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The Death of the “Dream”

Today is the day that we are supposed to have a peaceful transition of power. But will it be peaceful? Evidently, there is a faction in our nation that wishes our political and social process to be marred with violence. When they are questioned, none of them can come up with any other answer than, they hate Trump. I don’t believe that is the reason for the demonstrations, and here’s why… Continue reading

The Truth About the SCOTUS and Abortion

The bullying and name-calling by professing Christians toward their fellow Believers has spun out of control. One of our friends reported that some of the pejoratives being posted on her FB page are so vulgar they cannot be repeated. This bullying is not of God. However, I wish to present some facts that may shed light on the point of contention. Many Trump Christians insist that not voting for him makes one an accomplice to abortionists. That reasoning is based on a “President” Clinton nominating liberal SCOTUS justices. Continue reading

The 2016 Presidential Election: It’s All About Faith

(Notice: As Christian Pastor, I appeal to Christians to remember who they are, Whom they represent, and why true Christianity is extraordinary. It is because of faith in the only Omnipotent, Holy, and Awesome God and His Son, Jesus Christ.)

The present predicament involving Donald Trump, an audiotape, and the Republican Party was predictable. Out of 328 million people and 16 other candidates, Republicans chose a man with clearly a moral deficiency. However, in spite of many warnings, they bull-headed Donald Trump as their nominee. They should have known before nominating him that Trump’s sordid past would become a factor. In the preceding months, Evangelicals have supported him to the extent that they have bullied fellow believers who refused to join the love fest for “the Donald”. Continue reading

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