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When it’s Over—it’s not Over

I have read many professing Christian’s statements about what they are going to do when the virus is over. It appears that they believe everything will be as before. That’s like a double amputee anticipating leaving the hospital so that she or she can walk again. Do they really think the old “normal” will be there when the shutdown is lifted? I’m beginning to think that it does not matter to them as long as they can return to their sense of autonomy and freedom.

When it is over, it will not be over. The bane of having our freedom taken away may be gone, we may feel that we have more autonomy and freedom—but we will actually have less. Some businesses will not survive the Government’s extremism. Money will be too scarce to go on a spending spree. Sitting in a restaurant is not going to be more than a moment of exhilaration. Who will be irresponsible enough to spend money on a vacation with a depression rising over the economic horizon? What will we actually have once things return to “normal” that will cause us to feel better? Oh, I know, it’s that thing Christians do—meet in buildings. Has meeting in buildings made Christianity a strong and influential power in our society? Uh…no.

Christians are on their own—no secular entity is going to make certain that the religion survives and continues. It is up to the ones that truly know God to make certain Christianity survives as a biblical paradigm for true followers of Christ Jesus.

Every church building in America could be permanently shutdown, forcing everyone to hover around a computer screen to vicariously get a sense of “meeting,” and not one individual in the secular realm would have the slightest speck of concern. Give them jobs, and places to eat, shop, and party, and secular people will be satisfied. It will not matter to them one whit if our Nation’s sovereignty is surrendered to a Global Government.

We should not focus all our efforts and concern on preserving our rituals, and practically nothing on maintaining and growing our spiritual lives. Our rituals can be mandated to death—all we will have left is what is of God and growing inside. Spiritually dead churches, heretical churches, and Seeker/Emergent churches also livestream virtual meetings to their membership. Some also hold drive-in parking lot meetings while ushers in masks and rubber gloves pass around buckets to collect the filthy lucre. It is like witnessing a large blob of spiritual virus shaking and quivering to rise again to slime all over Christianity’s landscape.

What makes true Christians different is what we do outside of the buildings and when the livestream ends. If praying is not a sacred and blessed privilege to us, we will fall into the same pits with the charlatans.

When the shutdown is over, ecumenists will come out again urging willfully ignorant professing Christians to go back to “Papa”—the idolatrous and blasphemous Roman Catholic bondage. Professing Christians will continue to accept New Age rituals as ancient lost true Christian practices. They will continue to support heretics and heresy, cluelessly promoting flagrant spiritual wickedness on Social Media, and otherwise skipping along in their quest to see the wizard. That is what God has become to them—the wizard of Oz that will snatch them out of their nightmare and take them back to rural Kansas.

If that appears cynical, that’s because it is. After years of warning people, of telling them that when surge to a Global Government came it would happen quickly, they never paid attention to anything but their comfort zones. Now we are in a nonsensical, panic and fear-driven crisis, that needlessly destroyed our nations economy, attacked our First Amendment rights and gave liberal extremists way too much power over us (all the while claiming Constitutional privilege to override the Constitution). There was no check and balance in place to stop them or to effectively rollback their hyper-authoritative decrees. During this charade, I witnessed anchorless, professing Christians sucked into the lie, fully committed to supporting the Government—believe every word they heard while sheltering with the herd. Concurrently, they excoriated fellow Believers, calling them murderers, demoniacs, people for whom a special place in hell awaits, simply for listening to the Holy Spirit and refusing to be deceived. Will those people even return to “normal” if “normal” exists after the shutdown ends? Or will they continue to go about with worthless masks or masks that they do not know how to wear properly, giving the evil eye to people who refuse to breathe carbon monoxide, and do not genuflect to secular knee-jerk governing?

Their angry replies will no doubt be references to people that died, accusations of heartlessness, and the standard ad hominem. But let me make one fact clear—this is not about the virus. It is about extreme liberals taking advantage of a novel, but flu-similar, virus to destroy and possibly charge forever our society. It is about Christianity being so weak that it can no longer influence or hold the Government responsible when it oversteps its boundaries. Where in the past there might be a Christian leader, and enough cohesiveness in Christianity, to make the Government reluctant to exert such audacious control over the people, there is nothing left but a vacuum. It’s like a boxing match where one of the contestants does not show up. It is about people so spiritually weak that they care more about believing possible, maybe, “trust me, I know,” threats, with padded data, than they do about their freedom.

It is not just that we are sequestered and cannot do anything about it, but because so many professing Christians do not want to do anything about it. They are as meek as “broken” horses, ready to be ridden, to go wherever the reins direct them to go. When the shutdown is over, as long as there is a barn, stable, food, and security of sameness, they will be content.

I am not advocating for activism, but for professing Christians to repent of their lack and weakness. It’s too late for that. We need to be ready for what is certain to come after this shutdown is over. There is nothing more powerful we can do than pray. But even praying is worthless when souls are not committed to and are in harmony with God.

Some professing Christians may reply, “You need more love. God knows my heart. I’m doing the best that I can.”

Yes, God does know your heart and everyone’s hearts. He knows whether or not you are doing the best that you can with all that He has given you. He knows whether or not you are making an honest effort to know Him, fighting the good fight to pray, to obey, and be productive.

He also knows if you are truly one of the billions of professing Christians that prioritize everything in life above Him and then complain when someone points out that fact. He knows when you are more aroused, animated, and vocal, about someone calling you to repentance than about His Holy Spirit calling you to fellowship with Him. He easily recognizes when you count a rebuke or exhortation as “persecution” or “suffering for Jesus” when you have not spent more calories than in a cup of yogurt obeying Him. So yes, such a person has a case against me for rumbling through their comfort zone like a bull in a china shop.

But does not the period call for strong rebuke and exhortations. I would hazard to guess that 90 percent or more of professing Christians in this nation are either apostate or are on the path to apostasy. They want to be religious, practice some rituals, attend a few church meetings, et cetera, but they do not wish to be serious about their relationship with God. They are embarrassed by people serious about a relationship with God. This article either embarrasses or offends them—or both. The fact is that they can be so easily subdued is not hidden from the eyes of extreme liberal predators—demoniacs all.

We have the luxury in this Nation of houses, good beds, easily accessible food supply, and numerous amenities of life in this Constitutional Republic. There is a huge faction in this nation that would either take or give it away to get rid of the remainder of Christianity and personal autonomy. Make no mistake about it—a great force of evil strains at the thin boundary of the election process. When they break through and get back in control of the Presidency and Congress, we will long to return to the “glory days” of this shutdown fiasco. It will appear as a tropical utopia compared with the great smothering death of personal freedom that will land on us like a mountain.

Do you want to wait for that to occur before you decide to pray and get in right relationship with God? Sadly, history records that the overwhelming majority of people will do just that. Furthermore, they will attack and insult the ones that try to warn them until the day when they will weep and mourn for their good old days in “Egypt.” God is not going to force such people to hear and repent.

There is a phrase in God’s word that declares, “…and after that, the judgment.” Look it up. It defines our life in the Temporal Realm. Get real. Victory is not going to come by sitting around waiting for someone else to fight our spiritual battles. Either we rise in spiritual strength and retake the ground that we lost, or we slump into “wimpdom” and meekly await our chains.

This is not a game! We are not going to take up our marbles, go away pouting that the Government didn’t play fair, and return to play another day. This is the defining monument for each professing Christian. Take up your cross and stop whining about the splinters.


  1. What an amazing amount of truly astute Spiritual thinking, rebuke, exhortation. C.H…….. TRUTH !!!…BUT few will read and head, I fear ! I fear for their souls when the stand before Almighty God at the Great White Throne judgment and are found naked and were without wedding garments when ‘crunch’ time came……… MANY will say, Lord did we not prophecy (preach) in Your Name and cast out devils in Your Name and do many great works in Your Name, Here is the sad answer from the Lord…… Depart from me you who work iniquity (religious sin, like the Pharisees) and also these awful words will be said by the Lord Jesus…….I DON’T KNOW YOU. !!

    Christian, if you are away from God and following the one of the mainstream ‘religions’ of this day and time, I beg you to return to your first love, Jesus Christ. Get away from the hype and the ‘feel good’ mamby-pamby sermons that tickle your ears by telling you foolish, un-Biblical, and false dogmas like OSAS. Those will end you squarely at that white throne with Hell awaiting you. I plead with you, repent (change your thinking and turn around) !! Come as prodigal children back to the safety and joy of the loving Father’s embrace and protective arms. Eternity is too long to be wrong. Come back, “It’s Supper Time “. Come back !!

  2. Amen, you are exactly right. Thank you for your wisdom and speaking truth.

  3. Exactly. “Hurry up and get back to normal, so I can put my rose-colored glasses back on, and skip through the pansy fields with butterflies and unicorns and fairies!”
    They were not paying attention to the warnings. But this is real, it’s never going back. “This is not a drill,” as the newscasters have said at the onset. The global government is already up and it will become more evident as time goes on. Those who were not on board were removed. Who cares by what name it goes, if they can get the world, every citizen of every nation in ‘lock step,’ as they said? And all the references to ‘together,’ and ‘global citizens’ is just a coincidence? And just like they did not listen to the warnings and did not heed them, and were not ready for round 1, they will not be ready for round 2. I feel this was sort of a test to see how the masses respond, and they were pleased with the conformity of the results. As long as all worship the antichrist, by any other name, it is still the same.

    Possible scenario for round 2:
    A global terrorist attack has taken place of a religious nature, likely by isis. Everyone’s world is turned upside down. It’s much worse than 911. Interfaith candlelit vigils pop up all over as folks lock arms and sing some humanistic song of how man can be ‘good’ after all. A global leader who is already here, and has been calling for ‘unity’ for years will become even more in the public eye and call for religious harmony and unity. Soon all the governments will in unison order dictates that all must follow or suffer penalties for disobeying. The narrative will be as follows: We are all one, it’s all interconnected, what you do will effect someone else, so we all must agree to comply for the ‘greater, common good,’ if you don’t comply you will be being ‘selfish,’ and put someone’s life in danger, etc. etc., how dare you, etc. If you don’t join in with our interfaith one world religion, you will be deemed the ‘hater, enemy, killer, intolerant, bigot, extremist, cancer’ and the list goes on, and you must be eradicated…. ahem… for the common good… of course! All global citizens, and most vehemently, professing Christians, will unite under that banner of unity for the ‘greater good,’ and will be rallied against us, for remaining separate, loyal and obedient to Jesus and His commands. They will rail against us, they will charge at us like a bull in an arena, salivating to spill our blood just as in the days of Rome’s Coliseum. The stage is set, the die is cast, the herd mentality is solidified and the hate cemented and all is in line for this to transpire. The media rails against true Christians daily on most fronts. Society hates us openly. If you try to evangelize, (which I still do), all you get is snarky replies, 99% of them, and the 1% remaining is not all that positive either. And that was the latest in a conservative area in South Orange County, CA! Liberals are seething with hatred and the demonic realm is dripping with evil intent, ready to pounce, laying in wait for their opportune time. And just like professing Christians weren’t ready for this last round, they won’t be ready for the next one, or the ones after that either.

    The economic global collapse. The great depression spoken of in Revelation. The rising out of the ashes of the new global economy. Ultimately, the mark of the beast.

    “Ma’m, in order to re-enter society, you must wear a mask…. take a vaccine with aborted baby body tissue against the virus…. wear this burka in solidarity with our global ‘oneness’ religion…. take the microchip in your hand or on your forehead (the mark of the beast) for our new economy… in order to function again in society.”

    Don’t think the day is afar off! It comes upon the world suddenly like labor pains, and no one will escape. To the world, it will be gladly welcomed as the ‘inclusive’ utopia that includes every religious abomination and glamorizes every sin. To the false yet professing Christian, it will be the same. To the lukewarm Christian, most will waver and cave to it all in order to continue with ‘business and entertainment as usual.’ They couldn’t sacrifice the world for the things of the Spirit then, and they certainly won’t be able to later on either. Yet to the true Christian, who has already severed ties with the world, and especially those who kept their lamps lit and were alert, watching and warning, putting the Lord above all, we know what this is. We must stand for Jesus and remain loyal unto persecution, unwavering, and ultimately death. That’s what it says in Revelation. The world behind us, the cross before us is what we have already committed to, this is just the final scene that we have been rehearsing and practicing for all along. Things will only get worse, the instruments will all be aimed against us from all sides. The hour to follow our Bridegroom to the end has come. The hour of darkness is upon us, but the devil has a short time. Eventually they will come for us, true Bible believing Christians, an order for our arrest will be given. Some may escape ‘to the hills’ and survive until the rapture. The rest, like Jesus, will go the way of the cross on His night of arrest. It will be a spectacle, a ritual even, before the whole world. May we all be counted worthy to suffer and die for Him!

  4. And… this whole thing is an exercise run to see how well they can manipulate, brainwash, program, indoctrinate, and control people. And sadly, it’s working well! That is a prerequisite for the next phase and those thereafter.
    One irony of this is that even though churches were shut down even over Easter, there is not one single valid church that I know of where I could go to so there was nowhere to go to before this shut down anyway!

  5. so much of the church is caught up in the pollyanna-ish ideas of some form of universalism that so very many deceivers are sowing, that the idea of rapture and the things leading up to rapture are simply not grasped. led astray by some kind of deceiving spirit telling them of a coming love fest where hindus, Buddhists and Christians are all going to eventually end up in heaven, does not negate scripture.
    My approach to both Christian (?) and non-Christian is that things are going to get worse, not better. and how the Body of Christ responds to this should be of concern to all believers. and what I have observed is that not much of what is called the church seems to be demonstrating anything by way of The Lord in our life. In terms of representing the value of Christ in us, the hope of glory, in a manner that draws non-believers to Christ by what they observe in us during this trying time, the church is not much different than the world. this is a good opportunity to let our faith demonstrate our confidence in Him because more is coming. not less.

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