heart will never be filled with more than his or her knees (figuratively speaking) will endure.

I never apologize for conviction, especially when it has convicted me before it convicts others. I am convicted to pray more. I want to be prepared for the plow lest I squirm out of its path.

Satanists Expose their Master as a vile Beast

We were driving around in Little Rock, Arkansas yesterday intending to visit a couple of thrift stores. We visited one and left in a short while without buying anything. Then we came to the mutual agreement to get back on I-40 and hurry on out of Arkansas.

I have nothing against the state of Arkansas. The issue was that we felt such a strong spirit of evil in Little Rock. Of course evil is everywhere. However, just as we sense when a good friend is disturbed, we may sense “spikes” of evil activity in an area.

The next morning I discovered that while we were in Little Rock, satanists were planting a Baphomet statue on the Capitol grounds. I also read that Christians are outraged and demanding that it be taken down. That was also my initial reaction. However, after praying it dawned on me that Baphomet contrasted by the Ten Commandments on the Capitol grounds might backfire on the satanists.

I say, leave it alone. Satan has been doing his wickedness while hiding behind the faces of people. He pretends to be a more benevolent and understanding god—one that wishes us to enjoy our fleshy lusts, not reject and mortify them. It’s time folks see him for what he truly is.

The Baphomet statue represents everything evil. It represents racism because Satan is the author of racism. It represents domestic violence, pedophilia, rape, murder, injustice, torture, terrorism, drug abuse, suicide, and every other evil activity, i. e., all that is wrong, destructive, and harmful in society. His path leads to early physical death and then eternity in hell.

With Baphomet sitting fully exposed, Satan worshippers can no longer disguise who they serve. Satan is represented as vile and intensely horrific by the statue. If the thing were real even the dogs and wild animals would be repulsed by it. As it is, only the pigeons will tolerate and perhaps decorate it.

It was is designed to depict sheer evil and instill fear. Thus, it stands as evidence that Satan is the worst possible choice as a master. The true Master Jesus Christ represents everything opposite of Satan and his Baphomet similitude.

Christians in Little Rock now have the means to present Satan for what he is. Amazingly, they did not have to draw a picture to expose him. Satan’s followers did that for them. Christians can bring their children to the Capitol grounds, or show them a photo, and teach them. They can explain that the consequences of rejecting God is to serve Satan, that he is not the benign boogy man he has hidden behind for eons, but a dangerous supernatural beast that captures and torments souls.

Therefore, let the thing stand as a self-caricature of Satan—a grotesque image of his true nature . Let it be a constant reminder of the stark difference between good and evil, between light and darkness.

Just as darkness exposes the need for light, it will remind us of why we need and must serve God. Furthermore, it will magnify the truths that God is great, that He is love, is compassionate, gracious, and forgiving to all that seek Him, even a satanist. The Baphomet will loom as a testimony that Satan is the evil liar that comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. There is no other reason that he would gleefully represent himself with such a grotesque and threatening image.

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