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The 9-11-01 Wake Up Call

I have read several posts and posters concerning 9-11-01 compelling us not to forget. But exactly what is it that we are not to forget? That Muslims attacked our nation? That they cowardly murdered many people? That we finally realized the United States and Israel are the two most hated nations in the world? Should we remember how all factions briefly came together in a show of patriotism?

I remember the interfaith memorial service in Yankee Stadium (“Prayer for America”) led by Roman Catholics, Hindus, Jewish, Sikh, Muslims, ultra-liberal National Council of Churches, hooded representatives of evil religion, and other apostates, and flagrant wicked individuals. Huffington Post declares it was the event where New Age proponent Oprah Winfrey became “America’s pastor.” Bette Midler and several other worldlings performed. The name of Allah was mentioned often, but I’m not certain that Jesus was mentioned once.

I remember what I felt and thought as I watched that event. I felt a deep sadness for our nation—not only because of the loss of life but because of the rejection of God’s identity and purpose for mankind. I thought, “What a tragedy that at the moment when our nation should have turned to God, they decided to honor Satan by parading his evil representatives as beacons of hope.”

Satan no doubt rejoiced after the tragedy on 9-11-01 because it occurred as he planned it. He rejoiced over the “Prayer for America” event because it was an unprecedented mockery and rejection of God. In effect, the event encouraged people to look to the darkness, where hopeless and misery resides, for their consolation.

I remember thinking that for most Americans nothing was learned—nothing was gained. Our nation’s leaders along with most of the citizens ran blindly past a large warning sign. The news media seemed focused on not portraying a Christian leader as a comforter and consoler for the nation. The leaders in both the secure and religious realms completely missed an opportunity to publicly repent and call the nation back to God.

7 years later our nation elected a Muslim/Christian (oxymoronic), Barack Hussein Obama II, as president. Obama not only irreparably divided our nation along racial lines, but he sunk it to an all-time low concerning patriotism. He also imported thousands of Somalian Muslims to ultra-liberal Minneapolis, Minnesota, which gave us Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, an anti-Semite Muslim Congresswoman. We now have Democrats gnashing their teeth and beating on the door to power while doing everything possible to wreak havoc and sow evil in society.

The fact is that the United States has fast-forwarded into an alarming increase of societal and political angst and turmoil. We will forever remain one election away from unprecedented scurrilous politicians gaining power and establishing anti-Christian Socialist society. Concurrently, Christianity is in irreversible apostasy, and most professing Christians are asleep in apathy.

If 9-11-01 was a wakeup call, America slapped the clock, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

So while I could add to the condolences, bursts of emotional patriotism, and exhortations never to forget, I must point out that most Americans never got the message in the first place.

I wrote an article in the Courier-Tribune not long after 9-11. I stated that either Satan is more powerful than God’s protection of our nation, or God withdrew His protection. I believe the latter occurred.

Yes, I sorrow for the 9-11 tragedy, but also the demoralization of our nation and apostasy of Christianity. However, the Twin Towers was source of much wickedness in a large city notorious for wickedness. NYC is a dwelling place of demons, of buyers and sellers of the bodies and souls of humanity. While we should be outraged concerning an attack on our nation, and over the human tragedy, 9-11-01 is not even close to the worst attack and loss of life in our nation.

Although no doubt many innocent people and brave first responders lost their lives on 9-11, a much greater tragedy occurs daily in this wicked nation. We are under constant attack by numerous wicked, and in my opinion, reprobated and diabolical people. Predators prowl our streets, department stores, places of entertainment, schools, homes. and even medical institutions, seek their prey.

Each day approximately 3000 babies are brutally executed in our nation (125,000 per day worldwide). Many of our nation’s leaders and influencers revel in that statistic.

47,000 people commit suicide each year. Another 70,000 die from drug abuse. 17,300 people die from murder. 79,445 rapes occur. There are 859,500 sex offenders registered in the nation. 300,000 children under the age of 18 are lured into the commercial sex trade. There are 1.5 million sex trafficking victims in the U. S. (Over 21 million worldwide).

The majority are innocent. They are victimized by the aggression of wickedness against righteousness.

Therefore, this Great War involving good and evil is not merely an incident that shows up once a year on our calendars. It is an every moment threat to all that is good and decent. Most of our fellow citizens are on the wrong side of that war.

We live in an unclean nation with the judgment of God hanging over it. But do professing Christians pray, or is it enough to let people of unclean lips do it for us during a Memorial Service? Do we continue to ignore God’s claim on our souls, the influence of the Holy Spirit, and live autonomously? Are our steeples and Sunday morning rituals enough to satisfy us that all is well in Christendom and we are faithful?

The point is that while we can acknowledge what happened on 9-11-01, we had better consider that a much greater tragedy is likely to occur. Furthermore, we should consider that our nation is much weaker spiritually than it was 19 years ago.

We’ve shrunk our world with knowledge and technology, but our mistake was thinking that we have also shrunk God. We have grown too big for our shells. If God decides to be even more merciful to us, He may shake the very ground we stand on until we tremble uncontrollably at our smallness.

Maybe the ones who missed the wake-up call back then will consider this another, albeit much weaker, attempt.

Or perhaps they may ask, “Why do you always have to be so negative?”

My reply is, “Because there is nothing positive about a wake-up call until people heed it.”

Thus, while irritation may go away moments after reading this article, failure to heed the warning can produce a consequence that will last for eternity.


  1. Great word!
    Every Professing Christian needs to read this. Just reading the statistics mentioned in the article is mind boggling to say the least.
    Oh we must heed the warning lest we forget and find ourselves slipping into Apostasy.

  2. I personally think that there will be a big catastrophe in the US and worldwide that will be used as an ‘order out of chaos’ event. They will roll out all their interfaith gurus to rally for the one world religion to garner unity and corral everyone into that camp. It will be used for all their agenda points, one world government, religion, economy, oneness, etc. under the antichrist. Those who don’t join in will be persecuted. As we know.

  3. Truth well spoken. We completely agree with you. Thanks for pointing out the most important points. The truth shall set you free. Ben/Martha

  4. I think America and the rest of the world are near the bottom of the moral and spiritual pool. Someday God will say enough. I will however , remember our people whose lives were taken by an evil act of war. I don’t think we can forget that although people born after that day will only see it in history books. To equate rememberance with something un – Christian is not at all what it means to me.

  5. On a related note, the prophecy clock is speeding up!

    Some of the recent developments include:
    1. There have been several articles on rather expose them blog, on Sept. 1, 8, 15, all about the one world government development and calls for it by pope francis (who else?).
    2. There was one a few days ago on that blog mentioning a call by him for a ‘new humanism.’ It included educational indoctrination for all those agendas.
    3. There are several new laws either on the books or on the way that will lead to the persecution of Christians. There was something regarding the democratic convention in CA and laws they support. There is some new acr (?) 99 in CA that goes after churches about the lgbt stuff. Some leader of an evangelical org. was in favor of it (downward slide into more apostasy accelerating). Then there is the proposed HR5 that is in congress but passed the senate. Same stuff with that one.
    4. Just in time for the ‘international day of peace’ (ahem, cough) there was a global protest about climate change and the youth have been mobilized for this by that ‘Greta’ girl. There was some global meeting about the ‘climate emergency,’ and speak of the devil, pope francis also had much to say about that in one of those latest speeches. Not to mention that earlier environmental encyclical. All of this is being used, the environment, to usher in global government under the guise of an ’emergency’ so as to take control of all the nations ‘for the good of the earth,’ to ‘save the planet/world’ and worship the creature instead of the Creator of course. And pope francis called for a global meeting of world leaders at the Vatican on May 14, 2020 for this purpose. And of course we know what 2 Thess. 2 says…

    All of this is connected. It’s all falling into place at a quicker pace now. The year 2020 has some occultic significance as well. We all know about the symbol with the pyramid and the lit up all seeing eye on top? The ‘capstone’ that they choose? The one eye, false illumination/enlightenment? Surveillance is reaching a record level now as is censorship. The phrase 2020 vision comes to mind. There is probably more but that’s at least part of it so I think this will be a monumental year. Plus there is the election madness around the corner. Not looking forward to that, it has already begun anyway. I think the lull before the storm is about over.

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