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Picky Choosy Professing Christians

I have said often that if most professing Christians knew what genuine Christianity actually is, they would never call themselves Christians. The majority of professing Christians do not know or accept biblical Christianity. Instead, they are attempting to conform it to their carnal philosophies so that they feel comfortable. Deception will keep one comfortable while it kills him or her.

The fact is that the Kingdom of God is only accessed by the called, chosen, and faithful. Hell is entered by the ones whose sins are obscured by living without light or low light.

Many of them are biological Christians with little understanding of God, of His word, are not indwelled by the Holy Spirit. They are “PickyChoosy” Christians—rejecting what does not please them, and choosing from heretics and hirelings what makes them comfortable and happy. It is not surprising that when they are convicted that they believe hatred has been unleashed on them.

“PickyChoosy” professing Christians see hatred in every “thou shalt not” in the Bible. They cannot experience God because He is displeased by their rejection of His word, and their fabricating neutral Christianity. I don’t know why they did not remain in the World System if they desire Christianity that conforms to it. Oh, but that is exactly what they did. They remained in the World System and are attempting to conform God and His word to its dark concepts.

The fact is that worldlings and pseudo-Christians hate the truth. They hate it because the light exposes their sin. Even a hint that their sins should be exposed evokes hatred in them. They deceptively project that hatred as if it is coming from the ones whose words convict them. It is truly a strange deception.

Such individuals will not stop sinning until sin exposed in him or her, and their reaction is to fall before God in repentance. Becoming angry or insisting people are “haters” that speak words that convicted them, is a strong indication of a carnal and closed heart empty of God. The only thing that can break through that closed heart is truth. It is the light that shines in the darkness.

If one does not believe that is important, he or she should try sweeping the floor in the dark.

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  1. Exactly. Those are the only type I run into anymore.
    Any word of Biblical exhortation and they lash out “hater!”
    Does anyone ever stop to think that it is the Holy Spirit convicting them that they are yelling at, and if they keep hardening their hearts, that could lead to the unforgivable sin?
    A video I came upon that speaks to both of these articles is by Servus Christi called ‘life is a vapor’ on youtube.
    Just to mention it but again some interesting folks making youtube videos about the current situation are:
    1. Living in His Presence church, Roberta Morrison, under messages on website (about beast system rising, last month and a half or so).
    2. Truth in Love Ministries, Shahram Hadian, prophecy updates and other messages on website.
    3. Servus Christi
    4. Jason a
    5. Remnant TV, see “Covid19; Globalism’s perfect storm” and one more recent one by Michael Matt. (Note he is a catholic but has insider info from the vatican so it’s interesting to hear that).
    6. On infowars there was an article yesterday about a ‘concert’ including lady gaga, bill gates, oprah, all the usual suspects that was pushing for a one world government and had phrases like ‘global citizen’ etc.
    It’s moving right along…

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