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Sodom Wants it All!

What a firestorm in two states of our nation over the basic rights of what homosexuals call “straight” people (Is that an admission that homosexuals are crooked?)!  The issue is that LGBT individuals have decided that the ground they have gained in the past several years is not enough.  They want to go further and infringe on the rights of non-LGBT individuals.  This is what it has come to.  The issue is not about their rights, but our rights.

Fact—bathrooms have stalls.  Single toilet bathrooms have locks on the door.  There is no reason to frighten or endanger a child or woman in their bathrooms by allowing biological men to invade them.  However, the LGBT have decided that they should have the right to do as they please in this nation, no matter whose rights are infringed upon.  It is a blatant effort to dominate Christians, and it is a direct consequence of the aberrant and unprecedented violation of the Constitution by SCOTUS.

Professing Christians  need to make a decision.  A line has been drawn in the sand by the Georgia legislature and North Carolina Governor.  Christians will either find their backbones (previously absent in other critical issues), or they will submit to the rule of the same dominant spirit of Sodom.

When the two angels visited Lot, the males in Sodom instantly took notice.

“Now before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both old and young, all the people from every quarter, surrounded the house.  And they called to Lot and said to him, ‘Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may know them carnally.’ ” – Genesis 19:4-5

In other words, they were not satisfied that they had sexually conquered every man and young male in the city except Lot and his family; they wanted to sexually violate the two strangers as well.  That is how darkness operates.  There can be no communion of light with darkness; one or the other will rule.

It is not by accident that God uses the metaphor of light and darkness.  Anywhere there is light, there cannot be darkness.  One cannot project a shaft of darkness into an area of light.  A beam of light projected into the darkness means that darkness is the weaker force.  Darkness is simply the absence of light.

If Christians decide that darkness should reign over them, they are consciously and flagrantly abdicating their light.  There will be no end to the territory that darkness invades and dominates.  This is not only historically true and biblically true, but evidentially true by the past 7 years of militant aggression supported by the Federal Government against Christianity.

What if an army of LGBT were marching across this nation from coast to coast, breaking into homes, molesting every child, and young person?  Would professing Christians stand up then, or simply say, “Well, we must show the love of Christ, and be peaceful and tolerant?”  The truth is that we are witnessing the formation of Sodom in our nation.  Judge Robert Bork was right in his book, “Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline”.

If peace and unity comes at the price of compromise and truth, the result is not worth having.  No true Christian wishes to be involved in controversy, but we must not back down from this challenge to our survival.  Forcing Christians to violate an intrinsic value of Christian nature to comply with something against that nature is a form of torture.

I’ve been a Christian nearly 4 decades and could never submit my wife, daughters, or granddaughters to using the same bath room as a biological man.  The ability to do so is simply not in me.  It is as the inability to deny Christ.  Could I be tortured into compromising?  I hope not, but that would have to be the method.  We are well into a period of soft persecution.  That period cannot last long.  It is the precursory period to full-blown volatile and physical persecution.

I warned about this period many times for years.  Professing Christians scoffed and said something to the effect, “That’s ridiculous.  You’re a fanatical doom-and-gloomer.”  When the encroachment began, they forgot those words and said, “We have to be fair and show them the love of Christ.”  Now that the time has arrived they are saying, “These people (LGBT) are accepted by God just as we are.”  They have joined Sodom’s quest for dominance.  Sadly, they do not realize that their incremental deception was a gradual loss of light.

Of course, my article will elicit some “darkworks” (as opposed to fireworks) from apostate Christians.  They will hurl ad hominem as if it is evidence of my error.  Truth is in God’s word.  In order to ignore His word, they had to abandon love for truth.  This they are doing by the millions.  We are in the last of the last days before the False Prophet and Antichrist will be revealed.  Guard your hearts.  We must make a stand for truth or one day truth will stand on us and the head of Satan.

“But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” – Revelation 21:8


  1. We surely are in for trying times, thank you for standing true to our Lord, and saying what others will not.

  2. Insightful post on many levels. If you want to bring out “darkworks” from “evangelicals”, all you have to do is start bringing examples of conformity to the world. Not material conformity, but that of conformity to the thought processes and “spirit of the age”.

    Luke 18.8


  3. Tim and Elizabeth Hanson

    April 4, 2016 at 1:59 pm

    Amen to all that you have said. When you are on-board a train that’s about to derail, you don’t sit, hold hands with fellow passengers, and sing, “All We Need Is Love, Love! Love is all we need!” You get as many passengers off the train as possible, before it’s too late. Where is the warning cry from the watchmen on the wall?

  4. You are right, C.H.. We will see ” the little horn ” continue to tread under his feet the sanctuary(USA) and truth(God’s Word) will be trampled and ground up into powder here in America. Most Christians(nominal) have fallen away and we who are awake must “stay strong in the Lord” to be found worthy to escape what is coming and to stand before the Son of Man. To me, that means ‘ most of the great tribulation ‘. The little horn is here and working and in a few short days, weeks ,or months he will have trampled down this country and leave to conquer the world. We are to be looking for the Lord at that time because our redemption draweth nigh when he goes to Jerusalem to stop the Muslim armies from overrunning it. He will tell those armies to ” sic ’em ” and become the beast of Revelation 13. The man of sin will reveal himself and then the rapture will occur for those who are ready and watching (the 5 wise virgins) and they will go into the marriage feast in heaven while all hell breaks loose on earth. Luke 21:5-36

  5. Hi,

    It is ‘Kristalnacht’ all over again. It always follows the same script.
    A new dictatorship is unveiled by draping the government headquarters in the official flag… every dictatorship has done it including the nazi’s and north korea and now it is our turn in the U.S. The White House was lit up for a day in rainbow drag shortly after the law changed on June 26th. Slowly things changed, and then not so slowly. Many may not recall what ‘Kristalnacht’ even is. The “night of broken glass” was the day in nazi Germany when it was ‘open season’ on all Jewish businesses, and bricks or other items of harm were hurled in the windows, breaking them, or hateful slurs painted across the storefront windows. Well, the parallel target is us Christians now. And, just like that script, so goes this one. All the signs are there.

    I have felt like one of those O.T. prophets crying out, or wailing with a sign at the city gates, calling out, yet none of ‘God’s people’ will hear.
    They are all too busy with the events of their everyday lives, weddings, baby showers, escrow, little league, soccer mom lives, at best. Their witness of a Christian life has become shallow at best, and their testimony? I can’t find it anywhere either. No one sees the storm clouds on the horizon. They are all too busy watching the game or some other worldly entertainment or distracting amusement. Lulled to sleep long ago by the likes of Tim LaHaye’s “Left Behind” series where it’s ‘okay’ to deny the Lord, but surely He will whisk us all away before any hardship befalls (while the rest of the Christians in the world are slaughtered by ISIS), the terminology of discipleship has long left their vocabulary. They are as ill prepared as a fat, blind sheep asleep on a railroad track encircled by hungry wolves, and a train is on the way. By the time they see the light, it may well be too late.

    The rapture is coming, yes. But, during nazi Germany, there were many false Christians who went along with the nazi agenda of apostasy in the churches… thinking all was well. After all, it must be okay for them to go along with the government, right? It must be okay for them to compromise with the nazi’s in order to remain employed, right? I mean, what is the alternative for their family? Besides, the rapture will come first, right? Wrong. It wasn’t okay. And it didn’t come first. Yet those faithful few who had remained loyal to Jesus, most of them had already died in the concentration camps for their stand. I would have been among them too. (No rapture came in time to deliver them, or the other martyrs of church history either, so why you? Reader, why is the timing of the rapture supposed to line up for your convenience in all of history? Or why for those who are least inclined to suffer for Jesus?) After the holocaust, those who remained were tried as war criminals when the test was over. They totally missed the bus.

    The tests are coming. Christians are their target this time. I will be on the first bus with a yellow cross on my jacket. Those who ‘escape all these things,’ perhaps bringing the gospel to the remotest parts of the earth and live till the rapture will be on the last bus. The rest who call themselves ‘followers of Jesus’ will be partying away at some smoke and strobe lights rock concert ecumenical event for the one world religion, wearing the mark of the beast, with PF, RW, and Greg L. and Co. and the rest of the pillars of Apostasy Inc. shouting away. Those ‘followers’ missed all the right buses and the bus coming for them is called ‘sudden destruction.’
    Just a wake up call.

    • The rapture is an illusive topic. Church people for 150 years, give or take a decade or 3, have been gobbling up charts and “belief systems” that promise eternal security and escape(no matter the lifestyle lived). I believe Satan loves the easy believism that has permeated our churches for so long, now. He probably sits back and howls with evil delight and derision at the church people who are so easily deceived by his minions in today’s pulpits. They promise “grace” and protection to sinful people who have no interest in reading the Bible for themselves. If they read the Holy Word with an open , eager, prayerful mind, then I believe God would show them the error of their ways and they could repent and be restored to a Biblical way of obedient and abundant life” in Christ”

      But, I am afraid it ain’t gonna happen for many.

      Just my 2 cents worth

    • You seem to have been reading your Bible, Faith! IMO there are 2 buses out of here. The first is for awake, obedient, prayerful believers and will leave SOON after the start of ‘ great tribulation ‘, the last 3 or so years of man’s rule on the planet. The sleeping, lazy bunch will have to be martyred to make it to heaven( when they decline the mark of the beast).

      It is time to have oil in our lamps and be ‘ watching the signs ‘ in Jerusalem. We need to be praying fervently for our families and friends and doing all we can to influence them to believe in Jesus OR to get a new supply of oil for their lamp. Darkness is coming and the Bridegroom is near.

      Keep the faith, brothers and sisters !!
      Ken Hall

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