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The Death of the “Dream”

Today is the day that we are supposed to have a peaceful transition of power. But will it be peaceful? Evidently, there is a faction in our nation that wishes our political and social process to be marred with violence. When they are questioned, none of them can come up with any other answer than, they hate Trump. I don’t believe that is the reason for the demonstrations, and here’s why… Continue reading

The Spiritual Liability of Emotionalism

Sadly, the legacy of some evangelical denominations/movements, especially Pentecostalism, has not been depth, stability, commitment, knowledge, or maturity, but emotionalism. I remember those days when people left the church building exuberant about what a good meeting they had and boasting, “The pastor didn’t even get to preach!”

Most pastors of smaller and some larger churches had to work a secular job in the early days. I remember one pastor that came home tired Wednesday evening and unprepared to preach that night. He remarked, “I just had them turn to page 238 in the songbook and they went to shouting. I didn’t have to preach.”

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 arrived on the Day of Pentecost. There were no emotional antics that even slightly resembled what one might witness in emotionalism today. They were not considered “drunk” because they staggered about with slurred speech and droopy eyes, but because they spoke in tongues. They spoke in tongues and there was a demonstration of power. Continue reading

A Crow in His Spirit

I have been writing about the great and final apostasy for many years. There are many examples of nominal Christian (think, Episcopalian) churches succumbing to it. Additionally, we can see the dark orb of apostasy rising in evangelical denominations and certain megachurches. No need to look further than Oprah Winfrey’s list of “awakened leaders” to find a collection of apostate pastors.

However, some people react negatively when I tag one of their favorite leaders as a heretic. But do they really know those individuals? They know only what they see on TV and what they read. I concede that some of them at times preach truth. However, as I have pointed out before, Satan will give you a boatload of truth if you will accept a spoonful of deadly poison. Even the proverbial wolf knows that he must use the skin of a sheep if his deception is going to be successful. And the tare appears as the wheat.

The question arises, “Then how can we know when someone is not of God?” Christ declared that the only way is by their fruit. However, they dispense their bad fruit cleverly, by small increments, and disguised as the “bread, meat, and milk” of God’s truth. Thus, Believers need to develop discernment. When the bad fruit manifests, they should loudly cry, “Wolf!” At the very least they should avoid that individual’s influence. Continue reading

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