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A Dream: A Massive Dark Storm is Coming

I will likely pay dearly for writing this article, but I have no choice. I made the only choice I needed to make over 4 decades ago when I chose to surrender my life to God. All that follows is obedience. That said, I am battling strong reluctance to share this article. I am opening myself to derision and contempt by my enemies. It is possible that I will never be invited to speak at another conference, or have another book, booklet, or article published, and my Social Media presence will be adversely affected.  

Nonetheless, I must reveal a dream that I had last night. I’ve never had a dream like it, and I fully believe that it is a spiritual dream. People nowadays do not react well to such announcements because the eccentric Charismatics, especially the New Apostolic Reformation crackpots, are spouting bizarre revelations, heresies, dreams, and personal experiences, that make sane people shake their heads in disgust. 

Some Believers have ceased believing in healings and other miracles because of Benny Hinn. That is allowing oneself to be robbed of truth by fear of association with error. We should beware of becoming so disgusted with Satan’s lying signs and wonders show that we go to the other extreme and deny supernatural manifestations that are of God.

Please consider the following scripture. Is it relevant for the endtimes? Would God send a dream to warn people that are seeped in apathy and are rejecting every conventional warning?

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:” – Joel 2:28  

I’m an old man that has been in ministry for over 4 decades. I had a dream that I believe was sent by God. It will not prosper me, make me famous, or provide any advantage whatsoever. So why would I risk so much to relate it publicly? Because I am not my own—I was bought at a price, and not one thing on this earth is worth disobeying God to keep.

A Dream: November 26,2019

Although I was very sleepy when I went to bed, I had a very difficult time falling to sleep last night. I had finished praying and did not have any extra burdens on my mind. As usual, I did not eat anything after lunch (we rarely eat dinner). We never watch anything violent on television and cut our cable TV years ago. I did not research or write an article as I sometimes do until late at night. But I lay tossing, turning, and sleepless. 

I did not feel as if I slept deeply before and after I had the dream. My Fitbit watch showed an unusual sleep pattern that it has never recorded—3 times awake, 20 times restless, and 43 minutes awake/restless. One might declare that such a sleep pattern caused the dream.

The dream began with a breaking news report on television about a massive and dangerous freak storm approaching the West Coast. I was in a store somewhere and cannot identify the store or its location. It appeared that we were downtown in a large city, perhaps Greensboro, NC, which is about 25 miles north of us. The Announcer was very serious as he stressed that people should not take the storm lightly. He said that it could affect the entire nation all the way to the East Coast.

It wasn’t a hurricane, but was described as something that had never been witnessed before. Everyone along the entire West Coast were advised to evacuate immediately. There wasn’t much time to leave because the storm was approaching rapidly. The Announcer declared that there could be massive waves, very high winds, tornados, widespread flooding, and catastrophic property damage.    

Time seemed to fast forward and I watched as the storm hit what I seemed to recognize as Los Angeles. I’ve never witnessed anything like it. It was like a movie where special effects were used to project something supernatural and shockingly sensational. The storm was massive. There were no clouds but a huge cloud, a mass of darkness with swirling strands of grey.

When I saw the dark mass, I could feel its power in my spirit with a great sense of dread. 

Seconds after the dark mass appeared, a huge wave hit the city. Its appearance was as the color and composition of flood water. It was filthy with what appeared to be dirt or sand and other debris—possibly some wood. The height of it was much taller than the tallest skyscraper. I knew immediately that it was going to be catastrophic.

The skyscrapers crumbled as if they were melting like sand castles in the tide. Smaller buildings instantly vanished beneath its power. I do not know why, but I could hear people screaming. The roaring of the storm and wave was very loud. It sounded like the growling of an angry beast.

Within few seconds I witnessed the storm’s appearance, the city was completely under water. There was no land visible as far as the camera lens projected—then there was darkness.

Again, time seemed to fast forward. I do not know if it was a few hours later, or a day or more. Cheryl was now with me and there was near total darkness. There were a few scattered lights that I presume were powered by generators, but the street lights were off. I looked at my watch and it was 1:30 pm. I asked Cheryl why it was dark at 1:30 pm. I looked at the sky and there was no moon, no stars, and no wind. It was very quiet except for the rustling of something moving about in the shadows. I could occasionally hear sounds in the distance, but could not identify them.

It wasn’t long before I realized that we were in danger. Although the sidewalks were empty of people and there were no vehicles on the streets, I saw people darting from one shadow to another in the hue of the few lights that were on. We had entered a building and realized quickly that it was not a safe place. I did not trust anyone we saw and decided that we had to make our way out of the city. Two men came out of the shadows and asked me if we had any food. I said no, and warned them to stay away. They came closer until I picked up a piece of wood and threatened them. They left to look for an easier target.

There were other parts to the dream as we struggled to get out of the city. We were in danger several times, had to run, hide, and I had to fight for our lives. But I do not believe it is necessary to sensationalize the dream any further with those incidents. Suffice it to say that the power grid had been catastrophically damaged, there did not appear to be any law enforcement present, no sirens, no emergency vehicles, no means to communicate, no TV or radios were seen or heard, no planes flying, and no other sign of life except for people in pairs or larger numbers roaming about looking for victims. 

This morning after I woke and was having breakfast I went on the Internet to research what could have caused such massive disaster. I discovered that a powerful storm could cause what is called a meteotsunami. In fact, a meteotsunami in 1929 caused a 20 foot wave to crash into Grand Haven, Michigan. Stunningly, the National Weather Service declared that “the United States is still in the early stages of developing a meteotsunami forecast and early warning system.”

Was what I saw in the dream a meteotsunami? It was something that the announcer seemed to present as unprecedented and unpredicted. What size of storm would it take to produce such a large wave? I would also like to know if something else could contribute to the size of such a devastating wave. Could a tsunami and meteotsunami occur at once? They have different causes.      

What I know is that there are several events other than terrorism that could cause catastrophic damages to the United States and the world. The volcanos along the Pacific Rim could erupt. A meteorite or other large space object could land in the ocean. There could be a great pandemic. But most of those events can be somewhat predicted. 

A meteotsunami, often called a freak wave, could occur without warning on a sunny day. People could wake up on the West or East Coast to sunny weather and sometime during the day be devastated by a massive meteotsunami. The largest meteotsunami ever measured was 20 feet high, but I have not read that a much larger one is impossible. 

People might accuse me of trying to position myself as a prophet. That would likely be the stupidest thing one could do. If anyone is certain that he is a prophet, he should probably remain silent about it. The true prophets in the last days will be the most hated, despised, and hunted people on the earth. 

It is possible that the dream was the result of a physical condition and I am making a fool of myself. However, it is possible that the dream has nothing to do with a physical or material event, but is a warning of a massive evil surge beginning on and saturating the West Coast and covering the nation. All that I know for certain is that I had the dream, it affected me deeply, there is a sense that it is a portend of unprecedented disaster, and that I must share it. Judge it and me by prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:21


  1. Cedric, as I was readying you post, I began to interpret it myself as not a dream of an actual storm as we witness thru our weather patterns, but a storm of unrest and political violence we are beginning to experience. Although most of this seems to come from the deep state in Washington it could have its origin from the liberalism we’re experiencing out of the west coast, and sweeping across America. I too have experienced troubling dreams of which I can draw no conclusions. Do not fear what man may say to you. Remember Christ’s word in John, “ we must eat His flesh n drink His blood “ to share in his redemption. You are putting out a warning (as a prophet would, though you don’t want to be labeled as such) and those who read (hear) this warning will act according to Gods word. Many will accept it as truth and others, as in the days of Noah, will laugh n scorn. Be assured, a man is known by his fruits. Those who have been under your teaching and have observed your life will know when God is speaking. I predict you will experience more of these dreams. When you do, please share them with your bro n sisters in Christ. Feel free to share my comments.

    • You could be right about that interpretation. I believe that it was sent as a warning to the Believers not to become careless and drift into complacency. We cannot change what the prophetic words of the Scriptures declare. Even though repentance could certainly prevent God’s judgment on a nation, believe that apostasy in Christianity, and hedonism with all its variants in the secular realm, have gone beyond critical mass. We know that at some point the endtimes would arrive and upon some generation(s) it would fall. But it is still difficult to wrap our minds around the belief that we be the ones upon whom it has arrived.

  2. Newsflash: If the Lord wants someone to receive a dream, that person will have that dream.

    Contemplative prayer adherents, the NAR bells-and-whistles theology, and other factors have destroyed any sense of balance in the Body of Christ.

    Thank you and God bless you.

  3. I believe the dream is of God and is two-fold: that a true natural (or maybe SUPER-natural is more exact) event will unfold on the earth, and that an even larger SPIRITUAL disaster is heading to land. As a life-long Californian, I have no doubt the warfare in and over this state affects the others. I would like to see God’s people turn that around and bring one of blessing, but sadly, do not foresee that happening.

    Thank you for sharing your dream. Any “repercussions” you may encounter will be far worth whatever the cost. NOT sharing would hold in you in accountability by the Word of God.

    Watching & Praying with you.

    Tracey Allen

  4. Wow. I have never had a dream that I thought might be prophetical. I have day dreams that I believe are meant to inform my conscious mind about what is coming down the pike. Usually these are prompted by news events that I have been reading about. I am not ashamed to ‘step out on a limb’ and use my Spiritual gifts of discernment of spirits and prophecy to warn of a ‘potential’ prophetical happening. Sometimes I wait a good, long while to see if the Lord puts a check in my spirit about what I am thinking.

    I can see a tsunami starting off the ‘left coast’ and working its way across the USA. Every day I read of very strange things that are happening in the ‘church'(small c), that are absurd, Biblically speaking; that defy Scriptural reasoning. If we honestly judge the Spiritual condition of this country, we can envision what you dream occurring. God uses these ‘dreams’ to encourage us to be more determined to get out our ‘words’ to whoever has ‘ears to hear’ what the Spirit says to write about. It is good to warn these ‘last days’ church people and others who might see your writing that the ‘end is near’ and that we will see some very unusual times in the near future.

  5. Sir,
    I believe you and I believe your dream was a warning of what is coming. Thank you for sharing.
    Incidentally, the Russian military is fielding a new weapon, a nuclear underwater drone, capable of causing tsunamis up to 1500 feet in height. It’s designed to take out costal cities and military bases.
    Anyway, the Lord is warning His people. Thank you again for sharing this.

    • Eric, I had not heard about that weapon. The fact is, we do not know what is going on in the realm of darkness unless God reveals it. We should realize how precarious our life is on this planet. I believe that I speak for all of God’s people when I say, “Come Lord Jesus!” But we do not know when that will be. We need to be prepared spiritually for whatever we may have to endure.

  6. Cedric, thank you for being a watchman. This is what watchmen do. I too am sensing the coming of a “dark storm” – Daniel’s 70th Week – the coming NWO and the one world religion/Noahide Laws. God Bless you and yours!

  7. John and Sherry Meyer

    November 29, 2019 at 2:29 pm

    Dear Cedric: My husband, John Meyer, read your dream first, and then I did so today, Nov.29,’19! Amazing Grace—a warning from God and Holy Spirit, to you and all who will take the time to read, and truly take it all in! John and I truly believe it is a warning of what is to come—a wake-up call to heed and keep on keeping on, warning (even if they slough it off…as most do, to their detriment).
    Satan an Demons are working faster, and faster to pull people away from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Every day, John and I are amazed at the horror, craziness, immorality, hatred, etc,etc, that creeps in each day! I could go on and on, but we know that you guys know this too. We thank God for your courage to post this, and for your obedience to the Holy Spirit’s nudging to do so!!! God is great and in charge just in time for those who love Him, listen, heed and obey!!! May God bless you, Cedric,Cheryl and all family! Whether people listen and heed…or not—God knows, loves and cares that you answered His Call. w/love in Christ,

  8. Cedric, stunning dream, thanks for sharing! I’ve often wondered if something like this happens, (grid down) with no way to reach our family and friends …..
    Chaos would be massive !

    • Yes, Sandy, there are several disturbing questions that come to mind when we think about a widespread catastrophe. The fact is, there is no way to prepare for it other than spiritually. Our best plans and preparation will likely fall short of being adequate. I know that it is easier said than done, but we have to put our hope and trust fully in God.

  9. Hi Cedric,

    I totally believe in all the workings of the Holy Spirit, just as with the early church. God has not stopped being God, He has not stopped working, and He has not stopped having a working church. It just is hard to find in them here parts. And just like you said, it was a wile of satan to put on the circus show and then everyone goes running as far away from the things of the Spirit as can be, and they deny His working power today. ALL of it is for today. But the devil does not want the church to access it. The Bible backs that up, but most are too busy listening to wolves deny it all (like macarthur) to worry about what the Bible says. Then they argue with folks like me. Needless to say I’ve experienced a wide range of the Holy Spirit’s workings. And I totally believe you that this dream came from God, and it fits right in. The exact symbolism we will see, but all of that makes sense, all of the interpretations. Also, the Bible says that something will hit the earth (in Revelation) and turn the waters bitter and it sounds like an asteroid/meteorite. I also heard about 15 years ago on a scientific show that the planet was headed for a part of the universe where collision with these objects was a certainty, not a matter of if, but when, and they had given it 20 more years, putting it about 5 years off, give or take. What is interesting is that meteors have influence over the weather, which is why weather men are called meteorologists. But those meteors impact storm clouds and even waters coming from inside the earth, sort of like a buffer if it does get hit. Noah’s flood could have had such events, and some say this sort of thing caused the dinosaur extinction. But many natural catastrophes and every day weather is related to meteorites. The Bible talks about all the natural disasters, not only in Revelation. Jesus talks about it in Matthew 24 and the ‘roaring of the seas.’ We see increased natural disasters all the time now. Also, I must say I do feel an increased sense of evil, it is a very oppressive and gloomy feeling. I’m very joyful and Spirit filled and very sensitive to these sensations and I feel a big increase lately and earlier as well, for the last several years. We know satanic rituals are going on and the supernatural world is affected by it. I live in the SW pocket of the US, and getting out of the city is my main goal now. I really feel like soon it’s gonna hit the fan in many ways and in a bad way. And I don’t want to be around when it does. You just feel the tension with the people here so much. Then there is the impending judgment of God for all the brazen sin that is committed, like they are worse than Sodom and thumbing their noses at God over it. A stench in His nostrils for sure! It’s only a matter of time.

    As for prophets, the gift of prophesy is for today and when one has it, who knows what they are to be called. But does it matter? We just obey what we are called to do. Share the warnings.

    “However, when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. For He will not speak on His own, but He will speak what He hears, and He will declare to you what is to come.” John 16; 13
    (No expiration date on that.)

    “It is enough for a disciple to be like his teacher, and a servant like his master. If the head of the house has been called Beelzebul, how much more the members of his household! So do not be afraid of them. For there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, and nothing hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops.” Matthew 10; 25-27
    (They called Jesus ‘beelzebub’ when they accused Him of working through demonic power when it was the Holy Spirit and folks still do it today. Both types are still around and we need to distinguish between them, but some give all the credit, power, and glory to the devil as if God can’t still work miracles.)

    Be not surprised about the dream Cedric, nor be dismayed if they all jump ship when you share these things. No one listened to Noah either. But I’m in the boat with you and all others lead by the Holy Spirit!

    : )
    Love to you brother!

  10. P.S.
    Two more possibilities came to me.
    One is a nuclear attack from North Korea or someplace like that where the missile lands in the ocean near the coast. Also, I have had many dreams with water and it was always symbolic for something. If the water was clear, it meant good times ahead. If it was murky, it meant bad times on the way. So it could be literal water, or not.
    The other case is, and I think it is even more likely…
    a revolution. There has been much tension from the left (and I look at lots of news websites) and cage rattling and drum beating about civil war and unrest. There are many locations along the West coast like that; Portland Oregon, San Francisco CA, LA, etc. Border towns have the added racial tension. I googled for a map of red and blue states and all the states on the West are blue, all the states in the NE are blue, and most of the others are red with a few exceptions. So it would make sense if it started on the West, spread to the East, and then to all the bigger cities in the nation. What you described, rioting, looting, mayhem and no rule of law is what would result. Power grids would be shut down and we would be back to rural living to survive. Getting out of the city would be essential. Thank you for mentioning it, I saw that earlier and will keep it on my ‘go to’ list. There is much talk also on the internet about survival communities in a rural sense and folks contributing in different ways. Also, with all this impeachment talk and who knows what awaits, it is the perfect storm for something like civil war. We know the globalists are trying to bring something like this about so they have an excuse for martial law, the UN to step in with the NWO, etc. We know it’s going to happen sooner or later. Persecution will be part of it. Just enjoy the peaceful days we have left to worship the Lord in and be with our families. Let’s be prepared for these things in case evacuations are necessary or other situations we need to be ready for. I have no way of building a prep bunker for instance, but others may. If I was just faced with martyrdom, it would be a quick and easy exit for me (even if it wouldn’t be at face value), but if faced with other things beforehand then I also must be ready for such things, at least spiritually if I can’t be in any other way. I’m just so ready to die for the Lord and get it over with as every day hurts and is painful in different ways, not just physically. Anyway, all it takes is for a series of terrorist explosions at big sites worldwide for there to be a mass assembling of the population as in 911, a changing of the guard globally, accompanied with all the interfaith vigils and calls for ‘unity’ and ‘oneness’ and all the antichrist’s agenda can come marching in with no hindrance. We will be the instant public enemies, singled out with targets on our backs for our loyalty to Jesus and refusal to compromise. It can all happen that quickly and we must be ready. It can come about in so many different ways. The assembly at the statue of Nebuchadnezzar is a type of this event. Those who refuse to worship false gods will be cast into the fire, but the Lord will be with us.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  11. Wow … Truly prophetic voices these days are almost immediately quenched/silenced by news/social media/and the apostate churches…The world hates to have its sin revealed or any plans of the enemy has brought to light. Believers need to be encouraged and listen to these prophetic voices but we do not need to dwell on them. We all should fix our eyes on Jesus who “is still” THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! We know that where gross darkness abounds even greater the light of Jesus Christ! Brother I pray that the Lord give you peace and rest and fills your heart to overflowing. I believe God speaks to ones that he knows will speak out and that’s what you have done. I thank God for Christian elders. It makes my Spirit well up and I feel that I am in the Army of the Lord when I hear REAL TRUTH being brought forth! May the Lord bless you and your wife and family and be encouraged knowing you are being heard….I’m young but I will share with all of my friends and family. Although I don’t know you and you don’t know me God has knit us together In the unity of the Holy Spirit. Keep the website name strong… TRUTHKEEPERS!! Amen!!

  12. 15 “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination (a thing that causes disgust or hatred. The blasphemous exploitation of Christ by a Christ-less cult of man worship ) of desolation (a state of complete emptiness or destruction. The carcass of the dead church) ,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place” (whoever reads, let him understand), 16 “then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. 17 Let him who is on the housetop not go down to take anything out of his house. 18 And let him who is in the field not go back to get his clothes. 19 But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days! 20 And pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath. 21 For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the [c]elect’s sake those days will be shortened.

  13. Our dreams are best kept to our selves. Other wise we may be viewed as wearing tinfoil hats. We can find scripture to give us credibility on most anything “as we shall dream dreams etc. “

    • There is always a risk of scornful conjecture, rejection, and rebukes, when one obeys God in a period of apostasy. The major reason is because the majority of people that are repulsed by the dreams, revelations, and false prophecies of the heretics and other apostates, have ridden the pendulum back to the opposite extreme. To avoid any association with the Charismatics, especially the New Apostolic Reformation, they knee-jerk react to anything that even hints of the supernatural. Consequently, they have allowed Satan to rob them of God’s interaction and intervention in their lives. Everything they consider valid must fit within the framework of their concept of God’s new quiet, non-expressive, and amenable to human logic, relationship to humanity. However, they same individuals will quickly recognize supernatural lying signs and wonders and attribute them to Satan.

      A faith that is too embarrassed by God’s demonstration of His power and sovereignty to even believe that someone can be healed has been manipulated and suppressed by fear of people’s opinions. Instead, we ought to be willing and ready to obey God no matter what people think, and depend on exercised discernment to determine what is a work of God or a work of Satan. As for me, I made one choice long ago that precludes refusing to refuse to obey for fear of people’s reactions.

      If God’s people do not believe that He is more powerful than Satan, how do we expect worldlings and professing Christians being drawn into deception and apostasy, to believe and turn away from the false light and its satanic manifestations? Reject what ever supernatural sign you wish to reject, but do it by genuine discernment and the Holy Spirit’s guidance, not fear.

      God’s word declares about the last days:
      “And it shall come to pass afterward
      That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
      Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
      Your old men shall dream dreams,
      Your young men shall see visions.
      29 And also on My menservants and on My maidservants
      I will pour out My Spirit in those days.” Joel 2:28-29

    • Your comments are totally irrelevant and false.
      Just because folks can use Scripture to give ‘credibility’ to about anything, does not mean that it does not give credibility to that which it is supposed to give it to, and that we can’t use it to support such things. Your way of thinking is exactly the error that Cedric is exposing and refuting; the counterfeit does not nullify the legitimate and real. In fact, there would not be a counterfeit without a real. That goes for all the signs and wonders and all such things as well.

      The tinfoil hats remark also has the earmarks of making prophets look like quacks to silence them out of fear.

      It seems best that your opinions like this are best kept to yourself.

      This whole thing reminds me of the negative propaganda against ‘conspiracy theories’ and theorists. The fallacious argument went something like; “oh, that sounds too unreal, therefore it must be a ‘conspiracy theory’ (insert twilight zone music here)”. The problem with that faulty reasoning is as follows.
      1. Just because something is or sounds ‘crazy,’ does not mean that it can’t be reality.
      2. Conspiracies are real. Yet they act like all conspiracies must be some fantasy of some paranoid person and a thing of fiction, as if they don’t exist. Newsflash! Conspiracies exist all over and all throughout history. History is full of them. They consist of a group of people getting together and plotting for their own goals and agendas. So it’s like, are you telling me you don’t believe that happens in the real world?! Even the Bible says it does, and often. Psalm 2 is but one example.
      3. Theories are real. They are not bad. They are not fiction. Scientists work with them all the time. In scientific research, they formulate what is called a ‘theory,’ which may be true or not. They don’t know yet, that is why it is called a ‘theory.’ That is also why they investigate and do research to find out if it is true. They try to prove it false or true and usually can only prove it false, so if they can’t prove it false, they say it ‘may’ be true because other scientists may arise later who do prove the theory false. So they leave it as the term ‘theory.’ Some things can be proven true but they hesitate a lot with that because they don’t want to be proven false later by another scientist. ‘Relativity theory’ concerning gravity is one example. It applies to many fields, such as criminal investigation. They formulate conjectures about who committed a crime and investigate these ‘theories’ till they find the real criminal who committed the crime, and often these can be proven with certainty due to DNA, cameras, and so on. My point? There is nothing wrong with theorizing.
      4. When you combine the terms ‘conspiracy’ and ‘theory,’ you still don’t come up with anything sinister. It merely means a theory about a possible conspiracy. And since both conspiracies and theories exist, and theories are not bad per se (but conspiracies usually are bad ones), there is nothing wrong with combining them and theorizing about possible conspiracies. It doesn’t even mean you are accusing anyone of a conspiracy, you are simply researching and investigating to discover possible conspiracies. It is the plotters of the conspiracies that are bad, not the detective theorists. But as usual, it is these criminals who don’t want the detectives to discover their criminal plots, so they malign them with slander in various forms.

      It works the same way with the wolves of the apostasy and the discernment sheepdogs of the flock of God.

      And the devil doesn’t want his works exposed, he wants the masses deceived by his conspirings. He doesn’t want the sheep to know that God’s power does not expire and that we can access these things today. He wants the sheep ineffective and powerless and up to the mercy of his wiles and deception. He doesn’t want the prophet’s message to go out to and reach the sheep and possibly warn them from impending danger that they can avoid, perhaps by repenting or becoming aware of the apostasy. But God’s doom will befall all those who conspire with the devil in these things. And His blessings will be bestowed upon all those who obey His voice, especially when it is difficult to do so.

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