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China: a portent of imminent persecution

This article is the first of two articles that may be too severe for some professing Christians to read. It may actually not be severe enough. The fact is that many individuals have become so accustomed to the shadows and darkness that this sliver of light appears as a blinding spotlight. Many professing Christians live in low or no light. Other ones, and perhaps the majority, are for one reason or another hiding under a security blanket of apathy. Thus, I wish that it were a spotlight that exposed the truth so clearly that it could not be ignored.

It does absolutely no good to warn them if they will not hear. It does not profit them if the Holy Spirit reveals the signs if they refuse to see. Instead, they convinced themselves that they are okay and safe and adequately prepared to zoom to heaven before they suffer a scratch from the enemy. The problem with that theory is that well over half of the world’s Christians are under persecution. For thousands of them, there are no acts of persecution in the Tribulation Period that could be worse. One cannot more burned alive than burned alive. One cannot be beheaded more than beheaded. One cannot be deader than dead.

So either one believes and can find clear validation in the Bible that America Christians will escape persecution while the rest of the Body of Christ is raped, beaten, starved, tortured, imprisoned, burned alive, beheaded, hung, made homeless and without a country, et cetera, or he or she had better accept the truth. It is really a matter of choice between delusion and truth. Continue reading


Berean Call Radio 

Tom: Today I’ll be talking with Cedric Fisher. He writes for Lighthouse Trails Publishers, and his apologetics website is truthkeepers.com. Now, today and next week, the Lord willing, we’ll be discussing two of his booklets that we co-publish with Lighthouse Trails.

Cedric, thanks for joining me on Search the Scriptures 24/7.

Cedric: Thank you for inviting me.

Tom: Now, before we get to our topic for the first part of our discussion, Cedric, I’d like you to tell us what motivated you to get into apologetics. For our listeners that aren’t familiar with that term (they probably are), it’s really just the defense of the Christian faith. So what motivated you?

Cedric: Well, first I’d like to make it clear I’m not a trained apologist but just a guy who began defending God’s truth several decades ago. I think it began after I had several debates with friends who had gotten into the word of faith movement, and it just escalated from there when I kept running into people that would say things I knew didn’t agree with God’s Word. I think the John Ankerberg Showwas the main inspiration in my early years, and other ones that were defending the truth, and it was just an eye-opening experience for me when I first saw that, and I sat and watched, mesmerized by the way that they could handle all these very difficult and sometimes complex questions. And, of course, later on I read books – The Seduction of Christianity by one of your – maybe your main mentor and friend, Dave Hunt – and other things, until, really, I just felt like that’s what God wanted me to do, along with my pastoring, was to defend His truth.

And so about 1993, I put up a website, began to write articles, and then I really, really found out about debates! But I found out that you develop a confidence, you develop a deep peace in you, when you study God’s Word and you know what it means, you understand what it means, and you can apply it perfectly in the light of these heresies – in the dark of these heresies, actually – and help people to understand what the truth really is.

Tom: Yeah. That’s certainly – much of what you said is on our heart with what we do here at The Berean Call. But, Cedric, your experience as a pastor, why do you think – and maybe I’m missing the boat here – but why do you think that many churches are reluctant to get involved in apologetics? And especially those churches that would consider themselves to be Bible-based?

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