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It’s Not Just Political; It’s an Attack on Common Decency

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(Decency: the state or quality of being decent; the recognized standards of decent or proper behavior; conformity to the recognized standard of propriety, good taste, modesty, decorum, respectability, gentility.)

I seldom comment on politics unless I believe that it is necessary to give a Christian opinion about the state of an affair or the nation. Since I am a Christian writer, some folks might believe that I should remain quiet. After all, as I’ve heard since I was a child, “Religion and politics don’t mix.” I believe that they should mix if the religion is Christianity. That is because politics without Christianity is actually a number of very powerful individuals attempting to govern our nation without God’s help and influence.

But I know what they mean by that old adage. They mean that there are a significant number of people that want politics without Christian influence, as if that could be a good thing. Furthermore, they are saying that Christians do not have the right to address political concerns. Sorry to burst that bubble, but I’m going to opine anyway. I do not mean to be snarky, but I tolerate a lot of political posts rolling across my newsfeed. So people should tolerate what I have to say about the Kavanaugh accusation fiasco.

That said I believe what our nation is going through at the moment is the consequences of the great apostasy in Christianity. The majority of professing Christians who are not apostate are spiritually weak. They are trusting in a political savior to deliver them from the approaching evil storm. Now, in spite of electing “King Cyrus,” we are at a critical crossroad. The question is not whether Brett Kavanaugh is innocent or guilty, but of whether he should even be subject to that decision. He deserves due process as much as any other citizen. This is the United States of America, a Republic established by a Constitution and that operates by the Rule of Law. Each of our nation’s leaders swore a 14-word oath to uphold the Constitution.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.”

Here’s the way I see it. A woman decides after several decades to seek psychological help to revive a memory that she does not know that she has, and cannot remember any details about. With a bit of psychological voodoo and coaxing, the lost 35-year-old (or 36 year, depending who you ask), liquor-saturated memory of a self-professed serial fornicator is tweaked. It awakens to the image of a man, Brett Kavanaugh, attempting to rape her. So she sends a letter to a Democrat senator hoping that it will stop Kavanaugh, now an esteemed Judge, from being confirmed to the SCOTUS.

The woman is a Democrat, an extreme liberal, abortion supporter, and has been involved in demonstrations against President Trump. She cannot provide pertinent details, credible witnesses, and literally has nothing to offer but her awakened memory. Furthermore, she is attempting to set rules for how and when she will testify about the situation.

Like roaches when the light goes off, Democrats rushed with great indignation and outrage to accuse Judge Kavanaugh of being as immoral as a Democrat. How do you respond to such a charge? Accusing Democrat politicians of lying and conducting a smear campaign is like writing a letter of recommendation for them. It appears that the only way to insult them is to commend their character. And that would be lying.

Consider what Democrats stand for, the kooky people they repeatedly choose to represent them, their persistent anti-Christian, and anti-American positions. Factor in their support for Socialism, disrespect for the Constitution, repulsiveness toward a healthy economy and low unemployment, and disdain for a strong military. Consider their love of high taxation, obsession with infanticide, and fanatical promotion of sexual and gender perversion. Remember when the SCOTUS had a liberal majority? They circumvented Congress and adjudicated into law a LGBQT rights package that allows for the persecution of Christians for following their faith.

Also consider that they never graciously concede defeat, but will spend their opponent’s entire term doing everything in their power to circumvent any progress no matter how much it hurts the nation. Realize that they are very good at complaining and hyperventilating about how much better they can do everything, but never do. Consider that they excel at destruction, but always fail at governing and in the ethics department. A clear picture emerges of why they do not want anyone but an extreme liberal on the SCOTUS. They went into apoplectic shock over the November 8, 2016 loss and they know that another conservative on the SCOTUS will be a door slammer on their plans to finish the destruction of America.

Most telling is that 44% of Democrats would still vote for Hillary Clinton if an election were held today. Really? How can you shame or even insult such individuals when they believe such a flagrantly Machiavellian character is the proper leader for our nation. No wonder Democrats would likely consider a pejorative as a compliment.

In the fiasco concerning the accusations of Judge Kavanugh our nation appears to be torn ragged in the vicious tug of war between good and evil. Let’s call it what it is—a war on common decency. Common decency is the glue that holds our diverse society together. Without it people have no restraints that check their base and often brutal deeds.

Unfortunately, there are no legal consequences for the Democrat’s violent rape of the American political process in the accusation fiasco. If these God-hating, America-hating, Christian-hating, Constitution-hating, justice-hating, police-hating, group of societal weevils get their way, we will all suffer. Nothing will be sacred and nothing good will be safe from their rabid hatred.

In light of all that, I wonder if professing Christians will decide to wake up and pray, fully surrender to God, and trust Him with all their hearts? This will not be our last crisis. Even if Kavanaugh is confirmed, it does not mean the battle is over. The liberals are floating around the nuclear option of impeaching conservative SCOTUS justices if they win the midterms.

The future of this nation is hanging by a single thread of decency. Will due process survive, or will Republicans surrender to an arrogantly proud, open, moral sewage. If they choose the latter, all that will be left of decency in Congress will have a filthy rod driven through its heart. Skewered on the same spike will be the hope of Conservative Americans, that are mostly Christians.

“Justice is turned back,
And righteousness stands afar off;
For truth is fallen in the street,
And equity cannot enter.” – Isaiah 59:14


  1. Great article. You hit a grand slam with this one, IMO. I agree 100 %. This fight is totally critical for the Republican majority to come through on. This mess in Dirtington, D.C. and Amerika is making me sick. The apostate churches make me sick too. I wish I had went ‘off the grid’ a while back when I was still healthy. By this I do not mean that I want to totally separate from civilization. Just from the news cycle and their garbage. I feel it is my job as the patriarch of my family to know what is going on in the world and be able to encourage and help them before the day arrives that will trap those who slumber with no oil in their lamps. You wrote about that scenario , from Matthew 25 a while back, and called my attention to something that I had missed in that passage, although I have written on that same Scripture myself.

    You mentioned that all Christendom will be asleep before the Lord returns for His bride. All of the remnant and those apostasizing (5 wise, 5 foolish) will be slumbering, and that we should pray now, while we still can. You know Cedric, I can feel the drowsiness coming on. at this time. No one is reading my blog articles, I have basically quit writing. The professing church has buried their heads somewhere and will not listen to Biblical reasoning. That’s a fact. And they will pay for that, and their blood will be on the prophets’ hands (pastors’). As you said in the previous article; they have wells that won’t hold water(the Holy Spirit). They have chased the wind and will reap a tempest in the great time of trouble that is just just around the bend.

    As for Dirtington, D.C. and their un-Godly shenanigans I pray that the Lord will let as much as possible roll off my back and not bother me like it has this last month. Keep up the good fight, brother Cedric !!

    • I have noticed that too with the slumber party.
      I had a list of around 30 discernment blogs that I would look at almost daily, sort of like a helm of a ship ‘watch, pray, and warn’ operation for years. Over the last few years I have noticed them all dropping off. There were a lot of good ones but all of a sudden the blog spot was open and the site was gone. Or the watchman had passed on, or retired for some reason. Some have even fallen into apostasy themselves. The comment sections have all but disappeared from a cascade to a trickle. There are a few I know of that are good but the content is so repetitive that I have nothing new to look at. Others have been left as archives. Needless to say, the list has dwindled to four, this being one of them. One guy only does one post a month and gets one comment each time, usually mine. Then there is LT and another one that has a long list of blogs at the index (Rather Expose Them), but I checked and many of those are extinct now too. So this is the ‘new normal,’ it’s not you!
      : )
      Be blessed!

      • Thanks for the encouragement, Linda. My blog Hey Jude 15 (WordPress) was started in 2015. Before that I did 4 YouTube audio commentaries from 2011 to 2013. When I first started the blog, I was writing fairly long articles on coming events, those prophesied in Scripture. i am not a political junkie at all, but if I saw something occurring on the Amerikan or world scene that I believed might fit in Biblical prophecy I would do a piece on that insight of mine. I also wrote about the apostasy in the churches and the CCM music. What I have written lately has been a mixture of warnings and some observations about political stuff in Dirtington, D.C.

        Cedric is right about Matthew 25. i feel the slumber in my soul and I am one of the remnant. But, I that is good. It is almost midnight and the Lords return is very near. …Maranatha. Come quickly, Lord Jesus !!

      • Thanks for the encouragement, Linda.

        With all that is going on around us, the apostacy in Christendom and the moral collapse of our society, I am withdrawing from communal public worship and staying on the ‘edge’ of society. I am outspoken but I know when to ‘hold my tongue’ in public. I believe I am already on the list as a ‘ dangerous’ person to the devil’s cause but here is a verse tat stays in the forefront of my mind, “16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” [Mat 10:16 KJV]. That one verse has been a ‘ live by’ sentence for me. Yes we do need to be strong witnesses for Jesus and His gospel, BUT we are not to attack hell ‘ with a water pistol’, as some say. We need the armor of God and discretion as we trudge on in ‘ this world’. If I bring heat on my family, that is un-Scriptural, I believe. We are in those final days right now. “37 But as the days of Noe [were], so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” [Mat 24:37 KJV]. Only 8 went into the ark with Noah, all family….ken

  2. Once again, you are spot on…Christians MUST pray. Thank you these are encouraging words because it shows us others feel the same sorrow & disgust w/church & “Christians”, government, media, schools, lawyers etc. Words that my family often discuss as you have said in your truthful article. We appreciate no double talk… Just say it the way it is – and you do. We are praying for you.

  3. Hi,

    I just came across a new discernment blog ministry website called Youthfire Ministries with Greg Reid. It’s pretty deep. Nothing I wasn’t aware of in general, just most are not aware. Through my researching of the apostasy I came across a nice exception remnant church in Atascadero, CA called Refuge Church. On their website it listed a guest speaker named Gregory Reid who deals with ritual abuse cases. I looked him up and he has a website ministry and the blog section has some really good blog posts!!! There are some books too that explain the apostasy, like Trojan Church. I just wanted to pass on this resource.


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