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What to do when the time to Repent is no more.

When I read the news and reports of the vast span of wickedness, and the growing vacillation and cowardice of leaders, I wonder how so many millions of professing Christians can maintain their compromise with nonchalance. I realize that millions of individuals are on drugs to eliminate guilt and control their mood swings. But could that alone be the reason so many professing Christians confidently and casually ignore the insanity of stark, wicked behavior in secular society with malignant apostasy in Christianity? What will it take to awaken them?

The fact is, America’s world system has gone far down a dark path to convergence with apostate Christianity and false religions. No amount of pontificating is going to change it now. We are well beyond critical mass and there is no going back. Warnings about this convergence have gone forth for years. However, the great sleep of death has arrived. Professing Christians (PCs) refuse to wake up, repent, return to their first love, and infect the world with truth and the influence of godliness. If they won’t do that, the horrendous consequences are inevitable.

My point is that the secular society has always done whatever it wished to do. The only factor that abates that determination is fiery Christianity. Now that Christianity is primarily apostate, the restraints have been removed. Evidence in the collapse and failure of Christian influence is evident in PCs being willing to do whatever they must to have a political savior. God already sent us a true Savior, and the means to be light and salt to the world. But the light is a flicker and the salt has lost its savor. All that is left the hope of legislating morality. Good luck with that plan because luck is its only hope for success.

If people who claim to be Christians do not have enough passion for and dedication to God to affect their share of society, they should not expect politics or a politician to save them. Every Christian and Christian leader must do what it takes to be fire-bathed, truth-speaking, irritating, agitating, nemeses of spiritual doldrums, heresy, deception, and apostasy. They need to lay down their toys and pick up the rod of God. All efforts should be focused on exhorting fellow PCs to repent and return to God. Otherwise, our society will be infected with much worse than the present flagrant and unadulterated wickedness. Pedophiles are kicking at the gate.

Sadly, too many professing Christians have joined the great herd in a mad rush to escape reality. They are blasé about the raging danger of the present hour. The watchmen are writing and speaking warnings, but the faces of PCs glow with surly condescension as they turn their backs. Tribulation is swirling at the door. It is tearing the shingles off the house. The windows are rattling, the shutters are banging, and the siding is slapping. The majority of PCs are partying inside as if they can endure its fullness by ignoring it. They are religious elitists ignorantly expecting God to snatch them away before the storm crashes in with its catastrophic results.

Here is the harsh truth. If a pre-tribulation rapture occurred next Sunday morning, I believe that millions would depart from China, India, parts of Africa, certain areas of the Mid-East, et cetera.  However, there would not be enough PCs depart from America and most of the rest of Christendom to make it news worthy. I doubt that a single soul would be missing from the Vatican and most churches, including Episcopalian, Seeker/Emergent, et cetera. Teleheriticswould vehemently deny from their mega church pulpits and on television that it had occurred.   

So go ahead, sleepy ones, have your “Tribulation/Hurricane Party.” Burying your head in the sand. Make apathy a sacrosanct virtue. Trust politicians for what you are responsible for doing. Believe that your prayerlessness, lazy unproductiveness, small flames, empty oil reservoirs, heresy-loving, sin-supporting, sauntering down the Broad Path, is somehow acceptable to God because you once made a half-hearted (or less than half) profession of faith in Christ. If it were with a full heart, you wouldn’t be so calloused to the signs of the endtimes. Go ahead and play games, saturated yourselves with entertainment, have your metro-inspired, Seeker and Emergent, ecumenical, New Age, church hoopla. Prioritize everything to the top that makes your flesh feel wonderful and put God in the basement. Do all of that and more because it is in your spirit to do those things and all the warnings to the contrary are to you as thorns in your cushy comfort zone. That is the message that you want to hear.

However, consider this message that you do not wish to hear. When immeasurable disaster strikes, no amount of warnings can save you. Nothing will remain except the stark reality that you have missed the date, time, and point of extraction. When that occurs, none of the things and experiences that you are presently obsessed and addicted to will matter in the slightest. You would give them all, and even your life, to have 30 seconds of genuine repentance. Sadly, that will not be granted. God does not want your stuff. He cares little for the rewards your accomplishments and experiences. All He asked for was your heart, and you gave that to everyone and everything but Him. You will be advised to go to those people and things for your “oil” and salvation, but you will find the door permanently shut when you return.

People had better wake up. If what is occurring in Christianity and the world system cannot not stir them to awaken and pray, when they are finally stirred to do so it will be too late. “Too late, too late!” That may be the great resounding cry heard all over the earth as the Son of God appears in flaming fire taking vengeance upon the ungodly.

The answer to the tile of this article is; NOTHING. When one waits until the space to repent is gone, there is nothing else that he or she can do. Repent while time to repent remains. It will at some point be instantly taken away.


  1. Yes!
    I see this all over too. I have been floating between various churches visiting for a number of reasons. But even in more ‘Biblical’ ones, the mood is the same. It could be church in ‘anywhere, USA.’ It goes like this, a combination of experiences that are real:

    I arrive early enough to find the seat I would like, and sit. A few minutes after the service has begun, one lady shows up and expects me to move over to the end of the row because ‘she’s the seat saver for her group.’ Well, then she should have arrived not only before the service began, but before me as well. I did not move. I chose that seat so I would not be disturbed during the worship stampede of late arrivals.
    At 9:00, the sanctuary is like a ghost town, only a few scattered congregants. I’m sure those who count the money at the end must look out of their spyglass and be sweating bullets at that point, but they are probably already used to it in this numbers game. The worship team ascends the stage, in typical worldly attire and hairdos, usually comprised of skinny, black jeans and some hipster t-shirt, complete with funky hair and a cup of coffee. Slowly but surely, they arrive and filter in, shuffling past the true worshipers, who constantly have to shift back, lower their raised hands, and get their feet stepped on as the ushers usher them to the right spot. It goes on till worship is over, at which point the place is pretty full. Yet during worship I can’t help but be distracted by groups talking to one another, sharing their ipad items, pecking away at ipads, families poking each other, and distracting themselves to no end. Maybe, one other person is truly engaged in worship, but most are just watching the show with eyes glazed over in a catatonic state. No passion for God, no love for Jesus who died for us, not a drop of enthusiasm. It’s obviously nothing more than a social party for them all, no reverence at all. Then a young man in thick rimmed glasses comes up and the announcements begin, it is rare that a book study by a heretic is not advertised or a ladies’ retreat to induct you into mysticism, or something of the like. It’s all fun and games, programs, movie nights under the stars, popcorn parties included. Every move is well choreographed and oiled like a production. The pastor comes up, utters a token prayer as heads are bowed and others descend the stage, when you look up the scene has changed. Then the ushers come forward for the morning ‘tithes and offerings,’ and the usual arm twisting verses are taken out of context to pressure even the poor into supporting the leisurely and rich. (The cases that I know of.) He continues in the part of the Bible where he stopped last time but somehow manages to avoid anything that would make these pew warmers uncomfortable, feel a nudge to repent, feel a hint of urgency about their sin and the times, it’s all just warm and fuzzy with few, if any, exceptions. There are some people still engaging in self distracting behaviors. They all look and act just like anyone I would run into at the mall, trendy, modern, hip. One stranger sitting next to another stranger is what makes up the congregation. No one really cares about anyone else. Once it’s over, it’s like a unanimous sigh of relief. If anyone lingers, it is merely to talk about sports and other trivial matters in their everyday lives. Not a peep about the God who saved them in any of the conversations. It’s all about their life and their little kingdoms, as if to avoid the obvious looming and dire situation just outside their comfort zones, to hypnotize themselves into a deep sleep with comforting lullabies. Soon it’s all empty again, all have dispersed until the same time again next week….
    going on with their godless, self centered lives all week… oh but of course, should the rapture come at that time, they would expect a first class ticket and front row seat on the exit plane, nothing less!

    It is a sad, sad reality that I see all over the landscape.
    The scary thing is when they don’t feel the need to repent, that is when they need to the most because they have drifted so far away into sin, and can’t even sense the conviction of the Holy Spirit. If you so much as dare to suggest anything like that, gently, they lash out at you in self defense with a snarl on their fangs, claws ready to pounce!
    But little do they know… how mistaken they are and what truly lies ahead!

    I could not agree more, good post!

    • Linda, you just described the majority of churchs in the United States. Sadly they have become Sunday social hours complete with coffee and doughnuts. Fill both the bellies and egos of all who go to these churchs. I consider the current condition of the church’s today just like temple prostitution. Excellent article Cedric, you truely have been called to be a watchman. God bless you for all the articles you have written.

  2. Excellent article that every professing Christian should read. The day is soon coming when the door will be shut and only those who have prepared and heeded the warnings will make it in.

  3. This was a good *and fiery” summation of what lies ahead for PC(most I believe). As Linda and Bill say about assemblies of today, I find this scenario wherever I go. It is greatly disheartening to try to attend services most anywhere today, looking for Spiritual food. I usually end up “streaming” at home a service that I can usually say “Amen” to. But not always. I have some conviction about Barb and I staying home like this, but I just do not know where to try anymore. When we first arrived where we live now we attended a large Baptist church and “wow” what an eye opener that was. We went there because the kids and grand kids go there. IMO this church is a PC (politically correct) assembly on steroids. To boot it was “reformed”. I suffered through that for the family, but when our daughter died from cancer, I pulled the plug and started looking again. We started attending a Wesleyan church in our little town and tried to fit in there. Our Sunday School class was great because we had a teacher who rightly divided the Word of Truth. BUT, it was all downhill after the Life Group was over. The worship music was “half and half”, with about 50% of the new CCM, Biblically incorrect, mixed in with older standards. Half the time I could not sing those “me” songs. I usually left the place hungrier than I came. Preaching is “by the numbers”; unoffending milk. Plus there was no way I could use my Spiritual gifts there. I would really go against their grain.

    So we are trying to get fed in the comfort of our home right now. We would like to assemble with others and have considered starting a “home” assembly in our house, but we live in a small condo and could not have many. We want to test the waters with this anyhow.

    Thanks for the article. Keep on “keeping on”, Cedric. I just published an article on my blog, that I wrote 4 years ago, about my take on things as we closely near “great tribulation”. Here is the link: We all have varying details and opinions about the “end times”. There is much confusion out there these days about how things are going to transpire near the end. God bless your efforts as a true “watchman”!!

  4. Outstanding treatise of today’s apostate churches, esp. in America. Basically, Satan has furtively taken over many denominational churches. It is his M.O. to ‘steal, kill, and to destroy’ Jn10:10, and he is doing a great job. Jesus said ‘..except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish’ Lk13:3.

    Please see


  5. I am sorry to see what is happening in today’s church also. My wife and I have moved around several times until we came to a place where the truth is preached and the teaching is right on. There are times when I think about losing all those friends that I had for over 20 years. I still pray for them and the leadership that does not get it. They are a large church now, the largest in our area. But the lack of truth in the pulpit has put many to sleep. I had to repent from being so angry about it all. Still do so. Pray for them, they know not the danger they are in.

    • It seems to me, as I read the scriptural quotations used by anonymous researchers on line, who are delving into the social, political, spiritual reality of our country and world today, that God is giving power to proclaim Him from the internet in ways never thought possible. While blogs and Christian apologetics and watchmen movements have tried to budge the cold and indifferent church, these faithful folk, who have been given the amazing gift of freedom of speech within these areas, are offering the hope of the ‘Gospel of Jesus Christ to many who have never been inside a church.
      Today, in the face of revelations of the horrendous power of the Catholic church to dissuade its laiety from denouncing and throwing out its pedophile priests world wide, in the face of revelations of the ‘vaunted’ Hollywood grooming of children to become pedophiles and sex objects, the Truth is giving power to see how God’s hand is moving, OUTSIDE, the so called walls of the houses of worship, paid for by compliant sheep who are helplessly sitting thinking they are in ‘church’, but who are actually being numbed by the same leaders who perpetrate these same horrific sins, as well as their conscious lying and denying the Lord Jesus.
      This is the quote from Scripture which was given to these anonymous researchers, to embolden them as they continue to seek the truth of the world as it is, now available to us through the internet:
      “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known” Corinthinans 13:4-13 And then it was amplified by this: “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore, put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.” Ephesians 6:10-18
      When I see the power of God’s Word being used as an encouragement, as the only weapon in our faith which is so important now for us to put on daily, as we read of the complete evil undertaking around us, I know that God is also drawing people from the streets, byways, who have real sense of justice and honesty, but who have not yet committed their lives and care to Christ… is our church friends. There is a mighty fight being waged right now for all those sleeping church pew sitters–those who as of now, think of themselves as citizens of this world…and they are and have been so droned into stupor, that they are not even awake to the horror- plan to supplant, use, and kill them.
      Awake Church. You will only know the Truth which can set you free, as you allow your mind to be active, (not pacified with Yoga, incantations, incense from the candles, mantras, strange music and even stranger magic in your congregations, in your circles of friendship)….Open Wide! The red pill (from the movie the Matrix), which opens the doors of your mind to the truth of this evil world, is being offered…but, with that offering which is up to you to either receive or not, there is the great healing salve of God’s Word to walk beside you in this great awakening….
      I pray that those of us who are finally fed up by rituals and nonsense from the so called pulpits, will rush from the doors and go out into the sunlight of the sidewalks, and join an unknown congregation of believers and yes, warriors, who will stand for freedom and justice. Our prayers are being answered, but we have to look, to see.
      It’s not easy, but if you are lonely because you feel as though you are the ‘only ones’, be like Elijah in the cave….look where God is pointing you, and discover that He has hidden many who are also His precious witnesses. Amen and Amen

  6. Wow! Preach it, C.H.!

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