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Come back!


Consider the fruit of false eschatology. Millions of professing Christians are not fighting the good fight of faith. They are not resisting the encroaching evil darkness. They do not, or seldom ever, pray. They are complacent, but whining and complaining about more food for their indifference.

Their ears are dull of hearing. They have eyes that cannot see. Their hearts bulge with substance from the world system. And yet they still want more! They do not live by faith, but by a false sense of elitism.

Consequently, they are not watching and waiting for the Coming of the Lord, as those who watch for the morning. They are as people lounging in an airport terminal waiting on a flight to a tropical paradise. Outside the windows, a storm rages, but they trust in the poverty of their lies. They say, “there shall no evil befall us, neither shall any plague come nigh our dwelling!” Behold, His word is made profane by their tongues!

God will violently shake them like pebbles in a barrel and then sift them like sand. Their whitewashed walls of “peace, safety” will collapse in heaps. They have placed their hope and trust in the arm of flesh—it will utterly fail them. They said confidently from their dull hearts, “He will deliver us!”

Of what do you wish to be delivered from, you seekers of smooth paths and still water? You have no pain, but groan to be delivered from pain. You have no torment, but plead to be delivered from torment. You have no sorrow, no lack, no oppression, and no burden, but run to and fro seeking to purchase deliverance. Therefore, you will have pain, torment, sorrow, lack, oppression, and burdens, that you may be delivered.

He will shake your conceited confidence as a rag and send you great calamity worthy of deliverance. You will weep great tears of repentance and call upon His name, but the fire will test your words and their souls. 

You will run to your vain shepherds for consolation, but their buildings will tumble on you as the mountains quiver. You will cry out, “Where is the Lord God?” He calls to you in this very hour, “Where are you?”

They will not heed any warning. They have buried their minds under the lies of false prophets, teachers, preachers—the great plague of heretics and hirelings. No one can shake them from their slumbering lethargy. They stir only to gorge on deception and fill their spirits with darkness. While grooming their arrogant elitism, they are losing their souls.

The day of repentance is here. It is a time of weeping between the porch and altar (Joel 2:17). But the shepherd’s eyes are dry and their hearts feel no compassion. It is a time of deep sorrow because a gleaning is left to rot in the fields, and they do not mourn. Instead, they rejoice in iniquity and shield themselves from His light. He has sent forth gleaners, but they will not be gleaned.

Therefore, they will wander with hopelessness in their filthy rags. They will seek a savior in Babylon and discover a traitor. The lies of their false prophets will dissolve in their mouths. They will run in confusion and perish in the way.

Repent, all you that are weighed and found tepid, barren, and lacking! Seek Him while He can still be found! Prepare yourselves before the door is shut! Weep for your sins, you perpetual backsliders, and repent of your lust for the world! Cleanse your hearts with His truth, you double-minded ones! He will not strive beyond the set time to draw you from your feasting at the table of shame!

“The watchman said, The morning cometh, and also the night: if ye will enquire, enquire ye: return, come.” (Isaiah 21:12)


  1. AMEN! A very sobering commentary, Cedric. Blessings!

  2. Deception has rocked the professing church to sleep and they only stir a bit when they want to imbibe more and more heresy. In such a serious day, the sleep gets deeper minute by minute.
    Excellent article!

  3. Yes.
    They drape themselves with arrogance and cloak themselves with conceit and self deceiving elitism. By thinking themselves high and mighty, exempt from the sufferings Jesus warned about, and the command to pick up their cross and follow Him, above suffering, they make themselves low.
    But it is the humble who He exalts and preserves through the storm.

    God bless you brother!

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