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The Need for Conviction

I was invited to attend a revival meeting in a local church. The speaker spoke clear and about sin and many of the sins church people commit and are entangled in. However, I was disappointed when at the end of his preaching he apologized if he had offended anyone. The problem such preachers have is they are not in charge of conviction. I have taught on topics, such as The History of Christianity, and made no mention of sin or sinning, and yet people were convicted.

The fact is, we have no control over conviction. It is the Holy Spirit that convicts and also anoints preaching and teaching. So that preacher was just trying to appear strong against sin, but he did not want conviction to occur. His apology was for the purpose of softening the effect of conviction. What a waste of pulpit time and my time as well!

It is true that most people do not like conviction and many reject it. To the deceived, all truth that is conveyed via anointed preaching, and that pierces their minds with conviction, is considered “hateful, judgmental, pharisaical, unloving, condemning, et cetera.” They want a soft and benign gospel that could not penetrate a rotten apple. The piercing of God’s word disturbs them and they lash out in anger. Striking out with angry accusative verbiage at one who speaks the clear Gospel truth is indicative of one who does not know Christ.

The only “gospel” available that fits their standard is as a cart rope tied to Satan’s minions. It is the “gospel” of “Christ on our terms and according to our way.” It does not include becoming a new creation because it does not insist on death to the fleshly nature. One cannot be raised in newness of life that has not been crucified with Christ.

The truth is that if God had wanted to please the ears and warm the hearts of sinners, He would have sent a Gospel palatable to their sin-deadened souls. However, that’s not the way salvation works. People need their sin exposed so that they realize that they need a savior. But they have become hardened through the “deceitfulness of sins.” (Hebrews 3:13) There is a reason the word of God is identified as a sword. Its sharp tip is conviction and it did not come to make peace with sinners. When Christ said, “You are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you” (John 15:3), perhaps it was because the anointed word attacks sin with conviction. Sincere repentance is as taking a spiritual bath in the cleansing Blood of Christ.

No one can be saved who has not been convicted of sin. If an individual is lost, the Holy Spirit will convict him or her because their sin and unbelief condemns them. To be set free he or she must turn from darkness and run to the Light.
“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” John 3:19

However, heretics and hirelings preach the “gospel” of a “covenant with death” (Isaiah 28:18-20), which pleases the flesh. Sinners have no trouble listening to it or believing it. However, they are not truly converted but are being led down a path to deception.

The anointed word of God leaves no room for fence-straddling Christianity. Millions will reject it and enter hell. The False Christian and flesh-placating preacher will enter eternal hell. People who reject conviction are setting their course for hell.  We must love God’s word when it convicts us as much as we love it when it blesses, comforts, encourages, and strengthens us. Conviction is not the enemy of a sinner. It can introduce him or her to a true friend—Jesus Christ.

A Spiritual Weather Report

When I read about the Pennsylvania grand jury report of horrific molestation of children by RCC priests, I thought, “The dark storm is getting closer.” If I’m not mistaken the report only covered one state. One day the dark storm will arrive in full fury. The wicked works of darkness will then be so plentiful and ubiquitous that it will be almost unbearable.

Here’s how the damage control arm of the RCC works. It reveals diabolical scheming that is very
troubling. Weeks before the release of the grand jury report about hundreds of priests molesting and raping children, there was a spike in the push to accept pedophilia. The liberal news media provided an outlet for their demonstrations. In some instances it was one person with a placard, but they blew it up as a significant number of protesters . It was spread all over social media. Liberals in the entertainment industry quickly joined the relatively small advocacy. I wondered why the scurrilous ones were pushing that agenda when there was obviously no chance it was going to succeed during the Trump administration.

What was going on was an attempt by the Vatican cleanup crew to condition society for the release of the grand jury’s report. It reveals a strong connection to homosexual and especially the pedophile activists.I don’t think they expected to significantly abate the outrage of the public, but to tone it down enough that they could manage the negativity until the story rolled out off the News cycle. Notice that after the report was released the pedophile advocates faded away.

Here is a clearer picture of what is going on in the RCC. It is reported that as much as 50% of RCC priests in America are homosexuals (Let’s Find Out the Real Number of Gay Priests in the Church; Francis DeBernardo). Another report declared only 45% of priests are practicing celibacy (The American Conservative; Rod Dreher). Those are not the only sources that I researched. It is a stunning indictment of corruption in the RCC that, with its heresy and unbiblical religious system, makes it clear that no true Christian should ever call it a Christian organization, much less wish to engage in ecumenism with it. Continue reading

Power or Posturing

While many professing Christians want God’s power to work in them, they want it to work according to their wishes and without infringing on their comfort zones. They want a formula, an easy pattern that they can employ at will. There is nothing in God’s gifts to us that operate that way. If you are going to possess the power of God, you will only do so when you use it for His glory alone. You must spend time in prayer or you will come to the pulpit as a weakling that needs props to perform.

Not accepting this truth, many pastors are turning to heretical factions, such as the New Apostolic Reformation, to acquire spirituality without accountability. There are no short cuts to genuine spirituality. Genuine spirituality occurs when one surrenders fully to the indwelling Holy Spirit. Wrestling with His guidance produces an unstable, double-minded, nature.

So now we are witnessing pastors that because of being enamored with disgraceful NAR “stars” have goals of increasing membership and their own popularity. They are pitifully mimicking teleheritics and rousing people with great claims and promises, but they are as empty as a drought-stricken pond.

Dear Father God, convict and compel them to return to You, to fall in love with truth, and to abstain from even the appearance of pandering for the sake of self aggrandizement. I pray that the fire of conviction will become fire of dedicated passion to seek You with all their hearts and desire truth in the depth of their souls.

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