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1000 leading Christians Blaspheme the Holy Spirit

For years professing Christians have been warned about the Great Apostasy. The great majority of them rejected or ignored the warnings and forged ahead obsessed with heresy and the world system. Now a critical line has been crossed. At least 1000 Christian leaders have blasphemed the Holy Spirit (Christian News). It is shocking and deeply disturbing news. Further, by their endorsement of “the Shack” movie, they are leading millions of professing Christians to commit the same spiritually fatal error. The astonishing fact is that they do not appear to have any hint of remorse or conviction. I have cried out with tears, “My God, my God, what have they done?”

“Young now has de facto control over those leaders and their followers.”

I did not watch the movie because I believe that I would weep uncontrollably and possibly die of a broken heart in the theater. One does not have to wallow in a pigsty to know that it stinks and is filthy. However, I have a friend who watched it (?) and wrote a review. I have also read the transcripts. The movie is so blasphemous that only individuals with greatly compromised and callused spiritual systems could enjoy it. However, this article is not about the entertainment value or the quality of the production and acting. It is about an unforgiveable sin.

Partaking of and approving wickedness is the process toward acquiring a reprobate mind and becoming a cast away. Apparently, that is what has occurred with those leaders. If the same 1000 leaders were present when the Pharisees declared that Christ was working miracles by Beelzebub, the ruler of demons (Matthew 12:24), and they had agreed with the Pharisees, they would have been guilty of blaspheming the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:31). However, they agree with William P. Young who blasphemes God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. He insults the Spirit of Truth by attributing evil to His essence. Young now has de facto control over those leaders and their followers. How very tragic and sad.

“They are, in fact, anathema.”

“The Shack” movie blasphemes the Holy Spirit because it presents Him not as the Spirit of God and Christ (Romans 8:9), but as an Asian woman named Sarayu. Further, Young’s “God” and “Jesus” advocates in the movie evil that is attributable to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a member of the Godhead. The movie promotes goddess worship, Universalism, validates all wicked religions, contradicts, fictionalizes, compromises the Word of God, and defiles the image of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. God the Father is depicted as an African-America woman named “Papa”, which implies that God is a transgendered god.

In spite of the heresy and blasphemy, leading Christians enjoyed, laughed with demons during the blasphemy, endorsed it, and excitedly declared that the movie changed or modified their concept of God. How is it possible that what the Scriptures and the real Holy Spirit could not do for them, a movie written by a reprobate did by clarifying their concept of God? They are disqualified from leadership, pastoral or any other type of position, and must be rejected else one partakes of their sin. We should not read their books, attend their churches, listen to their radio programs, watch them on TV, or allow any influence from them. They are, in fact, anathema.

“…fictionalizing essential truth is the definition of heresy.”

The major defense for the movie is that it is fictional. Individuals using that defense apparently do not realize or accept the fact that fictionalizing essential truth is the definition of heresy. Further, deception is composed of fictionalized truth. Fictionalizing the Holy Spirit is blasphemous. However, their minds and conscience are too seared to recognize or accept that truth.

“The Shack” is the epitome of the diabolical argument in Genesis 3. The ones who accepted the movie were conditioned for years to accept fatal deception. They gradually compromised and love for truth waned proportionately. Then they glibly accepted the lie.

A key indicator of where we are at on the prophetic clock is when millions of professing Christians accept the “lie” (2 Thessalonians 2:11). Is “The Shack” the “lie” that the Apostle Paul warned us about? I cannot say for certain, but it is a precursor and contains the components of the “lie.” A line has been crossed. The next evil they accept and endorse may be the “lie” causing the “great delusion.”

“That god will make them feel as if they have never left the righteous and true God Almighty”

Can you imagine Joshua leaving the Tabernacle (Exodus 33:10) and laughing at the besmirching of God’s character and nature? No one can go from intimacy with God in the Holiest of All to enjoying “The Shack.” I advise leaders that accepted the movie to go on a forty-day fast, pray, read and study God’s word. Then they should back off and recognize what they have done. But they are not going to do that. Sadly and tragically, they are never coming back to intimacy with God. Another god has taken His place. That god will make them feel as if they have never left the righteous and true God Almighty. They will never understand that deception and apostasy has turned them into spiritual swine capable of apathetically ingesting diabolical swill.

“That incompetence is not an asset but a liability.”

Finally, there are the ones who absurdly sanctify the movie based on their inability to discern evil. That incompetence is not an asset but a liability. In a couple of conversations with supporters of the movie, the exchange was as follows:

  1. Me: “That movie is diabolical, heretical, and blasphemous.”
  2. Shacker: “That cannot be true because I watched it.”
  3. Me: “But the fact that you watched it is not criteria for judging it.”
  4. Shacker: “I know God’s word and I have the Holy Spirit.”
  5. Me: “But you are not applying God’s word and the movie blasphemes the Holy Spirit.”
  6. Shacker: “How dare you judge me and imply that I’m not spiritual enough to recognize evil.”
  7. Me: “But you watched, enjoyed, and support the movie. Your works have judged you.”

Burning Down the Shack
“I have known the author of The Shack, Young, for more than a dozen years. In 2004, Young wrote a lengthy document in which he rejected his evangelical faith and embraced universalism. He said then: that evangelical faith and its teaching about judgment makes God ‘grossly unjust’; that ‘Jesus is a million times more vicious and vindictive than Pharaoh, Nero or Hitler put together’; that Jesus Christ is ‘not the Savior from sins’; that Jesus died ‘a failure and in vain and never saved anyone’; thus Jesus ‘is not even a good man but a liar, a rogue and a deceiving rascal’; that ‘Calvary is a farce, a travesty and a sham.'” – James B. DeYoung, professor of New Testament language and literature at Western Seminary, author of “Burning Down the Shack.”

DeYoung goes on to state that William P. Young “began work on a novel proclaiming universalism for his children.” And then three years later Young “rewrote the fiction and published it as The Shack, in part his autobiography.” – from movie review by DeYoung, Is The Shack Christian?

“…who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.” – Romans 1:32

“They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified (Greek: Adokimos, reprobate) for every good work.” – Titus 1:16



  1. AMEN X A MILLION! All you have to do nowdays is label it “Christian” and folks will support it lock, stock, and bottle top! No questions asked, just believe it with no regard, no discernment whatsoever. What will they do in the end? SMH

  2. Vangelina Southward (Ireland)

    March 21, 2017 at 10:57 pm

    Although slightly off topic, the next link still falls within the parameters of deception, and I feel it deserves some attention.


    I know you write (or contribute) for the great site the link comes from, and your “IF: Gathering” book was invaluable and opened and warned many, Cedric, be assured of that and take heart. I have seen it used on other genuine Christian sites too.
    The person in the link is a bigwig in Calvinism; he may deny it all he wants, but it’s true and he has shown his Calvinist cloak and intentions many times.

    It’s really simple, Cedric: It’s God, or it is man’s foolishness. Now if this pseudo “christian” movement starts going all mystical, they are simply returning to their Augustinian roots. And that is no surprise. It’s their “choice.” (A little joke, the choice part).

    But let us pray and fight for those serious seekers who are in that movement, so that they can find the Biblical Jesus before it’s too late. His arms are wide open!

    Great site, my dear brother!

    Blessings and wisdom!

  3. It seems that it has gone over the cliff with apostasy. The boat in the river water has picked up speed and edged close to the precipice and has now gone off the cliff and down the waterfall, beyond the point of no return. As if a dam broke, the heresy has flooded in all over to the brim. Christian radio stations endorsing Rick Warren that were at least guarded and a little wary before, now the Shack is endorsed all over in an ‘anything goes’ attitude. All inhibition has been dropped, all restraint gone. Any biblical cords of constraint holding them back have been severed. They all run into the mire with abandon, jumping and shouting with joy. Only to find out later that they have entered quicksand. I think of the golden calf party. When Moses came back down ( a type of Christ’s return), he did not spare them. It was too late. They had made their choice.

    I have warned for a long, long time. I have watched for a long time too. I definitely see that things have kicked into a much higher gear and it has taken the whole church hostage into full blown apostasy. When one used to pose a warning, at least there was some head scratching sometimes. Now there is only a brazen, jaded retort while they wave you off with one hand with total disregard and accuse you of just ‘fighting a “good thing” of God’ with all your ‘negativity,’ and similar lashing out type of responses. It is like they have been cemented in. Either a person is in our camp, or they are not coming in. I can’t state that for certainty of course. But it just seems like the dust is finally settling on one pole or the other and there it remains with barely any room for conviction. They are totally incapable of sensing the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit that something is ‘amiss,’ and to feel the conviction to repent and turn from their sin and heresy. It is like they have become statues frozen in place. This is what I see in a spiritual sense.
    God bless.

    • Yes, agree with this post and with your comment, Lydia.

      My only hope is that we who are “in the camp” would continue to patiently speak the truth humbly and boldly to those who will listen. Some will be hardened but we never know who might turn back. The (true) Holy Spirit always works through his Word spoken, read or taught. Thanks be to God.

  4. “One does not have to wallow in a pigsty to know that it stinks and is filthy.” AAAAMMMMEN!

  5. Thank you Pastor for your faithfulness to God, our Savior, the Spirit of Truth. May God give me wisdom and ability to respond with gentle words to someone who brings up the topic of ‘The Shark/Shack’ :). I will simply ask them to tell me if the ‘god’ in the movie is the God they worship on Sunday mornings. Is the ‘jesus’ in this movie, the same Savior, whom they worship and take communion with on Sundays? Is the ‘holy spirit’ in this movie the one who is ‘the deposit guaranteeing your inheritance’?, the one who is known as ‘The Spirit of Truth’? They should automatically say ‘No’… if anything else is said, then as AW Tozer says in Knowledge of the Holy, they do not understand what ‘their obligation to God is in this situation’ (situation being: a movie that has a very low-view of God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit).

    I am thankful to our Mighty God for His Mercies which are new every morning! We may have an opportunity to help someone see the deception before it is too late for them. Praise Be to God! Grace and Peace to all.

  6. Right. And another thing I would like to know about their thinking process is this: If, as they claim, it is ‘just a movie,’ just ‘fiction,’ then why are they getting all fired up about it? Why is it striking that ‘spark’ and igniting passion anew? If they truly saw it that way, they would just brush it aside as entertainment. But it is not that either if it twists the reality of the gospel, you can’t just do that and call it ‘amusement,’ or ‘entertainment.’ It is heretical. Period. But obviously they are investing more in it than just the label of ‘fiction.’ And the book trail leads obviously into deeper heresy and darkness. The label of ‘fiction’ is just their defense card they play when questioned. They don’t want to admit they have been seduced by another god. A god who does not require repentance from sin. A god who ‘understands.’ A god who conforms to the image you need him (or ‘her’) to conform to, whatever mold that idol takes. All to ‘reach you,’ of course. A god who does not require you to convert to the faith of Christ. A god who does not send anyone to hell. And so on, and surprise! You get the ‘god’ of the end times delusion, sculpted and polished for the one world religion new age pantheistic ‘all is divine’ and ‘all is one’ ideology. Another thing I find interesting is that somewhere in the book it mentions that ‘religion, politics, and the economy’ are the big problem. Those three things, ironically, are exactly what get remade under antichrist with the one world religion, government, and economy (see Revelation 13). Folks, the masses are being set up for the convergence of the biggest delusion of end times history.

  7. Heartbreaking to realize that we’re living in a time where the lie is preferred to the truth. I was given ‘The Shack’ as a present when it was published initially and couldn’t get myself to finish reading it, I was shocked to the core by the total disrespect in the book. If we are sincere in our strive to walk with God and to be obedient to Him He WILL warn us when we’re on the wide path. Like He warned me with The Shack and when I wanted to buy The Message as a present for someone.

    Tnx for your devoted warnings and articles, greatly appreciate every one of them.

  8. Wow! I read most of the article from the link to the Christian News that you supplied with your article, Cedric, and some of the comments in it were very liberal, to say the least IMHO. Author Randy Alcorn states “I certainly believe that God transcends human gender, and I would not discredit the book on this basis. Still, in a New Age culture that is trying to elevate goddess-worship, portraying two of the three members of the triune God in female form for most of the book may not be entirely healthy,” Alcorn noted. As I said, WOW!! That is a weak and absurd comment from someone who the Christian News has chosen to quote.

    That kind of a comment is a far cry from what you put forth here about the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit.

    For what it is worth, I agree with you, Cedric. Keep telling like “it is”, brother!!


    Seek, and you will find answer about all kind of deceptions?

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